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Friday 25 January 2013

Will Congress VICE President Rahul Gandhi control VICES of ALL Congress Leaders?

Will Congress VICE President Rahul Gandhi control VICES of ALL Congress Leaders?
    After becoming the VICE President of the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi in his speech told his party fellows that his father Rajiv Gandhi was so brave that he never cried in his life. The only time he cried was when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed in 1984 by the Sikh assassins, who were employed as her guards. Rahul Gandhi also mentioned that he used to play BADminton with the very guards who later murdered his grandmother Indira Gandhi.
    From that day, when Indira Gandhi's own guards killed her, Rahul Gandhi openly claimed before all his party members, as well as all the TV viewers of India, that he lost his mental balance. Now this self-confessed mentally affected person wants to become the next Prime Minister of India. Did Rahul Gandhi lose his mental balance because he felt extremely guilty as he enjoyed playing the game of BADminton with his grandmother's killers? Is Rahul Gandhi sure that he has regained his mental balance by now?
    After the murder of Indira Gandhi, did the brave Rajiv Gandhi cry only once before Rahul because he was scared that his family had lost political power? Rajiv Gandhi must have certainly started smiling again after he was able to grab the Prime Minister's post immediately after the murder of his mother Indira Gandhi.
    The only time these Gandhis cry is when their mothers die. Do their dead fathers also matter? Did Rajiv Gandhi cry when his father Firoz Gandhi died? These Gandhis never cry when millions of Indians die due to hunger, starvation and natural calamities, when thousands of debt-ridden farmers commit suicide every year, or when common women are gang-raped and brutally murdered. 
Rahul Gandhi believes "Power is Poison"
    Now Sonia Gandhi has started crying bitterly and shedding copious tears before her son because she is not certain whether Rahul Gandhi can become the next Prime Minister of India. She has also warned Rahul that Power is Poison. Power makes the powerful leaders extremely evil and highly corrupt. As Congress President, Sonia Gandhi should know better because she has exercised immense power for many years, which must have poisoned and corrupted her along with all the other Congress leaders.
    So Sonia Gandhi has made Rahul the VICE President of the Congress Party. With all the Poison and Corruption in the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi as the VICE President must be responsible for taking care of all the VICES of all the Congress leaders.
    Let us see whether Rahul Gandhi exposes all the VICES of the extremely evil and corrupt Congress leaders or keeps their VICES hidden, so that he could make the Congress Party win the next Lok Sabha elections with the sole aim of becoming the next Prime Minister of India.
    The whole world knows how the present Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has done extremely well in hiding all the VICES of all the top Congress leaders, whose names are given in the lists of the most evil and the most corrupt fellows of the world. That is the greatest secret of Manmohan Singh, which has helped him in remaining the Prime Minister of India for 9 years.
    Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.  
       Editor & Publisher:

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