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Tuesday 10 January 2012

Land of aborigin grabbed - police inaction

Case Detail

Mr. Bhabadulal Munda, son of Late Lakkhan Munda, a permanent resident of village- Khaspur Paschimpara of Ramchandrapur Udar Gram Panchayet under Baduria block and police station of 24 Parganas (north) belongs to Schedule Tribe community and living under bellow poverty line. He was living at the said address from his childhood. His upbringing was not easy and lost his father in an early age. His mother worked at a local brick kiln for sustenance. He started petty business thereafter.

On 01.07.2010 he has bought a piece of land at dag no. 221 measuring about 3 centimes from Mr. Prabir Mondal (Biswas) and Mr. Nabakumar Mondal (Biswas) both sons of Late Madar Mondal (Biswas) and residents of same village. Neighbors know about the purchase and some of them were present during the ritual related to entrance at new home. Mr. Kalu Paul, a resident of the same village was a witness of sell and purchase between the parties. Bhabadulal made a thatched hut at the purchased land and started living there. Nobody has any complaint or grievance related to his purchase of land and living at the said land thereafter. But on 7.4.2011 at about 21.00 hours few miscreants in inebriated condition attacked his house, ransacked it and threatened him and his mother with dire consequences. The miscreants made abuses subjected to their aborigine identity. The miscreants convene a meeting of ‘puja committee’ and held responsible Bhabadulal’s house for restricting entry to adjoining temple, which is not a case.  Bhabadulal and his mother so frightened that they hided at the adjoining woods.  Next day; on 8.4.2011, he made a written complaint at the Baduria Police Station with a list of accused. Baduria Police Station registered a General Dairy Entry having number GDE No. 494 dated 8.4.11, instead of First Information Report (FIR). Bhabadulal made similar complaints to Pradhan of Gram Panchayet, Block Development Officer (BDO) and Block Land Revenue Officer (BLRO) on the same day.  The complainant insisted for register the incident as an FIR but police personnel of Baduria police station were reluctant and told him to wait for a while and assured him that the police would look after the matter. The police personnel also made an excuse about coming elections for assembly. Bhabadulal accepted their pleas, though not convinced.  The police personnel came to his place and made enquiry. But not taken any appropriate measures or booked anyone. This made Bhabadulal more scared. After keeping silence for few days they started threatening Bhabadulal and asking him to vacate the place. The errant even warned to erect a fence in front of Bhabadulal’s house to restrict his movements and kill him; if not comply their dictum. The miscreants were roaming freely and making threatening calls till date. As no reprieving measures has been taken by the police; Bhabadulal made another complaint to Baduria police station on 23.09.2011, but this time also it has been registered as general dairy entry vide Baduria PS GDE no. 931 dated 23.09.11. Bhabadulal was threatened by the accused on 15.12. 2011 at about 20.00 hours over his mobile phone which driven him to made similar complaint to the Superintendent of Police; 24 Parganas (North) on 21.12.11.  But till date no remedial measurers has been taken for his security by the police.

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