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Tuesday 1 January 2013

UPA Government is trying everything possible to nullify the effects of protests on the rape victim girl.

                                    UPA Government is trying everything possible to nullify the effects of protests on the rape victim girl.
From: Chanchal Malviya -;
UPA Govt. took this decision for obvious reason - to satisfy people that the rapists would be either hanged or life-imprisoned. And that will nullify the effect. To do this, there was only one way out - the girl should have died and the charges on the rapists would have been not just rape and attempted murder, but also murder. And law has probably option to hang to death for murder cases. So, UPA(Sonia) will take credit, we have brought justice to the girl.
If we all remember, the death of Tomar gives us sifficient clues that all the ministers in UPA are anti-humans. Mr. Commissioner himself told that they tried to influence the victim's verdict, though he said it was not true. Then, we all know how Tomar died and mercilessly 8 innocent people were charged as murderers (Unfortunately, there is no protest on this). If two eye-witness can produce video footage how they took Tomar to hospital, why police fails to provide video footage that Tomar was beaten, when the incidence occured at the same place, same time of which video is available. Doctors told clearly that Tomar had minor injury and his death was purely due to cardiac failure. The post-mortem report was produced a day after Tomar's body was creamated so that authenticity of the report could not be checked. Obviously, police will not do all these things on their own, when they are directly reporting to Home Minister in such critical situation.
We remember Ramleela ground during Baba Ramdev's protest how people were beaten when they were sleeping, (including molestation of women at both the places) - is it just the police decision to beat people?
Question arises, why police didn't touch anyone during Anna Hazare's protest? And it gives us clue that Hazare's protest was a simple plan to pre-launch protest before Baba Ramdev did it. Motive was to divide people's unity and create confusion with two choices, Anna Hazare (misguided by Kezriwal group) ensured that he didn't joined Baba Ramdev so that movement remained two and not one. However, the credit goes to Baba Ramdev, who is still actively taking the movement unlike Hazare who is waiting for Baba Ramdev to declare a date of protest so that he can declare his date in advance. This culture of people now protesting was seeded by Baba Ramdev, before which this was not visible in the nation. And now, people can come to streets without any leader - that is good for the country. That is real democracy. Without this protest, it was like the whole nation had only one day (to vote) where they can save their nation and the looters of the nation had full five years to finish this nation. Protest has given new strengths to people, beyond that one day voting limitation.
It is a pity that we have lost Damini. I am sure the whole nation, who emotionally joined her, have wept for her (excluding Sonia and her UPA team). Many well-wishers wished she should die because her life would have been worse than hell. However, we all fight to give more and more life to our kindreds, as we tried for Damini.
Now the country should start new discussion on how to bring respect for women in the culture. Currently, the crowd is guided by the philosophy of revenge where they want the culprits to be hanged. But, none is keen to talk on the causes of such incidences. One of the major reason is wine culture. Now law fear applies to one who has urge of sex and is drunk - he will express his lust if opportunity is given beyond the boundary of fear which is known as rape. Second, no eye will look down if a girl moves around half nude without any social fear. According to me, this protest is more close to saying that you can have sex but not rape. The sense of respect will not build in this condition. Think please, can you make people respect girls with this condition where lust is justified. Indian culture don't say so.
Chanchal Malviya,
Editor-in-chief, Uttarayan
Founder & Director - Lotus IT Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Medha Edutainment Pvt. Ltd.

Contact: +91 95523 21820
UPA Government is trying everything possible to nullify the effects of protests on the rape victim girl.
Congress government not only tried to nullify the effect of protest but by taking unwise decisions which killed the rape victim girl
Kannada  Video
Delhi gangrape victim could have been saved, decision to fly her to
Singapore came late: Family
Virender Bhogal <> wrote:
From the events of the last couple of weeks in the country, it is clear that the government machinery is well entrenched, robust, self-serving and totally without remorse. It will not change. Starting from Nehru, Krishna Menon and the like to Rahul Gandhi / Vadra at the bottom of the pit and the so called intelligential have either failed or raped the nation - exploited every weakness, destryed every strength.
The jaded oldies, the common downtrodden middle-aged men and women, the optimistic youth are all either disgusted, disheartened or disillusioned. But each is hoping for a change. Each is hoping for appearance of that one lion who will lead them out of this quagmire.
Do you see a lion?
Virender Bhogal
From: Satish Chandra Gupta  -;


madhu bhatia <> wrote:
This incident with others is just an accumulation. In time the bubble will burst and a new era has to open up.  The time for bad politicians that can be seen will end soon.  Someone somewhere will be God sent. It will happen.
Regards & Pray for a better Future in this country.
I think the power of prayer is great, Least we all can do is Pray.  Take action where possible.
Madhu Bhatia
Air-lifting was criticised many eminent doctors in the country including Hyderabad too. Actually that increased the risk for such an unstable patient, possibly hastening her departure., is what they said.
Then to make her faceless, is intriguing too. I am more and more concerned that truly intellectuals of our country are becoming useful idiots, as defined by Krugman. No one really wants to expose the powerful secret of government t - the well nourished and hidden mechanism of secretly interpreting public policy for private benefit.
Union government has acted against wishes of people by managing a super-sonic cremation of the brave girl in early morning hours without giving people a chance to pay homage. If bodies of political leaders can be kept for 'darshan' for long and 'samadhis' created against norms set by Union Cabinet, then it was the fittest case for cremation with full state-honour and a memorial created at cremation-site like is done for deceased former Presidents and Prime Ministers. Without revealing identity of the brave physiotherapist-student, it may not be possible to honour her posthumously with country's highest civilian award for bravery namely Ashok Chakra an honour undoubtedly deserved by her.
I wish to know that why Mr Manmohan Singh and Mrs. Sonia has gone to air port
what was the medical need to shift to Singapore.
Are we Indians as low in medical management?
1. The body reached Delhi airport at 3.30 AM and aircraft taken to a remote location. SOnia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh reached, conveyed condolences and the body was taken to the house of the deceased with her parents and brother present, as per media report.
2.Apparently the body reached home at 4.30AM and the Home Secretary alongwith MOS Home were already present to take the body and cremate it secretly before dawn, contrary to the earlier assurance to the family that it would be flown to Varnasi and by road to Ballia where her relatives could pay last respects and cremated at the village, she was born.
3. But the team led by Home Secretary forcibly took the body to Delhi Crematorium, the mother fainted and the brother objected with the wailing helpless father nearby, all ignored by the Govt. and the body was cremated at 7.30AM before Delhi woke up in the winter fog.
4. Some Doctors as well as the parents/brother, were in disagreement of shifting her to Singapore, her already suffering two cardiac arrests and half dead condition. But Group of Ministers decided to shift her so that mass agitations could be avoided if she died in Delhi. The cremation was also carried out post-haste before the public could know the body has arrived and try to gather there!!
All these show the sinister inhumane actions of the Govt. in not respecting the family's duty and wishes to show her body to their kith and kin back in Ballia village in Bihar and to cremate her there.
Shockingly, the brother or parents were never allowed to meet the media nor the girl's name revealed with fake names circulating and it was Singapore hospital which released the name sa Jyoti from Ballia, Bihar.
Sucheta Dalal -
Hi... dont understand why you wanted her airlifted out of india when she was already sinking or probably brain dead already?
Am a little confused.
Also understand that her family wnats to talk, so why should she remain faceless and nameless, if the family is ready to go public. Like keenan santos she should be a known symbol of
courage and revolution - if her family is okay with it. I hear that her family is being pressured by the government to keep quiet.
I dont understand why her funeral had to be hush-hush and quiet -- why not a hero's funeral for her?
Would like to hear from you.
Managing Editor
Very disturbing news! Feel very sad for her and her parents. Braveheart! RIP.
Public anger should be directed to Electoral, Judicial and Police reforms.
·      All MPs and MLAs charged for any crime should be thrown out of Parliament/Assemblies. Political parties should be forbidden to give membership to such people.
·      Police Reforms as approved by the Supreme Court in 2006 should be implemented in letter and spirit by all states.
·      Fast courts to deal with crimes against women.
·      Respect for women in society should be part of social studies in all schools. No religion or Khap Panchayat should be allowed to pass dictats that violate this spirit.
General (Retd) V P Malik
It is a fact that majority of rape cases have not been reported to the police because the victims have to undergo lot of mental agony in the police station and as well as in the court room in front of many men. The following are the suggestion to overcome this lacuna. Atrocities against women should be handled only by women( police, lawyers and judges should all be women in the Fast Track courts.). They should be given special training to handle these cases. Cross -examination of the victim in the open court room should be avoided to the extent possible, if it is a medically proven case, and Video Conference technology may be used. My request is that women should come forward in large numbers to take up these professions so that later on the Govt. will not come out with an excuse that they are not getting sufficient women to handle the cases.
A big question for AIIMS
After rape victim's death, reporters and people are asking Bhaaratiya government why government sent her to Singapore till her condition was more stable.
Was it that to dilute the intensity and zeal of protesters?
The congress government minister is responsible who took the decision of sending the rape victim to Singapore when she was medically not stable.
Think and debate how we can rid the govt of the corrupt who not only steak our assets, but also make the state dysfunctional.
Agence France-Presse/Getty Images Indian demonstrators holds placards during a protest calling for better safety for women following the rape of a student in the Indian capital, in New Delhi on December 27, 2012.

REVIEW & OUTLOOK ASIADecember 27, 2012, 11:29 a.m. ET

A Rape in Delhi

No one is addressing Indians' anxiety for law and order.

Indians are outraged after a gang-rape of a 23-year-old woman in Delhi earlier this month left the victim struggling for her life. People gathered peacefully last Saturday in Delhi, Calcutta and Hyderabad to express a variety of demands, some to show solidarity with the victim, others to clamor for speedy justice or even the death penalty for the rapists.

Elected leaders paid lip service to improving law and order, but the lack of a sense of urgency enraged some demonstrators. That was one factor leading street protests to spin out of control in Delhi, where the police locked down the city after demonstrators set fire to barricades. A mob attacked a Delhi constable, who died Tuesday.

The anger won't subside until Indians' deeper anxiety about law and order is addressed. Large parts of India are effectively lawless, partly thanks to a drastic shortage of police. India fields 140 cops for every 100,000 persons, far from the global average of 270. Cases languish in the courts for 15 years on average.

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
Indian demonstrators holds placards during a protest calling for better safety for women following the rape of a student in the Indian capital, in New Delhi on December 27, 2012.

When they do get access to the justice system, Indians are likely to discover that it's corrupt. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde now compares the Delhi protesters to Maoists, but the comparison is perhaps more apt than he realizes. In his 2007 book "Red Sun," former Journal reporter Sudeep Chakravarti tells the story of Maoist leader Sabita Kumari, who is thought to have turned rebel when she went to file a police complaint and officers asked her to provide sex in exchange.

Fairer and faster justice calls for overhauling the police and judiciary, but consider what some officials offer instead. After a previous incident, Delhi's Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit advised women not to "be adventurous." After this month's assault, a police officer in another part of the country recommended that women carry chilli powder to ward off assailants, the Guardian reported.

It's not just politicians who need to step up. An extreme form of male chauvinism is the norm in many parts of India, and civil society leaders also need to encourage change. The good news is that 20 years of rapid growth and rising living standards have opened the way to start these conversations.

Aspirations for change mean that the risk of violence rises when politicians don't keep up. Popular demands may still be amorphous, but the onus is on elected representatives to mold sentiment into a political solution. The wonder is that in a supposedly vibrant democracy no leading figure has risen to the task.
S. Kalyanaraman
From: Arjun
Subject: Aborting the Goddess : India's Shame
Where are the Voices of Leadership?
From ancient times India has been worshipped as Mata Bharat or Mother India. The country's very soil is therefore not just motherland but the mother goddess herself. Which makes the now notorious brutal rape and murder of the 23 year old female medical student all the more poignant.Stripped of her clothes, dignity and very essence of humanity the young lady became just another fatality in her use as a faceless tool for the sexual frustration and warped machismo of others.
This brutal sexual assault and subsequent resultant homicide which raises a few disconcerting questions regarding modern Indian society and in particular the attitude of those in power: as a on a private bus in Delhi raises a few disconcerting questions regarding modern Indian society and in particular the attitude of those in power: both in religious/spiritual and temporal realms.
Having been sexually assaulted, left for dead and finally succumbing to her fatal injuries the student could have been just one more tragic statistic High profile protests which have now warranted the belated attention of Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (who was caught off camera saying rather less sympathetic remarks just after his speech in which he claimed empathy).
That has the gang rape on the bus the most notorious sex crime in India this year. Yet it is astounding when one realises the almost complete silence by Hindu leaders on the subject. Swami Ramdev has been one of the very few to speak out and condemn the violent sexual assault suffered by the medical on