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Monday 9 January 2012

Mysterious Murder Of Top Gun Pilots Blamed On Obama War Plot

By Sorcha Faal
What Does It Mean
A shocking report prepared by the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate (GRU) for Prime Minister Putin that is circulating in the Kremlin today states that the “mysterious killings” of two of the United States Navy’s “Top Gun” pilots are “more than likely” related to a false flag attack being engineered by the Obama regime as a pretext to starting an all-out war with Iran.
According to this report, US Navy “Top Gun” pilots John Reeves and David Reis were both killed this past weekend in what US police authorities are claiming was a murder-suicide that also claimed the lives of Karen Reis (sister of David Reis) and Matthew Saturley, a civilian.
US news reports on this matter state that US Navy Officers John Reeves and David Reis, along with Reis’ sister Karen, went out together on New Years Eve and returned to the condo shared by Reeves and Reis around 2:00am PST with Matthew Saturley whom they had met while partying.
Upon entering the condo, US news reports continue, gunfire “immediately erupted” causing Matthew Saturley, who had been outside talking with an unnamed friend, to rush inside the condo where he, too, was killed.  US police reports state that upon entering the condo Reeves shot and killed his fellow pilot Reis, Reis’ sister Karen, Saturley when he rushed inside, whereupon he then shot himself in the head.
Russian military experts in this GRU report, however, dispute the account given by US police authorities stating that these killings “hold all the hallmarks” of being an intelligence operation designed to silence those killed and most frequently done by highly trained special forces hit teams.
To the reason(s) someone would want to silence these two “Top Gun” pilots, this GRU report continues, was their association with Matthew Saturley who was regarded as one of Americas top predictive analysts and a seasoned MIT-trained financial leader who was finalizing his Master Thesis on the pricing of Middle Eastern oil related to US war moves.
Not being told about Matthew Saturley by the propaganda US media, this GRU report continues, was that Saturley was a happily married man with a 7-year-old stepson and 5-year-old daughter who returned to the condo with “Top Gun” pilots Reeves and Reis with an as yet “unnamed” man believed by Russian intelligence analysts to have been Saturley’s “witness” should anything have gone wrong at this clandestine meet.
Russian intelligence analysts further state in this GRU report that Saturley was given an “unmistakable warning” to back off of his research this past June when his father, Robert, was brutally killed by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bicycle near his home in New Hampshire.
To the claim by US police authorities that the killing of these four people was the result of a murder-suicide this GRU report calls “beyond comprehension” due to “Top Gun” US Navy pilots being given some of the most rigorous and thorough psychological and mental evaluations of any human being on earth. [Note: US Navy “Top Gun” pilots were first popularized in the movie by the same name released in 1986 starring international film star Tom Cruise, though the official name for this elite military pilot programme is known as the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor Programme (SFTI).]
GRU archivists contributing to this report state that in all of US Navy history there has never been a single report of a similar case involving murder-suicide, in fact there has never been either a murder or a suicide committed by of any of these elite officers in modern times.
To the truer reason(s) for these executions, the GRU claims, lies in the upcoming mission both of these “Top Gun” pilots were slated for where they were scheduled for training aboard the USS John C. Stennis Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier (CVN-74) [photo 2nd left] that Iran this past week warned not to return to the Persian Gulf.
To the information Reeves and Reis were conveying to Saturley during their clandestine New Years Day meet this GRU report doesn’t speculate upon other than noting it must have been dire due to the response of the Obama regime in perpetrating this massacre of its own citizens.
Even more astounding, according to US news reports, the Obama regime has claimed for itself the right to kill any American citizen they choose meaning that under their laws this massacre may, indeed, be completely legal and not subject to investigation due to it being a “state secret.”
As war between the US and Iran draws ever closer, the actions of Obama are now being said are “dictatorial” and Americans now live under the specter of being imprisoned by their own military without charges or trial should they pose any threat to the state.
To how soon war may break out between the US and Iran this GRU report notes it will be “sooner rather than later,” an assessment backed up by Iran’s announcing today it will begin new maneuvers in Hormuz Strait in February.
Not being told to the American people about this conflict by their propaganda media is that a defacto “State of War” currently exists between the US and Iran due to sanctions Obama instituted last week on any country or company that buys Iranian oil and pays for it through Iran’s Central Bank. Without Iran being able to obtain payment for selling its oil, which is its main source of income, their economy will collapse, and as evidenced by the catastrophic plunge of their currency this week.
In order for one to fully grasp the grim import of Obama’s moves against Iran one only has to look at his predecessor, President Franklin Roosevelt (FDR), whose sanctions and embargos against Japan lit the fuse that ignited World War II, and we quote from the historical archive:
So today, and due solely to American arrogance, another nation, Iran, is now facing the choice between its death or fighting for its life….this is, indeed, how World Wars begin.

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