Sunday, 12 February 2012

9/11 Pentagon Military Deception, Black OP - Psychological Warfare on America

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When the evidence does not support a hypothesis, it's time to come up
with a new one.

Every attack site on 9/11 is shrouded with secrecy and unansweredquestions, whether it is the presence of military grade supernano-thermite in all the dust debris of the towers that fell, the manner
in which they fell symmetrically through the path of most resistance,the complete lack of plane parts, bodies, and jet fuel contamination inthe dirt at the PA "crash" site, or the evidence depicted here in this

We all know the CIA and other Federal agencies conduct Black Operations
in other countries; everything from assassinations to propaganda,illegal arms deals, drug running, secret illegal wars, etc. Why is itsuch a stretch to believe the covert operation held abroad cannot be
brought home to our own soil? Is it because we have too much trust? Is
it because we believe "people" cannot be that evil to conduct such operations, or is it because we just don't want to believe? Because "believing" means we might have to stand up and contend for something,
and that would be too dangerous.

You owe it to your country to get involved. You owe it to the victims to get involved. You owe it to your children that may have to endure another 9/11 attack if these criminals are not stopped and brought to

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