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Saturday 5 May 2012

Check out Dr.J.JayaLalithaa Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

Millions of Emails Disappear in India
Respected Dr JayaLalithaa Jee,
    It is extremely difficult for me to correspond with more people who belong to various groups on the Internet. So I have to avoid joining any groups listed on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc, in spite of many invitations that I get from important persons. I cannot even give my true profile on the Internet because other people just wont believe in the facts about me and my abilities. 
    For many years, my emails have been blocked regularly by the mail servers at the behest of agencies controlled by the Indian and foreign governments. The access to my websites on Health is also being blocked by many search engines. My scientifically valid ideas and theories on Health and Nutrition are being opposed by the Health Departments and Universities of many countries, as my ideas and theories are unacceptable to the followers of the established systems of medicine, which still seem to propagate the belief in illogical miracles of spiritual and pseudo-scientific types. My ideas and theories are considered a threat to the established systems of medicine.
    Let the world know that for some months millions of emails have disappeared, as they have been deleted by the Mail Servers on the illegal orders of the panicky UPA Government in India, which has become highly unpopular all over the country. How can the Internet users in India correspond with others when we don't know which of our emails have vanished?
    I am already losing a lot of sleep and getting frustrated due to my inability to correspond regularly with others. Corresponding with more people belonging to any discussion groups would mean greater loss of sleep and that would be bad for my health. Many times, I am not able to connect to the Internet for even one or two days to send and receive emails. 
    When my emails are being blocked and deleted, I cannot cope with any increase in my correspondence. So, I have been actually trying to unsubscribe from some groups who have been sending unnecessary messages to me in spite of my asking them to stop sending them.
I Require More Time for
New Experiments on Health
    After searching unsuccessfully for about 4 decades, it was by fluke 16 months back that I was able to find one ingredient for a good dentifrice that not only cleans the teeth very efficiently, but it also makes them sparkle. When I used it for the very first time, I found that my teeth had become so clean and smooth that I often licked the teeth with my tongue to make myself feel sure about what had happened to my teeth. I could not believe that there would be such a great change in my teeth just by brushing them once!
    In a few days more, I found out another ingredient, which also cleans the teeth and makes them sparkle, but it is much more useful because it does the work without causing any damage to the enamel physically or chemically. I just had to combine the two ingredients in correct proportions to make an ideal dentifrice for my own use.
    Surprisingly, for the dentifrice based on my formula, the cost of ingredients is only about one rupee or two rupees per month for one person. It seems clear that no manufacturer of dentifrices knows any formula like mine, otherwise there would have been much cheaper non-toxic toothpastes available in the market, which could clean the teeth very effectively and efficiently. 
    Since I started using the new dentifrice, discovered by me 16 months back, there are no signs of any harmful side effects like pain in the teeth or the bones of jaws, neck, shoulders and head, as it happens due to the toxic effects caused by the regular use of most of the toothpastes that contain fluoride. When the dentifrice based on my formula is used at night, it does not cause any sleeplessness, as it happens after the use of many toxic toothpastes.
    After using the new dentifrice based on my formula, my stamina has increased a great deal. Even though I am nearly 70 years old, I feel like singing and dancing due to the great improvement in my health!
I may set a World Record in Singing
    The health of my mouth and throat has improved dramatically especially in the last 3 months. I am  able to sing clearly and melodiously in the range of about 7 or 8 octaves, which may be a world record. Many times, I can clearly sing in a voice thinner than that of a child, which is the range of the soprano and falsetto singers.
    My usual voice during singing is baritone or between bass and  tenor. I can sing in a heavy bass voice, the booming baritone voice of a college student, the tenor voice, the ringing voice of a school child, and also in vibrato or wavering voice. Sometimes, even when my voice cracks during singing, I am usually still able to sing in a funny screeching voice, as the words can be heard quite clearly! 
    My relatives and acquaintances had been laughing at the tall claims that I had been making about my research. Now they become astonished when they hear me singing in the octaves that are higher than that of a soprano or falsetto. They can no longer overlook my achievements, which are the results of my research on Health and Nutrition.  
    I have been refusing to give samples of my dentifrice even to my close relatives and acquaintances, as I do not wish to take the slightest risk of losing my claims over my discovery. I have not trusted even my nearest relatives who had asked for samples of the dentifrice for their own personal use. Though they got very annoyed at my refusal to give them samples of the dentifrice, and also got highly shocked over my lack of trust in them, I no longer care what my relatives think about my attitude. When one of my brothers had insisted that I must trust him on this issue, I had firmly told him that I just wont trust anyone like him.
    In the past, while my relatives and acquaintances had laughed derisively over my tall claims about my research on Health and Nutrition, now it is I who can laugh at them. 
    I am trying various Diet Therapies quite successfully for further Rejuvenation of my body at the age of nearly 70 years, but I am not keeping any daily records, as I no longer wish to provide new information to the world, which has ignored my research of about 45 years.
    Because of the many problems that I have been facing in maintaining my websites on Health, I am even thinking of shutting them down in a few months. I don't know for how long my websites are likely to remain closed. I have to wait till I can find a new company that can host my websites properly.
    I wish to concentrate more on further Rejuvenation of my body and on my singing practice at this time. I may prove my claims about my singing record in the next few months, but I am not in a hurry, as I am engaged in experimenting with Rejuvenation Diets. I wish to improve my health and not to spoil it just for the sake of establishing any singing record.
    Dr JayaLalithaa Jee, I may be able to correspond with you occasionally, but I cannot join your group, as I do not wish to send and receive emails every day from many people belonging to your group. It is not easy for me to connect to the Internet every day due to the hindrances created by the Indian authorities. 
   Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.
    Editor & Publisher:    Top Nutritionist   

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