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Friday 13 January 2012

Indian, Asian activists plan Global March to Jerusalem

Thursday January 12, 2012 06:16:44 PM, Staff Reporter
Malegaon: After the success of the "First Asian Convoy to Gaza", the organizers supported by over a dozen NGOs and non profit organizations are now embarking in March 2012 on the first "Global March to Jerusalem".
"After having successfully organized the "First Asian Convoy to Gaza" - we are now embarking on the first "Global March to Jerusalem" on 30th March 2012 for which a consultation meeting is called in New Delhi on January 23", Feroze Mithiborwala, Sandeep Pandey and Shaheen Kattiparambil said in a joint statement.
According to the statement, the Asian Convoy to Gaza, was the first collective Asian effort, whereby 160 delegates from 17 Asian nations, marched across 8 countries over a period of 38 days. There were more than 60 delegates from India itself & this was really welcomed by our Palestinian& Arab friends, who all have great respect for India's contribution to the anti-colonial struggles & Third World solidarity.
"After the Asian Convoy to Gaza, we Indians & Asians, reassessed our strategy in the aftermath of the Arab Spring & over a period of 10 months, in a series of consultative meetings with the Palestinians, the key Arab & international allies, it was decided that it is now time to counter the Judaisation of Jerusalem & stand in solidarity with the Palestinian masses. It is out of that endeavour that was born the idea of the Global March to Jerusalem, scheduled for the 30th of March 2012", the statement said.
"The Palestinians cannot & will never accept a Palestinian state without Jerusalem, which lies at the very heart of their historical & cultural consciousness & which Israel has unilaterally declared as its eternal capital, in violation of all UN Resolutions & International Law.

Thus we now need to draw the international focus onto Jerusalem, which is the core issue & lies at the very centre of the conflict", the statement said.

"The objective of the Global March to Jerusalem is to raise the global consciousness& awareness on the threat to Jerusalem, posed by the incessant Judaisation & the Settlement Blocks, as well as the monstrous Apartheid Wall, which have cut-off Jerusalem from the West Bank.

"Our convoys will converge from across the three continents of Asia, Africa & Europe & will amass on the borders of Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon& Syria, with delegations that will join us from the rest of the continents & the majority of the nations of the world", the statement added.

Outlining further details of the march the statement said, the Asian convoy will commence from New Delhi in early March & across a period of 20-25 days, it will traverse across Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria & Jordan. The African convoy will start from Morocco & travel to Egypt, whilst the European convoy will commence from London. The delegates from North & South America, Australia-Oceania will join the convoys, or fly directly to the bordering nations.

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