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Tuesday 22 January 2013

“RSS-BJP fomenting terror” – It is time for the Home Minister Mr. Shinde to go beyond statements & pursue & prosecute the guilty.

“RSS-BJP fomenting terror” – It is time for the Home Minister Mr. Shinde to go beyond statements & pursue & prosecute the guilty.
By Feroze Mithiborwala & Kishore Jagtap
The announcement by the Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde at the Jaipur conclave of the Congress party where he once again stated that the RSS & BJP were involved in fomenting terrorism in India is truly a cause for national concern. He has been further supported by Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh, the former Union Minister, Mani Shankar Aiyar, and Union Minister Rajeev Shukla all of whom defended Mr. Shinde, saying there was enough evidence of RSS-backed terrorism.
Despite the fact that the Home Minister has not made this statement for the first time, yet we in fact do see that both the Home Ministry, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the Anti-Terror Squads (ATS) at the state levels have all been complicit in the cover-up of the true depth of the RSS backed terror organizations such as the Abhinav Bharat (Col. Purohit & Sadhvi Rithambara) & the Sanatan Sanstha (Athawale), as well as the Hindu Raksha Samiti Dhananjay Desai).
Despite the fact that the Malegaon (8/9/06) terror attacks & Nanded (6/4/06) a failed terror operation occurred in Maharashtra,  yet the Congress-NCP government has been complicit in the cover up. The ATS led both by Raghuvanshi & Rakesh Maria are following the orders of their political bosses. Thus the Malegaon terror network was brought to light by the effort of the Rajasthan ATS.
Also the terror attacks such as the Samjhauta train (18/2/07), Jaipur terror attacks (13/5/08), Pune German Bakery (13/2/10) were all undertaken to disrupt the India-Pakistan peace process & occurred 10-12 days before the representatives of the two countries were to meet.
The Mecca Masjid blast (18/5/07) on the other hand occurred at the time of the growing political tensions over the Indo-US Nuclear deal & was a much needed diversion. Thus sections of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) aligned to the CIA-Mossad, are using the Abhinav Bharat, Sanatan Sanstha & the Hindu Rashtra Sena cadre to carry out terror attacks. The IB itself is totally dominated by communal & the Manuwadi casteist sections of our society & is at the core of planning, financing & execution of the terror attacks.
Also the statements by the known fanatic & terrorist Hafeez Saeed of the LeT, need to analysed in a context whereby his counter-statements are meant to help the BJP. Hafeez Saeed & the LeT, as do the other assorted Lashkar’s,  have the patronage of the ISI-CIA. Despite the deep penetration of the CIA, as well as the RAW into Pakistan, yet the likes of Hafeez Saeed continue to operate with impunity. The same Americans who supposedly killed Bin Laden, cannot do the same to Hafeez Saeed? It is truly a sad joke.
Also note that the Americans have provided immunity to the top ISI officials for their role in the 26/11 terror attacks & even David Headley Coleman & Tawahhur Rana, both of whom were actually operating as CIA agents enjoy American protection..  The recent price on the head of Saeed by the USA was a truly laughing matter. In fact the American doctrine of ensuring that extremism & terrorism spread in a controlled environment & thus suit the agenda of the weapons & security industry. And that is why the likes of the myriad Saeed’s & their Lashkar’s continue to thrive.
The lessons for India are clear. In the last decade, in the post-9/11 world there was & continues to be a planned agenda to demonise Islam & the Muslim community, by targeting all Muslims as terrorists. In India too we witnessed the same systematic game plan, where the ‘politics of terror’ replaced the ‘politics of communal riots’ as the new strategy to divide the masses. Thus the plan was very simple. At the time required, either the IB, or then even independently, the Manuwadi terror organizations would engineer the terror attacks. Then the ATS under the instruction of the IB, would immediately place false stories in the media, create an anti-Muslim mindset & then catch Muslims alone, whilst fabricating the evidence & false witnesses. Those arrested would invariably be police informers & those with a criminal background. They were all supposed to be operating under the banner of the non-existent Indian Mujahedeen, a fictitious organization created by the IB itself. This led to the further marginalization & isolation of the Muslim community, whilst further communalizing of Indian society. The media too was complicit in this entire sordid game & barring a few exceptions, did not go beyond the police version & no serious investigations were ever conducted.
But now the truth is out & that is where the true contribution of Shri Shaheed Hemant Karkare, needs to be recognized by the nation, if we are to stop these Frankenstein’s in the making. Even all his investigations are not being pursued with the level of honesty required by the government & its security agencies

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