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Tuesday 10 January 2012


It is troubling that India continues to increase its trade with Israel-largely hidden from public view-despite Israel’s ongoing piracy and blockade of Gaza and transfer of most sophisticated military technology to China in comparison to obsolete hardware at highly inflated prices to India by bribing main political parties of India; Congress, BJP and Anil Ambani’s Samajwadi Party.
Israelis have made China a very serious threat to India by selling them advanced Satellite & Missiles technology after stealing it from America. For India they have substandard military hardware but no technology at highly inflated prices with over 40% kick back for Indian politicians in Congress, BJP & Samajwadi Party as well as top Military brass, bureaucrats and businessmen. That is the reason a tiny country of 5.5 mil people has become the biggest military hardware supplier to India with 1.2 billion people; not because of technology edge but because of their ability to pay over 40% kick back in all arms deal to Ruling and main opposition political parties of India. That is the reason Rs 1,150 crores Barack Missiles with Rs.450 crores kickback scandal of Atal Bihari Bajpai’s BJP government was not investigated by the Sonia & Manmohan government of Congress.
Israeli’s have put all defense research in India on the back burner by corrupting the Indian politicians, top military brass and businessmen close to politicians. Israelis were behind all the bribes to get the Nuclear Deal passed in the Parliament which is not at all good for India.
I refuse to accept Israeli’s are not behind Free Arms to Pakistan thru their colony United States of Israel(America). Even US CENTOM commander General David Petraeus, was highly critical of American unconditional support to Israel, stating, “Our actions are jeopardizing US standing in the region and eroding American security.” The head of Israel’s foreign intelligence service, Mossad, commented that “America has begun to see Israel as a burden rather than an asset.” US Politicians, Media & Big businesses slaves to Israeli’s do not have the courage that “Truth be told, Israel has never been a USasset but an enormous financial and political liability”.
Then the Israeli are also manipulating the Tribal’s in North East region of India by declaring them one of the 10 lost Jew Tribes of Biblical Time. Openly Israelis are promoting religious conversions in India with the tacit support of Indian Christians especially prominent Zionist Christians like Sonia Gandhi. Israelis are also promoting India tourism in big way for drug addicts and sexual perverts from Jewish community in Israel, Europe, America etc. to exploit the poor in India including buying human organs.
Indians must decide can they trust a Apartheid and Terrorist State Israel who have brought a super power America on its knees; financially, economically, ethically, morally and militarily and made America its second colony after Palestine ?
Maybe, there is still time for India to part company with Israel to retrieve its sense of judgment before it is too late. Majority Indian lawmakers, Defense Forces top brass and big business houses especially Ambani’s are on the verge of allowing Israel to declare India as their third colony after America and Palestine against the consent and will of the Indian Public. Indian Public has to rise for the occasion to save their country from Terrorist & Apartheid State Israel who has destabilize the region and armed India ’s hostile neighbors Pakistan and China to pose a serious threat to the very existence of India .

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