Sunday, 20 January 2013

And here goes your Internet privacy : Example : Ning

This is what Ning has to say about the data information that is gathered by their “Third Party Sources”:

  • We may also obtain information, including Personal Information, from third party sources. This includes certain Personal Information that may be provided to us through the installation and use of Ning Applications”…
  • Basicly…any Third Party, any Social Network, or any Network Creator who builds on the “Ning Platform” is obligated to ‘share’ all data…including “personal information” that is gathered on their particular Social Network site or data gathering device that utilizes the Ning Platform.
  • Now keep in mind, and this is a critical KEY point…All data and personal information on the Ning Platform is “EXCHANGED”…as a condition of use. It is notSOLD”. Corporations, companies, individuals only PAY for the use of the data collecting platform. This is how they can legally skirt the ‘privacy’ issue when they make the claim…”Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell your personal information to anyone”.
  • Your registration to become a Member of a Network constitutes your acknowledgement and agreement that if you have voluntarily provided information to Ning or Network Creators that causes your IP address to link to personally identifying information”.
  • …”we directly combine information from other third parties with Personal Information that we collect on the Ning Platform”…
  •  “We may share some or all of your Personal Information with our parent company or any subsidiaries, joint venture partners, or other companies that we control”…
  • Learn how profiles are created from one of the advertising technology companies, BlueKai, which has a detailed explanation on its website.
  • Look for a white “i” icon on a blue background -- this symbolizes that the ad you see was based on behavior or demographic information.
  • On Yahoo! sites, look for the AdChoices icon that links to more information on the ads you’re seeing and your options for managing your privacy.
  • Download an Internet browser plug-in (called the Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out) that automatically prevents sites from creating a profile of you at
  • Read the privacy policy of sites you visit, scanning for information on opting out of their targeting program.
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