Chief Minister and Home Minister Urged to Intervene in Catholic Priest Case
CSF: Police actions suspect and communal political forces at work
The CSF call for squashing rape case against Pune priest
Many discrepancies and false charges, while priest held

Ref: Vice Principal Fr. Egidius Falcao of the NIOS. Don Bosco, School, Yerawada, Pune. 

This is yet another case of communal bias on behalf of the police. This time in Pune, where Fr. Egidius Falcao has been falsely accused and humiliated by the police without not only proper investigations, but also grossly violating his human rights. We would be forwarding you a memorandum from Catholic Association of Pune, signed by Diago Almeida (President) and Judith Menezes (secretary), calling for urgent corrective action by the government. However, The CSF investigations also briefly reveal as follow: 

1. Two Catholic priests, Fr Egidius Falcao and Fr Anton Antao were both taken from the premises of the Sacred Heart Church, Yerawada, on Monday 21st January at 8.30pm, without a warrant, notice or explanation of why they were being taken to the police station. Many students and parents came out in support of the priests. 

2.  They were illegally confined for hours and were not even allowed to use their mobile phones to get legal assistance. The police told them that solely on the basis of the 'victims' complaint they filed the case and some friends who testified. However, one of the girls clearly denied making any such allegations and was being forced. 

3. The 'victim's' statement at the most molestation and not rape or an attempt to do so. Hence, section 376 and 511 have been wrongfully applied on Fr Egidius and need to be immediately struck off. The incident is taking a communal and political turn, with the ABVP and others demonstrating outside the school premises and threatening Christians... 

4. On the date the girl 'victim' was supposed to have been raped, she was marked absent in the school register. The vice-principal's office is made of glass and any attempt to molest or rape, would be clearly visible, as many adults are seen around. It is indeed surprising that none could have intervened. Further why the delay of over two weeks in complaining. 

5. The police have taken advantage of the fact that Fr. Egidius is a Catholic priest and not part of the clergy of any other religion and is suspect to be working in tandem with unknown forces and for reasons, which call for an investigation. The mother of the child, whose character is known to be suspect, could have easily contacted the Church authorities, but did not do so. 

In view of the above, may we seek your urgent intervention and assistance in getting justice for one wrongly condemned.

For more info, contact:

Joseph Dias, The CSF Gen. Sec.
The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF)
+91 9769555657