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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Retired officials were forced to sign fake JBT lists

Retd officials were forced to sign fake JBT lists

Chandigarh, January 20

Retired government officials were tortured to sign the fake
selection lists, the CBI judge observed while pronouncing his judgement
the JBT teachers’ recruitment scam. The judgement has brought out that
INLD leaders threatened serving and retired District Education Officers
(DEOs) to obtain their signatures on the new lists containing the names
of persons recommended by party leaders?
The judgement reads:”I would
like to discuss here Jogender Lal’s (accused No 62) testimony. He
testified that in August or September­, 2000, several persons, including
Rajender Pal Singh (Accused No ­59) and Mehtab Singh
(PW ­27), who was an assistant in the office of the Yamunanagar
DPEO­ came to his house around 8 pm along with the award lists that had
already been signed by Rajender Pal Singh and Ms Urmil Sharma (A­ccused
No 61). Rajender Pal Singh asked him to sign the said award lists, but
he refused, stating that he had already retired. He
further testified that when he refused to sign the lists, the persons
accompanying Rajender Pal Singh and Mehtab Singh started beating him and
thereafter took him to the residence of the accused No ­59. He
testified that they went to the extent of twisting his hands. Fearing
threat to his life, he signed the aforesaid award lists. The
judgement adds: “ I am convinced that the signatures of these accused
persons were taken on the award lists by putting pressure, threatening
them of depriving them of their pensionary benefits, transferring them
or their wives, children and relatives to far-off places etc. Bringing
out the element of threat to the accused the judgement reads:” There is
overwhelming evidence on record to show that these accused persons
found themselves between devil and the deep sea. But at the same time,
it must not be forgotten that these accused persons were top education
officers in their respective districts having a lot of experience with
them. As public servants their duty is to act without fear or favour and
to uphold the Constitution at all costs. The allegiance to the
Constitution of India may come under test from time to time. If a public
servant fails in this test, he will have to suffer.”The
CBI has held a large number of people guilty, saying that when these
accused persons agreed to prepare and sign the award lists, their
intention became one with the intention of their superior bosses and
thereby they caused wrongful gain to certain candidates and wrongful
loss to the remaining ones. The intention of bureaucratic and political
bosses in creating new award lists was also to defraud the meritorious
candidates of the earlier lists as well as the state of Haryana.Surprisingly,
the order does record that Rajni Sekhri Sibal was offered 5 per cent of
the bribe money if she cooperated but at the same time it has diluted
the charge under Section 420, IPC, to section 418, IPC, acknowledging
that no money was either sought or paid by any candidate.

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