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Saturday 3 December 2011

Russia ‘delivers missiles to Syria’

Russia has delivered supersonic cruise missiles to Syria despite the violence shaking the Arab country and Israel's furious condemnation of the deal, a news report said on Thursday.
"The Yakhont supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles have been delivered to Syria," a military source told the Interfax news agency without disclosing when the shipment was made.
Russia signed a contract reportedly worth at least $300 million (222 million euros) in 2007 to supply its traditional Arab world ally with a large shipment of the cruise missiles.
Reports said Russia intended to deliver 72 of the missiles to Syria in all.
The deal immediately angered Israel, which fears the weapons may fall into the hands of Hezbollah terrorists in neighboring Lebanon.

Russia has since also come under growing pressure from Washington, which wants all military sales to President Bashar al-Assad's regime halted because of his deadly crackdown on Syrian street protests.
But Moscow has defended Assad against global pressure and this week argued that its arms sales were permitted under international law and would continue.
Another Russian official told Interfax that the missiles, which operate as part of the Bastion mobile coastal defense system, "will be able to protect Syria's entire coast against a possible attack from the sea."
Each Bastion system is equipped with 36 cruise missiles as well as truck-mounted radar and other equipment.
It was not immediately clear how many of the missiles Russia has delivered to Syria so far.

Ten Years of Guantanamo Demands Our Action and Our Outrage

Ten Years of Guantanamo Demands Our Action and Our Outrage

In a world full of injustice—from battered women to clubbed seals to the Club of Europe, from neglected children to nuclear weapons to mountain top removal, from torture at Guantanamo to torture at Bagram to torture in Chicago's prisons to the torture of the death penalty, from famine in Somalia to deforestation to families being broken by Arizona's immigration laws—how do you choose what to work on?
Most people choose what affects them most personally, what they feel like they can change, what breaks their heart. Some people choose what seems most strategic: if this small thing changes here, it might move all these other things along in the right direction. Some people race from topic to topic to topic, needing to be everywhere and in the middle of everything. Some combo of the first and second stance seems like the right place to be, right?
I start with all this because I have been thinking about Guantanamo. The notorious and often forgotten gulag is in the news again this week because the Senate voted on Tuesday to retain a provision within the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow the military detain terror suspects on U.S. soil and hold them indefinitely without trial. In addition, the measure—which passed in a bipartisan show of fear-mongering and brutality—would close the door to civilian trials for terror suspects and place restrictions on resettling the dozens of men at Guantanamo who have been cleared for release.
"Congress is essentially authorizing the indefinite imprisonment of American citizens, without charge. We are not a nation that locks up its citizens without charge," said Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) as her fellow Democrats voted down Mark Udall's (D-CO) amendment that would have killed the measure.
Wouldn't it be nice if Feinstein's words were true? But we don't have to look as far at Guantanamo or Bagram to see people being locked up without charge. In fact, one of the tactics of the police's response to Occupys around the country has been arresting people and then releasing them without charge—locking people up just to get them out of the way.
Back to Guantanamo. I have been working hard on this issue for six years. At just about this time in 2005, I was getting ready to fly to Cuba with 24 friends. We planned to walk to Guantanamo—right onto the U.S. naval base and visit the prisoners, spend time with the guards, and bring letters from the men out so that we could send them to their families. We got as close as the Cuban military zone that surrounds the base and there we fasted and prayed and maintained a 24 hour vigil for five days. We held a press conference and international journalists from many outlets based in Havana came to speak with us. We called U.S. Southern Command and the base constantly, alerting them to our presence and requesting permission to enter the base. We hoped that somehow—between our persistent prayer and our constant contact with authorities—the men imprisoned there would find out we were there and why. And they did. We don't know how, but a month or so later, through a lawyer for a group of detainees, we received a message of gratitude and hope.
A lot has changed in those six years. Back then, there were more than 700 men at Guantanamo. George W. Bush was in the White House. Most Americans didn't know much about the issue.
Today, there are 171 men who remain at Guantanamo, more than 60 of whom have been cleared for release but remain in detention because of White House cowardice, political horse-trading and Congressional intransigence. President Barack Obama, who campaigned on a promise to close Guantanamo, has replaced Bush in the Oval Office but not shuttered his terrible extra-legal creation. There are dozens of award-winning documentaries, countess important and informative books and thousands of column inches of news coverage of the prison, and even Harold and Kumar got in (and out) of Guantanamo.
But a lot hasn't changed. Not for Shaker Aamer and the 170 others who are still at Guantanamo. But, we are still at it. Still trying. Why? Because we have been changed, maybe. Because the times demand our action and our effort. Why do I still care? Why am I still passionate about this issue after six years? Because in the name of justice for men at Guantanamo I have been pushed to do things I would have thought laughable and terrifying. To walk far and sleep on the ground, to go without food for days at a time, to court a big fine and possible jail time by flying to Cuba, to speak before thousands of people, to get arrested at the Federal Court, the Supreme Court, the Capitol, the White House, to stay up late and get up early and walk around in a decidedly unflattering orange jumpsuit in the January snow and July humidity. Because I have found an amazing community of people to work and struggle and weep and laugh with. Because no one is free when others are oppressed and shutting eyes and ears and hearts is not an option.
Right after New Year's, Witness Against Torture is going to Washington again. I'll be there. We begin our "Hunger for Justice" fast on January 2 and will fill the courtroom at Moultrie Superior Court the next day to support 14 friends who were arrested interrupting the House of Representatives with the call "shut down Guantanamo" in July. We'll fast through January 11, which will mark 10 long years of detention and torture and lawlessness for so many. We'll stand with Amnesty and Pax Christi and so many other groups in a human chain that will stretch from the White House to the Capital. We hope to have 2,771 people stand on that day, one for each of the men detained at Guantanamo and Bagram. The Center for Constitutional Rights will hold a press briefing and the National Religious Campaign Against Torture will host an interfaith service. There will be activities throughout the city to draw attention to this shameful anniversary. And then we will break the fast on January 12th.
To be honest, I would rather not go. I will be cold and uncomfortable and hungry. I will miss my husband and our little girl. But there are men at Guantanamo who paint amazing pictures of a life they can hardly imagine anymore. There are men who write poetry and who pray to God for justice, for release and for people like me not to forget them. So I won't. That is my passion right now. Not forgetting, not getting comfortable with the suffering of others.
Frida Berrigan
Frida Berrigan is a Senior Program Associate at the New America Foundation's Arms and Security Initiative (ASI). She is a columnist for Foreign Policy in Focus and a contributing editor at In These Times.  Weapons at War 2008: Beyond the Bush Legacy, co-authored by Berrigan and William D. Hartung, is an examination of U.S. weapons sales and military aid to developing nations, conflict zones, and nations where human rights are not safeguarded.

Dr. S. Akhtar Ehtisham
(607) 776-3336
P.O. Box 469,
Bath NY 14810
All religions try to take over the establishment and if they fail, they collaborate with it, be it feudal or capitalist.

Minefield ahead for CBI on trail of Ishrat killers

Minefield ahead for CBI on trail of Ishrat killers

Posted: Sat Dec 03 2011, 06:07 hrs Ahmedabad:

The CBI, which is about to begin probe into the 2004 encounter killings of Ishrat Jahan, Javed Shaikh and two others, may find itself pitted against officials of the central intelligence agencies whose inputs led the Centre into filing an affidavit in the Gujarat High Court that the slain four were LeT operatives out to kill top political leaders.
In the affidavit filed by in August 2009, the then under secretary (internal security) in the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, R V S Mani, had highlighted the contradictions between the versions put forward by Shamima Kausar and Gopinath Pillai, the mother and father of Ishrat and Javed alias Pranesh Pillai respectively, about the duo. The affidavit stated "it is evident that Javed and Ishrat were activists of the terrorist organisation, LeT".
"...these contradictions clearly reflect that neither Gopinath Pillai nor Shamima Kausar have chosen to disclose the correct facts relating to occupation, activities and movement of Javed and Ishrat. On account of fact, both Javed and Ishrat were involved in such activities disclosure of which would result in reflection of the bonafide of the police action against these four persons...", Mani stated in the affidavit.

Nithyananda tape not genuine: US expert

Following in the footsteps of journalist Vir Sanghvi and lawyer Prashant Bhushan, who got a 'clean chit' from foreign experts in 'Radiagate' and 'Amargate', Swami Nithyananda had hired a US expert to prove that the video tapes showing him engaging in sex with a woman were fake.

The expert's report may or may not help Nithyananda in the charges against him that include rape, carnal intercourse, cheating and destruction of evidence.

Edward J Primeau, who has testified in many court cases in the US, has concluded that the video is "not genuine and authentic. It is not a representation of facts and events as they occurred. Furthermore, the video appears to be layered and not a composite video. As a video forensic expert, I recommend that this video be excluded from any factual relevance to the events that appear to be happening". Primeau's report is, however, not the last word. The police have a report from a government lab stating that the video is genuine.§id=10&contentid=201112022011120208001115856769de1

Best Reason to Avoid Retail FDI

Best Reason to Avoid Retail FDI
The best argument against allowing foreign direct investment in Indian supermarkets is that it will open the door to virtually unrestricted entry of Chinese manufactures.

Giant Western retailers like Walmart source much of what they sell from Chinese small and medium companies, and that is unlikely to change if and when they move into India. It is also possible that a Chinese company -- perhaps the government itself -- will invest the $100 million necessary to get into the Indian market and open the sluice gates for sub-standard products.

Under WTO rules, once India sets the rules for FDI in multi-brand retail, it cannot discriminate on the basis of nationality or for strategic reasons. Chinese SME (small and medium enterprises) will be able to enter the Indian market as a matter of right, on equal terms with Indian companies, letting loose a flood of the substandard and poisonous products for which China has become notorious in recent years.

It is futile to hope that Indian regulators will be able to deal with the flood of hazardous products from China. According to a new book by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry, "Death By China," even the United States, with its much better regulatory system, has been unable to do so.

The book begins with a chapter that examines the extent to which Chinese products now dominate American supermarket shelves. There's seafood from aquaculture farms in the heavily polluted Yangtze river, the most bacterially infected waters in the world, into which the Chinese pour massive amounts of antibiotics. Frozen chicken, fruit juices, canned fruit, honey, garlic and numerous other food items also carry into the United States the residual poisons of one of the most polluted environments in the world.

With China producing some 90 per cent of the world's Vitamin C, nearly three-quarters of its penicillin, half of its aspirin, a third of its Tylenol, and much of the drugs, enzymes, and other ingredients that find their way into a wide range of products, there is little escape even for the most health conscious consumer.

"These statistics should disturb all of us for one simple reason" say Navarro and Autry: "Far too much of what China is flooding our grocery stores and drug emporia with is pure poison." And that is so despite the fact that Chinese imports consistently top the list of substandard products held up at their borders by American and European regulatory agencies.

How confident can Indian consumers be that we will fare any better?

Posted By Bhaskar Menon to undiplomatic times at 12/03/2011 04:17:00 PM



In the last days their will be a major military, political, and economic force that arises from the East. This force will NOT be from just one national entity, but will be a confluence of several regional powers in the East ... and NOT from just the Pacific Rim. Direction in the Holy Bible is always oriented from Jerusalem, Israel. So these "kings of the east" can represent forces in the Near East, Middle East and/or Far East.

This force may be an amalgamation of national and cultural social interests flowing together for advancement, protection, control and power. One or more of the region kings may be a separate entity, however, working either in cooperation with or separately from the other region kings. However, these region kings will move simultaneously or in approximation to or with each other. The timing will be in prophetical precision and It will be a synergistic force that will be in effect designed by God as "pawns" to bring about the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

However, even though this force from the East fits into the end time plans of Almighty God, the regional EPM (Economical - Political - Military) powers will NOT have as their goal(s) the service of God. They will in effect be drawn (inspired) by Satan to do his bidding.

There are / will be several players in this field of "region kings." In the following discussion, we will review some of the major players; however, keep in mind, that any power adjacent to the Euphrates River and beyond (easterly) may be a candidate for this role. This would include present day Iraq, Syria, Eastern Turkey, the southern steppes of Russia (from the former USSR), Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Mongolia, North and South Korea.

We will now discuss some of the more poignant players at this present time from the "region kings" of the East. [Note: Iran will not be included in this discussion because, even though it could be included in the area of the region kings of the East, this section is more directed to the area of "Sino Asian Emergence." Iran is covered in several other sections of the U of E site:

Israel and Middle East
Islam and Its Teachings
Turkey and Word War Three


China's economy will be larger than that of the USA by 2030.

China controls:
The Port of Long Beach (on the West Coast of USA)

Both entrances to the Panama Canal
The key NAFTA Mexican port city of Lazaro Cardenas at the southern tip of the North American Union highway.
China and many other countries have wanted to take away control from the USA for many years. With the global economic meltdown which started in 2009, China will soon have the economic power to surpass the USA.

Prohibition of imports of US products are now in place unless they are based on intellectual property that is developed and/or owned in China. U.S. products cannot be sold in China unless companies give China their current patents plus their research and development of new products.

The longtime consensus among government and business elites has been that as China became richer, its interests would become more like the FREE world. It didn't work out that way because China is a Communist totalitarian country striving for military and economic superiority and still tortures, kills, and imprisons Christians.

In 1949 China began to eliminate all religious entities from their borders. When Mao Zedong ("Chairman Mao") took over power he referred to religion as "the opium of the mind." China, today, is still one of the most repressive forces of Christianity in the world, with many Christians belonging to the "house" churches being tortured and imprisoned.

Note: The "house" churches are those NOT registered with the government. In an attempt to control Christians, the government requires that all churches register with them. The government controlled church is called the "Three-Self Patriotic Movement." Millions of born again believers are part of the "house" churches and are NOT aligned with the government authorized churches.

There are about 12 million registered believers in the official "State" churches and over 100 million believers in the non-registered "house" churches. The Chinese government tells the registered "3 Self" churches: 1. Where they can worship; 2. Who can worship (only those over 18); and, 3. What they can teach.


President Richard Nixon opened trade agreements with China in 1972. After Chairman "Murderer" Mao died in 1976, certain of the Communist leaders realized that to succeed in world market share they must attempt to pattern what the leading non-communist nations were doing. These leaders realized they must move toward "capitalism" to become competitive in world trade, but they decided to "code" their terminology in new language so they would still be identified as communistic. New terms, such as "market socialism" and "socialism with Chinese characteristics" were coined.

The new economic leaders decided upon a four pronged plan of attack to help them become competitive in world trade. This plan was known as the "Four Modernizations" and included:
They realized that their previous programs of mass starvation, torture, forced labor, and personal regimentation were achieving the opposite of motivating the "collective" Chinese people.

In 1978 Deng Xiaoping became the key Communist leader in China mainly because of his economic expansionist plans leading China out of an abysmal position of market share production. Having been a sluggard in production due to Marxist / socialist control of manufacturing, China had been far behind the leading nations of the world until then. China decided to model other successful nations in the Far East:
Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. These countries were referred to as the East Asian Tigers, and all of which were non-Communist, free market economies.

As an indicator of how far China has come in world trade, at this time the USA purchases 40% of its consumer goods from the Chinese. China now produces two-thirds of the world's DVD's, photocopiers, shoes, and microwaves ... and that's just a small part of their production landscape.

As for information and communications technology, China has overtaken the USA. And, China is expanding its export market from the USA, Europe, and Japan to Latin America, Africa, and third world countries.
For example, China’s foreign investment in Africa has increased from $1.5 million in 1991 to $1.2 billion in 2005.

The KEY move right now by China is to obtain security in oil and energy imports to supply its great expansion in production and standard of living. China is investing money in oil and energy projects in countries where the West (USA, EU, etc) places sanctions. (For example, countries where US companies are NOT allowed to do business.) China is building factories, also, close to raw materials in these countries, and providing them with foreign aid, military equipment, building infrastructure, and forming favored agreements to foster friendship.

Major leaps in banking have been effected by China. Even Alan Greenspan said China's central bankers
“just a few years removed from isolated central planning, have become major players in operating the global financial system.”  Chinese central bankers now play important roles in the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) in Switzerland and in the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

With all its increase in productivity, China has NOT become less of a threat in the area of human rights. And, it is soon planning major efforts in redistribution of wealth because of internal division in the areas of wealth and literacy between the urban wealthy and poorer citizens. Also, corruption in all levels of government is a major problem.

China is the most populated country in the world, and has the third-largest economy. It is also the third-largest exporter. China controls (owns) over $2 trillion in foreign currency reserves. And in the worst global recession since the Great Depression, It is the only large economy that is growing in the current global economic recession (since the Great Depression of 1929 thru 1934). China's growth continues.


Note: All the creditor nations are in Asia: China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the large amounts of assets in Asia. All of the debtor nations -- USA, UK, etc. -- are in the west.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization – SCO
Founded 2001: China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajiistan, and Uzbekistan.
Nations with “observer” status: Mongolia, India, Pakistan, Iran
Will account for HALF of production of the world.

Brazil, Russia, India, and China
Looks like will be more than HALF of GDP on Planet Earth in 20 years.
“As India, China, and revitalized EU overtake the US, there will be a transformation of the global scene.” - David Mason, The End of the American Century
The People's Bank of China is now calling on the world to replace the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency and for the IMF to issue a new, single “super-sovereign” currency.
India is expanding port control in Indian Ocean: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh.
India has great R&D, software, services, and simulation packages and is a KEY player in world trade. Note: 25% of the world's NEW workers each year are in India.
Pakistan's military, although smaller than India's, is greater in per capita numbers.
Both Pakistan and India are evenly matched in missile and nuclear facilities.
India has the second largest military manpower in the world (second only to China).

While India has maintained an average annual growth of 8.8% in the recent years, the failure of the government to control terrorist activities recently have put a dampening effect on new business ventures. Also, India and Pakistan are nuclear sparring partners.

China and India are the accelerating force in world markets; however, most of the key economists feel that China will be the driving force in controlling the current global economic meltdown and be the major player in economic recovery.


Pakistan has a does NOT follow a "no first use" policy with regard to nuclear attack. It "will / can / probably" attack India (or anyone it want to) without notice or even aggravation by the opposing force. This is fundamentally a "super threat" because of Islamic militancy. In recent months terrorist forces have attempted to militarily encircle the central storage facilities for the Pakistani nuclear weapons armory.

"If a purely conventional war were to take place between both these countries, India would most likely overpower Pakistan owing to its superior military technology and infrastructure, larger manpower, more territorial area and a strategic advantage in its sea and air forces. It must also be noted that a war between these two countries will matter more than India’s conventional superiority as both these nations are nuclear powers on an equal deadlock. India has maintained a ‘no first use’ nuclear policy in the lines of a similar policy by China while Pakistan does not have any such policy, considering their only hope against India is in nuclear deterrance. It would be risky for India at the present scenario to go into any aggressive war against Pakistan as the repercussions would be serious a nuclear devastation for both countries."    --  Aby the Liberal / The Internationalist

For the annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of 170 countries worldwide, go to: The Military Balance 2010.

For the India Military Guide, go to:

For the Pakistan Military Guide, go to: Pakistan Military Guide.


Iraq suffers as Euphrates River dwindles:
NY Times 2009-07-14

India vs. China on Military Strength - Conventional and Nuclear.

Nuclear Missile Forces: USA vs. China vs. Russia.

Intercontinental SLBM's - Russian Bulava vs. American Trident

To compare the military strength of the nations of the world - excluding nuclear capability - go to: You will see that China and India are two out of the four top players in the world. They rank as follows:


Again, this does NOT take into account nuclear capabilities: the ranking above is based solely on a nation's capabilities from land, sea and air (with other statistics covering the logistical and financial aspects of waging war). But if you include nuclear capabilities, then the "kings of the east" (east of the Euphrates River) who would be formidable military threats would have to include: Pakistan, North Korea, Japan, Iran and Turkey. We are NOT including Iran or Turkey in this section, "Sino Asian Emergence," as we cover Iran and Turkey elsewhere, as mentioned above.


In conclusion, it is evident that China and India are two of the fastest growing economic and military powers in the world. The Euphrates River will be dried up in the future to prepare the way for the kings of the east. Whether or not the Euphrates River has more or less water in the future (from increased flow of tributaries or from mechanical dredging) remains to be seen. But ... it will be a vital variable in the logistics of the Eastern "region kings" who come (or, are drawn) to the battle of the great day of El Shaddai, God Almighty. (Brit Chadashah: Revelation 16:14)

In the last days their will be a major military, political, and economic force that arises from the East. This force will NOT be from just one national entity, but will be a confluence of several regional powers in the East ... and NOT from just the Pacific Rim. Direction in the Holy Bible is always oriented from Jerusalem, Israel. So these "kings of the east" can represent forces in the Near East, Middle East and/or Far East.

The Sino Asian Emergence is a KEY construct in end times prophetic fulfillment. The rapid Sino Asian Emergence that is developing now is a sign of the END of the time of the goyim, or gentiles (non Jews). In Asia ... as in other sectors of the world ... the stage is being set where the kings of the east will have their function in the final days of Planet Earth when Messiah Yeshua comes to establish His Kingdom.

Joint Political Broadcast & Media Regulation Authority

Joint Political Broadcast & Media Regulation Authority
December02, 2011
Dr. S. Y. Quraishi, CEC, ECI
Justice Mr. Markandey Katju, Chairman PCI
Justice Mr. JS Verma, Chairman NBSA
Subjects: -  Abusive & Derogatory Broadcast and
- Joint Political Broadcast & Media Regulation Authority
To be followed by Proper PIL,
Honorable Sirs,
We have three authorities to regulate Conduct of Political Parties through Press & Broadcast Media and honorable Supreme Court in judgment Civil Appeal No. 7178 of 2001 had fully empowered ECI to conduct elections in a fair manner and keep out dubious people from contesting elections and applicable to all Parties and their members under Article 324 of the Constitution of India this also applies may be indirectly to PCI and NBSA.
Ø      ECI didn’t follow the Second Order of the Civil Appeal No. 7178 of 2001 seeking ‘Candidate Information Six months before Nomination’. EC ought to start Registration process 12 months in advance of scheduled elections to be ready six months before nomination and allowing Candidates who have fully complied with Guidelines to contest elections. 
Unfortunately people of dubious qualifications don’t observe any Moral Code, Use Abusive Derogatory Language, Spread Hate & Mistrust among Communities and Caste, Misquote Religious Texts, Hire or Own Broadcasters and Unlawfully Influence & Mislead Voters.
Instead of Explaining ‘Election Manifestoes’ Political Parties unlawfully mislead voters.
School drop out on IndiaTV channel would in 60 minute broadcast ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ repeated over 20 times would use phrases like ‘Nikami Sarkar’, ‘Bhrasht Sarkar’, ‘Sarkar Ko Hatao’. It would be alright if equal time is allowed to ‘Opposite View’ but it didn’t.
Duly elected Government performing Many Times better as per RBI document 13224 than previous government is Termed Nikammi Twenty Four hours a day on certain channels is CORRUPTING OF BROADCAST MEDIA.
Competent Editorial Board
Broadcasters must have competent Editorial Boards with Experts who shall allow Fact Based Political Broadcasts than Putana Stories or naming rivals Gadha (Donkeys). Here in the above RBI document Budget of states indicates Plan Size of states during term of political parties and performance of political parties.
Any claims of Political Parties should be backed by authentic Evidence placed on their own or party website.
Examples of Misconduct
On December01 night Sudershan News Channel broadcast BJP election campaign broadcast from Saharanpur, UP with Highly Derogatory and Objectionable comments.
-- Uma Bharti BJP equated I believe ‘UP Chief Minister with Putana’[Stunned by her beauty, Krishna's foster-mother Yashoda allowed Putana to take the infant Krishna in her lap and suckle him. Putana had smeared her breast with an mandana, an intoxicant, to kill Krishna. However, Krishna squeezed her breasts and sucked her life (prana), as well as her milk.]
-- Nitin Gadkari BJP said ‘--- Gadhe Khayen Chawanprash’, Donkeys feast on Chawanprash, referring opposition as Gadha or Donkeys.
Misconduct of Sudershan News Channel
Since the Broadcast was recorded such derogatory lines should have been edited and such broadcast is Malicious.
NDTV in spite of best efforts in Broadcast moderated by Ravish assembled Speakers who were all doubtful or Opposed FDI and ‘Walmart & other Stores’ – depth of discussions were poor considering – 1. Our non petroleum imports exceed $200b and most of the non multinational imports are of Substandard Quality, Walmart shall ensure Our Foreign Trade Conform to International Best Standards. 2. Since Walmart & other Stores’ shall install High Cost efficient supply chain with Cold Storages, Proper Quality, Labeling & Packaging etc – they shall minimize losses but competition don’t follow this – So Indian Small retailers can’t go out of business though their Margins would be reasonable.
Election Manifestoes
EM of Manifestoes should give the Qualification & Subject Wise Break Up of Executive Council of the Parties – (Science/Engineering, Commerce/Economics, Arts, Farming) (Doctorates, Post Graduates, Graduates and Under Graduates)
EC should put on its website all the Election Manifestoes of Political Parties from first general elections for voters and researchers to find out their Political Stands on various issues from time to time.
Remedy & Prayer - Joint Political Broadcast & Media Regulation Authority
1. ECI, PCI and NBSA should constitute ‘Joint Political Broadcast & Media Regulation Authority’ JPBMRA for short with a view to jointly ensure Highest Broadcasting Standards for Media in Political Matters.
2. JPBMRA may ensure that Broadcast & Media allocate Equal Time to Opposite View Point. (When I was in school 1965-71, there used to be regular debates, speakers were allowed equal time to speak for or against a subject) - Can’t our Broadcasters adopt similar procedures? Courts in USA allow opposing parties equal time to present their case.
3. Any other Suitable Regulations for proper and fair conduct of political parties before during and after elections.
Ravinder Singh
Inventor & Consultant
Operating Orders of Honorable Supreme Court of India
Civil Appeal No. 7178 of 2001 – Directions of the Supreme Court
The Election Commission is directed to call for information on affidavit by issuing necessary order in exercise of its power under Article 324 of the Constitution of India from each candidate seeking election to Parliament or a State Legislature as a necessary part of his nomination paper, furnishing therein, information on the following aspects in relation to his/her candidature :-
(1) Whether the candidate is convicted/acquitted/discharged of any criminal offence in the past - if any, whether he is punished with imprisonment or fine?
(2) Prior to six months of filing of nomination, whether the candidate is accused in any pending case, of any offence punishable with imprisonment for two years or more, and in which charge is framed or cognizance is taken by the Court of Law. If so, the details thereof.
(3) The assets (immovable, movable, bank balances etc.) of a candidate and of his/her spouse and that of dependants.
(4) Liabilities, if any, particularly whether there are any over dues of any public financial institution or Government dues.
(5) The educational qualifications of the candidate..

news from the cpi(m)

news from the cpi(m)

December 2, 2011

Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) which met in New Delhi on December 1, 2011 has issued the following statement:

The Polit Bureau reiterates its strong opposition to the introduction of FDI in multibrand retail trade announced by the Union Cabinet. Unable to counter the facts regarding the large-scale displacement of employment and livelihoods in the retail trade if foreign retail chains are allowed to operate in the country, the UPA government is now using the specious argument that it will benefit the farmers. Contrary to its claim, experience in other countries shows that once multinational retailers establish themselves and eliminate the intermediaries, they are able to dictate terms to the producers. The farmers would become captive to the prices determined by the giant retailers.

The Polit Bureau congratulates the lakhs of shopkeepers and traders who conducted a hartal on December 1 against the introduction of FDI in retail trade.

The struggle against FDI in retail trade must be continued with vigour. The Polit Bureau calls upon all its Party units to intensify the campaign against FDI in retail and mobilise the people to organize protest actions.

Gujarat Updates: SC andHC Directives in Sohrabuddin and Ishrat Jahan Cases

Sohrab killing: SC seeks Guj cops’ call detail CDs


Posted On Friday, December 02, 2011 at 02:36:17 AM

Pulling up Gujarat government for its failure in handing over
telephone call details of senior police officials pertaining to the
Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter, the Supreme Court on Thursday
directed the state to place before it all CDs in that regard on

It was hearing a CBI plea challenging Gujarat High Court’s order
granting bail to former state home minister Amit Shah, facing trial
for his alleged involvement in the 2005 fake killing.

A bench of justices Aftab Alam and Ranjana Prakash Desai took strong
exception to the state government withholding the CDs containing call
details from the CBI which is probing the case. “On Wednesday, you
(Gujarat government) must have the CDs with you,” the bench said.

It is a very “disappointing” and a “serious matter” that in 9-10 days
of the hearing in the apex court, this information has been withheld,
it said. Gujarat’s Additional Advocate General Tushar Mehta assured
the bench that if there is any such CD in the custody of the state, it
would be placed before it on the next date of hearing.

During the proceedings, the bench also asked senior advocate Gopal
Subramanium, who is assisting the court as amicus curiae, to point out
the CBI lapses in its probe.

AP govt suppressing info: SCAfter Gujarat, the Andhra Pradesh
government on Thursday came under the scrutiny of the Supreme Court
for protecting its police officials who were allegedly present at the
site where Sohrabuddin Sheikh was killed in a fake encounter.

A bench of justices Aftab Alam and Ranjana Prakash Desai said that
there is a “deliberate attempt” on the part of Andhra Pradesh not to
provide information to the CBI which is investigating the case. It
pointed out that the register which records the movement of police
officials was not supplied to the probe agency.


HC asks CBI to probe Ishrat encounter
Saeed Khan, TNN | Dec 2, 2011, 05.09AM IST

AHMEDABAD: A division bench of the Gujarat high court has handed over
investigation in the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case to the CBI. This
is the fourth such encounter orchestrated by the Gujarat police to go
to the central agency. The bench of justices Jayant Patel and
Abhilasha Kumari said it was handing over the probe to the CBI because
it could not trust either the special investigation team (SIT) or the
state police to do a credible job.

The judges said in the 148-page order that the court will not monitor
the investigation any further and asked SIT chairman RR Verma to file
a fresh FIR within two weeks and submit a report.

Mumbai girl Ishrat, 19, was killed along with three others - Javed
Shaikh alias Pranesh Pillai, Amjad Ali Rana and Zeeshan Johar - on
June 15, 2004 by city crime branch sleuths. They were later dubbed as
Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives out to kill chief minister Narendra Modi to
avenge the 2002 riots.

Interestingly, the judges asked IPS officer Satish Verma to help CBI
in the investigation. During a hearing last month, the state had
agreed to a CBI probe, but had objected to any Verma role in the
investigation, saying he was involved in another suspicious encounter.
The brother of a man, who died in police custody in Porbandar in 1996
when Verma was SP there, approached the high court alleging police
inaction against the cop despite orders by HC in 1998. On Thursday too
the state government objected to Verma's name, but the court
disregarded the objections.

The bench observed that the case has now acquired "national, if not
international ramifications". It added that circumstances have now
emerged that put the case in the exceptional category and that CBI
should probe it to instil confidence in the probe. The judges came
down on the state government for opposing an independent inquiry when
its officers had botched up the probe. It also criticized the Centre
for not being able to command its officers. Six top cops have shown
reluctance to investigate the case.

As many as 21 policemen, including IPS officers, are involved in the
encounter. Among the IPS officers are the then Ahmedabad joint police
commissioner (crime branch) P P Pande, then assistant commissioners of
police G L Singhal and N K Amin besides DG Vanzara, who is already in
jail in the Sohrabuddin case.

Advocate I H Syed, who represented Ishrat's mother Shamima Kauser,
said, "This is the perfect order and does complete justice to us. This
is was what we had sought in the original petition. The court giving
liberty to CBI to take help from Satish Verma is amazing."

Senate Approves $662 Billion Defense Bill

Senate Approves $662 Billion Defense Bill

Published December 01, 2011
| Associated Press

Ignoring a presidential veto threat, the Democratic-controlled Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a massive, $662 billion defense bill that would require the military to hold suspected terrorists linked to Al Qaeda or its affiliates, even those captured on U.S. soil.
The vote was 93-7 for the bill authorizing money for military personnel, weapons systems, national security programs in the Energy Department, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the fiscal year that began Oct. 1. Reflecting a period of austerity and a winding down of decade-old conflicts, the bill is $27 billion less than what President Barack Obama requested and $43 billion less than what Congress gave the Pentagon this year.
Shortly before final passage, the Senate unanimously backed crippling sanctions on Iran as fears about Tehran developing a nuclear weapon outweighed concerns about driving up oil prices that would hit economically strapped Americans at the gas pump. The vote was 100-0.
The Senate's version of the defense bill still must be reconciled with the House-passed measure in the final weeks of the congressional session.
In an escalating fight with the White House, the bill would ramp up the role of the military in handling terror suspects. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and FBI Director Robert Mueller both oppose the provisions as does the White House, which said it cannot accept any legislation that "challenges or constrains the president's authorities to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists and protect the nation."
Late Thursday, a White House official said the veto threat still stands.
The bill would require military custody of a suspect deemed to be a member of Al Qaeda or its affiliates and involved in plotting or committing attacks on the United States. American citizens would be exempt. The bill does allow the executive branch to waive the authority based on national security and hold a suspect in civilian custody.
The legislation also would give the government the authority to have the military hold an individual suspected of terrorism indefinitely, without a trial. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., had sought an exception to the provision for U.S. citizens. Lengthy negotiations produced a face-saving move that the Senate backed 99-1, a measure that said nothing in the bill changes current law relating to the detention of U.S. citizens and legal aliens.
Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., repeatedly pointed out that the June 2004 Supreme Court decision in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld said U.S. citizens can be detained indefinitely.
The series of detention provisions challenges citizens' rights under the Constitution, tests the boundaries of executive and legislative branch authority and sets up a showdown with the Democratic commander in chief. Civil rights groups fiercely oppose the bill.
"Since the bill puts military detention authority on steroids and makes it permanent, American citizens and others are at greater risk of being locked away by the military without charge or trial if this bill becomes law," said Christopher Anders, senior legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union.
The bill reflects the politically charged dispute over whether to treat suspected terrorists as prisoners of war or criminals. The administration insists that the military, law enforcement and intelligence agents need flexibility in prosecuting the war on terror after they've succeeded in killing Usama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki. Republicans counter that their efforts are necessary to respond to an evolving, post-Sept. 11 threat, and that Obama has failed to produce a consistent policy on handling terror suspects.
The Senate rejected an effort by Feinstein to limit a military custody requirement for suspects to those captured outside the United States. The vote was 55-45. Feinstein said her goal was to ensure "the military won't be roaming our streets looking for suspected terrorists."
The issue divided Democrats, with nine senators, many facing re-election next year, breaking with their leadership and administration to vote against the amendment. Republicans held firm, with only Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mark Kirk of Illinois and Mike Lee of Utah backing Feinstein's effort.
"We need the authority to hold those individuals in military custody so we aren't reading them Miranda rights," Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., said in defense of the legislation.
Last week, the administration announced a new set of penalties against Iran, including identifying for the first time Iran's entire banking sector as a "primary money laundering concern." This requires increased monitoring by U.S. banks to ensure that they and their foreign affiliates avoid dealing with Iranian financial institutions.
But lawmakers pressed ahead with even tougher penalties despite reservations by the administration.
Sens. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., and Kirk had widespread bipartisan support for their amendment that would target foreign financial institutions that do business with the Central Bank of Iran, barring them from opening or maintaining correspondent operations in the United States. It would apply to foreign central banks only for transactions that involve the sale or purchase of petroleum or petroleum products.
The sanctions on petroleum would only apply if the president determines there is a sufficient alternative supply and if the country with jurisdiction over the financial institution has not significantly reduced its purchases of Iranian oil.
Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, David Cohen, a senior Treasury Department official, and Wendy Sherman, an undersecretary of state, warned that the amendment could force up oil prices -- a financial boon for Iran.
"There is absolutely a risk that in fact the price of oil would go up, which would mean that Iran would in fact have more money to fuel its nuclear ambitions, not less," Sherman said. "And our real objective here is to cut off the economic means that Iran has for its nuclear program."
Cohen said the amendment would tell foreign banks and companies "that if they continue to process oil transactions with the Central Bank of Iran their access to the United States can be terminated."
"It is a very, very powerful threat," Cohen warned. "It is a threat for the commercial banks to end their ability to transact in the dollar and their ability really to function as major international financial institutions," and one that could push allies away from contributing to a coordinated effort against Iran.

On FDI and Nuclear Deal causing logjam

Wal mart shall replace the present network of services in retail by their new network and new employees and cannot increase purchasing power of people to repair sick economy.On FDI i fully endorse your views but on nuclear deal ps go through my article via goglepublished a couple of years before durning President Osama visit to dilli... tiltle : American Beggar in Delhi.
On nuclear Nuclear Deal i suggest Anna Pathshala in my old craft.... as follows ....
Bribe and Cash display in Parliament`s three years Old Video Games!-
By:Rakesh Manchanda.
Today it is becoming fashionable to sit on fast even if you have a powerful voice and Goveranance controls like Gujarat-CM.
Let us rewind our memory back to three years. When UPA-survival was challenged on the floor of the Parliament. Congress in minority was going overboard by educating as to how US-Nuclear was in favour of India and against Jehadi Terrorism after 9/11. BJP was never seen educating public as to why they were against US-Nuclear deal initiated for No Confidence brought by 59 Communists and other supporters. After 3 yrs again this old shameful event of Parliament lawmakers` corruptionrevolves around `Votes for Notes`. Corporate Nexus behind Amar Singh could have been easily exposed by tracing Bank from where bundles of notes were withdrawn. For three years no action was seen against this corruption.FIR is lodged recently now. Police is now forced to act by Court order and media pressure. US-Nuclear Deal had gone in favor of American. If 19 MPs of NDA had not crossed over the US-Nuclear deal would have failed. Communists lobby although in minority tried to build a people pressure by some education in public but BJP the prime opposition party did nothing to build people`s awareness.
BJP in Parliament says they were against this US-Nuclear deal but in actual they never wanted to oppose this deal & wanted to be in good books of America.BJP only wanted to grab power and claim that they created this Bribe in Parliament string operation. BJP is trying now after three years to convince people that instead of Bribe Takers their two MPs jailed were the chosen whistle blowers. Unlike Anna TeamBJPis still not honest.BJP leaders are not at all trying to educate people as to how US-Nuclear deal today and in the past was against Indian people and their independence.BJP leaders had lot of time like Anna Team to corner Police and their political masters(congress) with or without Roses & Get Well Soon Cards.
BJP now declares Advani ji Yatra against Corruption but fails to explain his old opportunist stand on US-Nuclear deal. Advani ji Yatra is welcomed provided they explain to people as to why they kept their Lok Pal Menu Blank for several years and then were waiting for Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare to outsource fight against corruption. This shows the weak BJP is waiting for someone to bring a change and finally court forced leadership change in Karnatka. If Advanji fails to fill up their Blank Menu of Yatra and tell us as to how they plan to counter corruption then this knee jerk anti-corruption Yatra shall be as good as the empty vessel `Yatra` as done before in the name of Ram Rath Yatra which triggered communal riots and mistrust.
Advani ji now after three years is adding masala (spices) and emotions in this old and outdated Win-Lose Video game of the Parliament by declaring that he masterminded this sting operation of Bribe and money display in Parliament to expose corruption wherein the actual business deal is different.US Nuclear Deal and hidden corporate lobby behind Amar Singh actually `bought the Win` and India`s shameful sell out three years ago in Parliament. People of India as losers were reduced as blind followers not fit enoughto be informed as to why cheap power cannot be generated say by river water sharing instead of US-Nuclear Deal. Congress-BJP strength combine are hidden match fixers & collaborators as seen in past 42 years. Match Fixers are worst then those who fail to deliver. Both are doubtful and weak people educaters and shall play arithmetic of Power with NO action against corruption in Parliament and No effective Lok Pal. Nature and Anna Hazaare`s unfinished movement against corruption demands new leaders and new vision for new young India.
Written & released in Public Interest:
Rakesh Manchanda,
B-5,Gharonda Apartments,
Shrestha Vihar,Delhi-92.