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Wednesday 11 January 2012

BJP leader was mastermind of Pak flag hoisting’

BJP leader was mastermind of Pak flag hoisting’

Sindagi, January 11: The investigations into the hoisting of Pakistani national flag on New Year’s day at Sindagi, have revealed that the mastermind of the crime was an RSS backed elected repetitive from Bharatiya Janata Party.
“The entire incident was carried out at the behest of an elected representative of the BJP, whose political agenda was to foment communal disturbances in the district”, a senior police officer said.
He also revealed that the elected representative had instructed his supporters to destroy all evidence of his involvement, including photographs of the protesters and the banners of the organisation.
Police have already arrested seven Hindutva activists for what the former believe was a plot to foment communal strife by hoisting the Pakistani flag and then blaming it on the Muslim community.
Interestingly, all the accused had staged demonstrations in the town the very next day of flag hoisting to protest the delay in arresting those responsible for the reprehensible act. They also tried to manhandle Bijapur district Superintend of Police D  C Rajappa and other officers when they visited the spot.
Meanwhile, members of the district unit of Sri Ram Sene have said the accused do not belong to their outfit but are members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).
At a press conference here, they released several pictures to prove their point, alleging that the police had been pressured not to drag the name of the RSS into the issue.
It can be recalled that former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy also had blamed RSS and BJP for the incident. “I am told the RSS was behind the incident. It is shameful that the BJP is trying to create communal unrest for political gains,” he said.
Accused injured
The accused were shifted to the Bellary district prison last Sunday as other inmates of the Bijapur district jail allegedly attacked them for being involved in “anti-national activities.”
Rakesh Math, the prime accused, was seriously injured in the fracas, and the remaining sustained minor injuries.
The Pakistani flag was hoisted in the early hours of January 1. Later in the morning, the accused, led by Rakesh Math, organised a protest in front of the Tahsildar's office, alleging that the Muslim community was behind the incident.

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