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Wednesday 11 January 2012

Man spends 30 years in vain to secure national identity

Refl: Dalam teori kebersihan ras manusia ada istilah “inferior race” (ras manusia berstatus rendah). Teori ini mendominasi kaum Nazi dan pengikut-pengikutnya. Jadi kalau salah satu dari orang tua bukan ras murni, maka anak-anaknya pun termasuk ras kasta rendah. Bila hal ini adalah paham yang dianut oleh orang-orang Arab disana, maka kedudukan orang Indonesia rendah di mata mereka, karena itu mereka sebutkan “bagar” terhadap TKI disana yang kurang lebih mempunyai arti “kerbau”. Jadi karena keturunan “kerbau”, sulit untuk mendapat ID.
Man spends 30 years in vain to secure national identity

Published: Jan 10, 2012 01:40 Updated: Jan 10, 2012 01:40

MAKKAH: The National Society for Human Rights’ (NSHR) Makkah office is looking into a petition from a man born to an Indonesian father and Saudi mother who has been trying to obtain an ID for over 30 years.

Adel Falamban said he had been facing several hardships. The 57-year-old man recalled his father had lived in Makkah since childhood, married a Saudi woman and settled down in the holy city.

“I tried my best to secure an ID for me and my family, including six siblings, but to no avail. I had approached the Civil Affairs Department in Makkah and Riyadh and the Ministry of Interior in Riyadh about this,” he said.

Falamban said the concerned authorities had assured him they would issue his ID soon.

“When I contacted the Makkah office later, I discovered there was a criminal case against me. On the printout of the file it said I was a Saudi citizen,” Falamban said, adding that even then he failed to secure an ID.

Falamban and his children have encountered a lot of problems in their daily life due to this.

“I had to secure an order from the Ministry of Interior to get admission to schools for my two daughters. Eventually they got admitted. When the school director refused to issue a secondary school graduation certificate for my eldest daughter, I had to produce a letter from the education department. The director still refused to grant the conduct certificate, which is essential for her if she intends to seek higher education,” he said, adding that this prevented her from going to university.

Falamban also described his difficulties in getting medical treatment for him and his family at government and private hospitals.

“I am unable to show an ID or an iqama (residence permit) to get medical service. My family and I have no option other than approaching only Heraa General Hospital in the holy city for medical treatment. That was in line with a special order from the Ministry of Interior,” he said.

At least nine marriage proposals had come for his 22-year-old eldest daughter and one for his 19-year-old second daughter.

“But none of the young men were ready to marry a young woman without an identity,” Falamban said

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