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Friday 13 January 2012

Shocking scam: How Congress Party tampers with EVM machines to win in elections

Tampering with EVMs is Nothing New
    Tampering with the Electronic Voting Machines, to make some candidates win the elections to Lok Sabha and the state Legislative Assemblies, is not any new charge against the corrupt officials of the Election Commission of India. 
    We should know that the Congress Party stole the 2004 Lok Sabha elections under the very nose of Atal Behari Vajpayee, who was the Prime Minister of India at that time. While the over-confident Vajpayee was performing his great act of India Shining on TV channels, the Congress leaders were busy in secretly giving big bribes to the corrupt election officials for rigging the elections in favor of the Congress Party candidates.
    Some time before the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, there was a massive robbery openly committed by the Congress-led UPA Government in the scam of 2G Spectrum allocation. Many thousand crore rupees, taken as kickbacks in the scam of 2G Spectrum, were used by the UPA leaders for bribing the corrupt election officials and the voters during the elections of 2009. 
    The corrupt election officials deleted from the electoral rolls the names of millions of voters who were supporters of the BJP and other NDA parties. While millions of such voters were prevented from voting, many listed voters were given up to Rs.5000 for each vote that was cast in favor of candidates of the Congress Party and its allies in many crucial constituencies. 
Congress can Win in UP Elections
    Doordarshan channels have been openly promoting Rahul Gandhi as a popular mass leader. For a long time, Rahul Gandhi has been allowed to use the Doordarshan channels to canvass for the Congress Party. Rahul Gandhi is also using massive funds while campaigning for the Congress Party, especially in Uttar Pradesh. With the help of the corrupt election machinery, the Congress Party may even emerge as the largest or second largest group in the UP Legislative Assembly. With Ajit Singh's party and Mulayam Singh Yadav's Samajwadi Party, the Congress Party is likely to form the next government in UP.  
    It is wrong to imagine that Rahul Gandhi is just like some person who takes drinks or drugs and makes fiery speeches before hired crowds. He is confidently talking of victory of the Congress Party in the UP elections because he knows what he is doing with the huge funds that are at his disposal. He is buying support with the funds, which he has been using on a massive scale. The corrupt election machinery is also helping in various ways to bring about the victory of the Congress Party in the UP elections. 
    According to the current information, Anna Hazare has become sick and disabled, which will prevent him from campaigning against the Congress Party in UP and the other 4 states going to the polls.
Can Ganesh idols be Covered in Temples?
    In UP's public parks, the statues of Chief Minister Mayawati and the elephant, which is BSP's election symbol, have all been covered up with cloth and plastic sheets by the officials of the Election Commission.
    In the temples of UP, there must be many Ganesh idols, which are seen by millions of people every day. Why does not Chief Election Commissioner Quraishi order his officials to cover up all the Ganesh idols in the temples, as Lord Ganesh has the head of an elephant?
    Will the head of the elephant shown on the ten-rupee notes be covered with black ink by the Election Commission? Or till the elections to the state assemblies are over, will the Election Commission ban the ten-rupee notes because they have the head of the elephant printed on them? 
    Is the hand not the election symbol of the Congress Party? What is the Election Commission going to do to cover up the hands of all the people employed by the Government, including the hands of its own corrupt election officials who are batting for the Congress Party?
    How can there ever be a level-playing field in politics, when the Election Commission itself is creating wide disparity between parties through its selective discriminatory practices? The Election Commission has only been increasing the chances of some party like the Congress to win in the elections.  
Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.
     Editor & Publisher:    Top Nutritionist   

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