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Tuesday 22 January 2013

pass the Reservation in Promotions Bill

 The total government jobs are just 2% of the total population. out of which

Category      SCs (20%)    STs (10%)    OBCs (55%)                  Others (15%)
Of Jobs                                             (including Religious Minorities)
A         11.5%          4.8%                    6.9%         
              76.8% ( 90% of which is cornered by 1st rate         souls
(the brahmins) and the 2nd,3rd, 4th rate souls had accepted to this
ratings to remain their slaves))
Group B         14.9%           6%                       7.3%                        71.8%
Group C          6.4%          7.7%                    15.3%                        60.6%
Group D          23%            6.8%                    17%                          53.2% 

of the population are involved in other businesses who call themselves
as 1st(brahmin), 2nd(kshatryia) and 3rd bania) rate souls (manuvadis)
which constitutes just 15% of the total population who are the actual
beneficiaries of the freedom and independence of this country.

belonging to SC/ST/OBC/religious minorities are left with only 2% of
the total wealth of the country and are sufferers of price rise of all
commodities as a result all kinds of attrocities on them.

Bill on Reservation in Promotions for the SC/STs
2012 (117th Amendment) has been passed in the Rajyasabha on Dec. 17,
2012 with a thumping majority. But in the Lok Sabha, due to the
conspiracy of the Manuvadi
parties The BJP, CONGRESS AND SP have played a mischief to stall its
passage. Hence the Bill has
not been passed despite the sincere efforts of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)
and its National President Behan Mayawatiji. This event has brought out
many hidden realities which have hitherto not been widely known to or
recognized by the public in general and Bahujan Samaj(majority people)
in particular. This opposing attitude of manuvadis from time immemorial
due to the madness and hatred against the untouchbales in itself shows
that the Bahujan Samaj is treading the right path.

BSP is the only party to safeguard the interests
of SC/ST/OBCs: The media (once Napolean had said that he can face two
battalions but not two scribes) was forced to highlight the role of BSP
and their leader Behanji in getting the Bill passed in the Rajya Sabha.
The leader has gone to the extent of accusing the Deputy Speaker Mr.
Hamid Ansari for the delay tactics in passing the Bill. The two
different strategies she adopted in both the Houses to save the UPA
Govt. on the issue of FDI were intended to force the Government to pass
the Bill smoothly. It was a strategy to create a moral compulsion on the
UPA Government. It was widely publicized that the UPA Govt. was saved
by the BSP leader Behan Mayawatiji. The people have come to know that
Behanji can go to any extent to protect the rights of the people.

mask worn by the Congress that it was the savior of SC/STs has been
torn apart. It got exposed on the day it failed to prevent the
hooliganism of Samajwadi Party’s MPs in Lok Sabha. In its betrayal it
stands exposed before the whole world that its commitment to the cause
of SC/STs is a big bogus. It was expected that the Congress would
support passing the Bill in the Lok Sabha in return to the favor done by
the BSP chief in FDI issue. But the Congress has shown its real colors.

Insincerity and helplessness of SC/ST MPs of other parties:
From the very beginning these SC/ST MPs belonging to the Manuvadi
parties were not sincere towards passing the Bill. They had never
exhibited any courage to voice in support of it. Some of them had tried
to fool the people by staging dharna outside the Parliament. What they
could not do inside the House, they were managing to show outside. They
were trying to tell their people that they were struggling hard outside
to secure their rights inside the Parliament. But people are asking them
that why did they go to the Parliament when they were unable to secure
the rights of the people. If they think that they would do better by
staging dharna outside the Parliament, they should not have contested
the elections in the first place. Now the people are made to realize
their own responsibility of electing the genuine and capable
representatives to the House of People (Lok Sabha). These chamchas are
more sincere to their parties and more worried about their career than
the people they represent.

The mischievous behavior of Mr.
Mulayam Singh Yadav, the chief of Samajwadi Party, who accepted to be
the 4th rate soul and to serve as slaves to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rate
souls (manuvadis) inside and outside
the Parliament has given an impression among the SC/STs that the Other
Backward Classes are against their demands. Actually, the OBCs are very
poorly represented in the higher posts and they are more in need of a
statute to ensure the reservation in promotions.  In Group A posts, the
representation of SCs is 11.5% and that of STs is 4.8%. The backlog
works out to 3.5% and 2.7% respectively. Whereas the OBC representation
in Group A is only 6.9% leaving a backlog of 20.1% as against the
constitutional provision of 27%. But the OBC leaders like Mr.Mulayam
Singh Yadav are deliberately blind towards these facts and misguiding
the OBCs. These leaders should have fought for the ‘adequate
representation’ of the OBCs in the higher posts. Instead, they argue
that reservation in promotions would create divisions in the society. He
is ignoring the fact that if his argument is extended further, then he
has to oppose the very concept of reservation itself and the OBCs will
be forced to stick to their caste occupations as ordained by the caste
system. Hence, it is very clear that if these mischievous leaders are
not exposed properly, there is every danger that the innocent OBCs will
be deprived of their constitutional rights and get instigated against
the SC/STs. Whatever the little they have attained so far, due to the
sacrifice our ancestors, will be lost forever. Hence, it it has become
the duty of the awakened Bahujan Samaj to educate the OBCs on the right
path and protect their rights. Selfish leaders must not be allowed to
divide and instigate the poor and powerless brothers to fight among
themselves. Such fights will disempower them both. There is a great need
to work for the unity of SC/ST/OBCs.

When  the above facts
are realized, it could be  understood that the casteist forces, by
stalling the Bill on Reservation in Promotions, have done a good job.
They have created a great opportunity to educate and organize the
Bahujan Samaj and strengthen their movement. In this regard,  a week
long program under the title “Pro-Reservation Week” and “Pro-Reservation
Rally” is being organized on January 26, 2012. Details of the project
are as follows:

Dharna in every zone: Starting from Jan. 7 to
Jan. 11, 2013, Dharnas were organized in every zone as follows:  There
was at least one dharna in every zone and in each of these dharnas, a
minimum of 1,000 workers took part.

Dharna  started by 11 am and
continued till 5 pm. All these dharnas were attended by the State
Coordinators, State President, State Convener, State Vice-President and
the State Treasurer. The State General Secretaries, State Secretaries
and Executive Members took part in their respective zones. Similarly
District Presidents, Vice-President, General Secretaries, Treasurers and
Office Secretaries, district secretaries, assembly-level office
bearers  participated. The district-level office bearers mobilized
maximum number of students in the dharnas. Their family members of
BAMCEF  also took part on behalf of their spouses.

Large banners
of size 20ft X 30ft carrying the statistics of representation of all the
communities in the Central and State services were put up at the place
of dharna in all the zones. At least 50,000 handouts carrying all the
details of reservation were distributed during the dharna days.
Similarly, posters were put and wall-writings made in every district. 

with the Zone-in-charge General Secretaries, State Secretaries and the
district presidents, a team of advocates, educated youths and students
were prepared to speak on the issue of reservation throughout the
program of dharna. This training has been organized on on Jan. 5, 2013.

Dharna was ended with an oath to carry ahead the pro-reservation struggle to its logical end.

dharnas had purpose of educating the masses and also to prepare the OBC
brethren to join the Reservation movement which was originally started
by Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Shahuji Maharaj and Periyar who belonged to
the OBCs.

PRO-RESERVATION RALLY JANUARY 26, 2013 at 11:00AM at Palace Grounds at Bengaluru.

rally of 1,000 bikes will go round the  cities in Chennai  on Jan.26, 2013. It will
start early around 8 am and end in a public meeting at 12 PM. In this
rally,vans decorated as chariot will carry the holy ash of Dadasaheb
Kanshi Ramji. More vans carrying the statistical details of the
reservation and the messages of our ancestors will be organized.

of  people will take part in this public meeting to be addressed by Ms
Mayawai Ji. Meeting will highlight the need for the reservation in
promotions and the struggle of BSP and its leader in this regard. True
color of Congress and its chamchas will be exposed. Also will expose the
manuvadi mentality of the so called OBC leaders which is detrimental to
the very communities which they claim to represent. Historical
necessity of the unity of SC/ST/OBC and religious minorities will be

Along with the above demand, Behanji will speak
on the anti-people and pro-rich policies of UPA Government regarding
the deregulation of diesel, Direct Cash Transfer and price-rise of
essential commodities.

Our National Leader will also direct the
party workers to launch struggles against the governments which have
miserably failed in controlling the casteist forces committing
atrocities against the SC/STs and other weaker sections in Karnataka,
Tamilnadu and other states.

In this historic occasion some important leaders from other parties will be joining BSP in presence of our National Leader.

These masses will be convinced  that their interests will be
safe only with the BSP.

We appeal in public the Honorable
President of India to convene a Special Parliament session to pass the
Reservation in Promotion Bill, which has already been suggested by our
National President Behan Kum. Mayawatiji,  First promoting them to higher
posts and then to train them as per the Presidential Directives must be
revived untill Maha Mayawati Ji  becomes the Prime Minister of PRABUDDHA BHARATH. The meeting will  end with an oath pledging the commitment to
protect the reservation.

The OBC leaders with manuvadi mindset
have planned to organize a public meeting on Jan. 24, 2013 to demand
modify the SC/ST Atrocities Act. The masses in the public meeting on
Jan. 26 will be assured that this Act will be implemented sincerely with
more teeth if BSP is voted to power both in the Centre and State. Laws
will be enacted to confiscate the properties of the perpetrators of
atrocities under BSP rule. If there is a possibility to lodge complaints
against all those leaders who are speaking in public to create
dissentions among the communities and causing disharmony and
disturbances in the public, And trying it against such
anti-constitutional elements on Jan. 26, 2013 will be explored.

prolonged program will increase the activists, supporters and
sympathizers among the SC/ST/OBC employees and educate and help in build
the organization of BSP in every zone.

We also appeal in public
the Honorable President of India that orders may be passed to publish
the statistics of that nation's wealth distributed to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd
rate souls (manuvadis) (in accordance with the proportion of their
population) in comparison with SC/ST/OBC/ religious minorities for the
purpose of proportional distribution of wealth in Business, Trade, to
start Industries, in Government Contracts, Petrol Bunks, Ration Shops,
Gas distribution etc., by giving hem Bank loans and from other
Government financial institutions.

We also appeal  in public the
Honorable President of India that orders may be passed to start
management training institutions for the benefit of Awakened One with
Awareness International Chambers of Commerce and Industries to do  trade
from Cybernetic Cooperative Fair Sale Marts so that the Sarv Jan
(Entire People) also be enable to involve in Foreign Direct Investment

All the State,Central Government and public sector
employees belonging to SC/ST/OBC religious minorities and the poor upper
castes have decided send memorandum in support of BSP to His
Excellency, The President of India and to warmly welcome Bahenji Ms
Mayawati to Bengaluru on 10-02-2013 by way of putting posters and
banners near their work place and near Palace Ground.

With Kind Regards

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Jagatheesan Chandrasekharan

668 5th A Main Road, 8th Cross
HAL 3rd Stage

Bengaluru 20-01-2013

Please Note:
Entire People (Sarv Jan ) in general and Bahujan in particular will
send the above memorandum to His Excellency, The President of India
through mails and emails.

2. All the Mahila well wishers
belonging to Sarv Samaj (Entire People) express to welcome Bahen Ms
Mayawati Ji to address the south Indians  at  Bengaluru Palace ground 
on 10-02-2013  draped in the traditional Saree. and address them in
English and Hindi.

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