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Monday 23 September 2013

how fake mamata's alligations are...

Mamata's recent alligation is that america is funding the islamic communalists to create communal riot in west bengal.... Is it true... Nooo how it can be true we all know the world knows it.. america and its intelligence agency C.I.A. are working along with Israel's Mossad to get over Islamic extremists.. and there intentions against islamic nations have been cleared by wars againstislamic nations..World has seen the intentions of C.I.A. and mossad against islam. So how its possible that they will be helping The Islamic people here. Its pure logic. 
Mamata banerjee's Intentions was clear when she declared pensions for imam , that was totally clearthat shewas playing communal game by trying to achieve 28% musl;im vote for panchayat. Butdid it work is she realy friendof islam, 97% of death in panchayat was delivered to muslim victims the nameswere declared in news papers. So she declared that she is friend of islam but she delivered death to islam.Now  puja is near. She needs hindu sentiments but her intentions to get muslim vote took away hindu votes and R.S.S. away from here due to which R.s.s became weak. Thats why varun gandhi came to west bengal to fix R.S.S. Now when she realized R.s.s will not help her she needs to blame some one .. But who she blamed she blamed america. But there is an clear intention too. EIslamic extremists are against America and west so by her statement it was clear that she is against west and america. SO now its clear for usthat who she is. Neither islam nor hindu just chaos. bengal haven't seen any budget for past two years. condition of bengal is getting worse day by day.but will it get well ... Time will say. because time always replies but delivers its answer and judgement at right time.

reading this will clearly show how fake mamata's statements are and whats her real intention.