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Wednesday 20 February 2013


The words of social justice are simply implied as justice exercised within our social-life particularly among the various social classes of that society. Presently, the implementation and achievement of pedagogy related to social justice are greatly dependable on the principles of equality and solidarity; an implication of the recognition and value of human rights denoting dignity and equality as human beings. The concept of social justice has greatly initiated the movement toward a socially just world in which human rights are manifested in the lives of every person and in all levels of society. However, realizing the fact that no country in the world has completely achieved all degrees of being just, many movements are taking place in working collaboratively towards achieving this.
Understanding the importance of social justice, United Nations General Assembly decided to celebrate the World Day of Social Justice annually on 20th February. It is an unfair disadvantage and denial of equal status, imposed upon groups and individuals and is in dire need of global attention as it poses a threat to the youth and society as a whole.
On this day, countries around the world arrive at new ways to eliminate various barriers of race, class, gender, religion, culture or even sexual imparity. Emphasis is made more on the areas of providing reasonable employment, the equal opportunity of embracing decent work, environmental health, gender-equality and ways in combating poverty in order to achieve social welfare.
In fact, many efforts and commitments have been made by most administrative bodies to achieve "a society for all" by creating a framework with strategic actions that focus on promoting social justice at regional, national and international levels. These bodies have been working hard in promoting equitable distribution of income and greater access to resources through equal opportunities for all.
As the contribution of World Assembly of Youth (WAY) in observing the World Day of Social Justice, we find it crucial to involve the individual society especially young people in achieving a socially just world. Today, the youth are highly in tune with social networking and the vast empowerment which has provided for society as a whole. However, many continue to remain oblivious to the various social injustices that continue to erode the very fabric of society. Hence, it is substantial to raise awareness to all members of society regardless of their background to know and understand their basic human rights including the right to equal access of resources in order to benefit their society. Therefore, we encourage you to engage in stimulating discourses to bring widespread attention to them and promote the elimination of negative stereotypes generally practiced in this modern-society. Such stereotypes will create barriers hence dividing our society into classes especially amongst youth.
American author Charles Bukowski once wrote; "All a guy needed was a chance. Somebody was always controlling who got a chance and who didn't." To be pursuant of social justice, is to seek to break down and eradicate the barriers created by these very injustices, in favor of a society with a more level playing ground where all are afforded equal opportunity and consideration, if not for us, for the future generations. We, at WAY, truly believe that to foster greater social justice, we should make it a requirement and implement it ourselves! 
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