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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Dalit minor girl goes missing, family alleges kidnap by upper-caste boy

Dalit minor girl goes missing, family alleges kidnap by upper-caste boy

A Dalit girl has been kidnapped in Barwala and her parents are alleging that the person who has abducted her is from an upper caste family.
According to the family of the girl, Amita Karan, she was not found in her room by her father five days ago when the family members went to wake her up. Her father, Ram Karan, said a boy from an upper caste family, who is working as a driver, abducted her. The girl is a minor. He however said that police has been unable to act on his complaint.
Ram Karan said that a complaint was registered with the police, but neither the boy nor the girl could be traced.
"We called the girl on her cell phone yesterday, she picked up the phone but was made to snap the call by the person who has abducted her. But police is saying that they cannot trace her and the girl will return on her own," he said.
The girl's father filed a complaint with Deputy Commissioner of Police, Panchkula, asking him to speed up the investigation in the case. The girl is a minor, he said, adding that the boy has abducted her by deceiving her and convincing her that he will marry her. He said that an upper caste person from the village has been threatening him and has even coerced Kumar marry his girl to the boy.

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