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Saturday 26 January 2013

prediction: assassination, "fires", & disruption of production/distribution?

Nowhere is the this discussed as "worthy news" on the major (that is, the "owned, controlled, monopolized, and censoring) television/radio networks or or in their magazine/newspapers... no doubt, due to ongoing orders (aka "filters") by owners all the way through their corp of reality-"producers" to the mouths lip-synching on the "news" stage.

As proved by the manufacture of self-affirming spectacles for the maintaining and evolving of the hegemonious-dominant "social reality", their Spectacle apparatus also manufactures the negative, wherein it hides/cloaks reality which challenges its own[ED].

A hybrid, spectacle includes "suiciding" (appearance-inverted homicide) which stages the overtive-oversive to camouflage the subvertive-subversive.

Examples of the (affirming) former: the Gulf of Tonkin "incident", then swindle of using drones, energy weapons, holograms, media, and the "already-dead" in remote-controlled airplanes to pull off a massive land swindle, attack on the US Constitution, and fencing-in of the American citizenry via 9/11; the orchestrated Sandy Hook "attack" within a CIA-run town by "a kid" whose weapons were issued by the to his CIA-employed parents; the "yet another time-defying episode of the banal Star Wars"-challenging overuse by the CIA of their CIA agent-actor asset, Osama bin Laden, and his ever-"touring band", al-Qaida)....

Examples of the (negating) latter: the failed codependent US-Israeli attack on the USS Liberty as an excuse to invade Egypt during the Johnson-McNamara administration of the uppermost elite's ,"Capital needs"; the "absence" of 100% cancer treatments; the "absence" of hydrogen -powered transportation; the absence of anything remotely healthy in ANY State-run "public health" or "mental health" programs; the absence of "free", "zero-point", tritium-based nuclear; or cold fusion energy system production; the absence of ANY non-hierarchichized human presence in "the News"; the absence of subjectivity, self-consciousness, isocracy, imagination, and generalized self-management ANYwhere within "the Opposition" to the hegemonious-dominant "social reality"....

Okay, as the mileage goes up, so goes down the "overhead" of the petroleum cartel, in that they will merely up-price the 'cost' of a gallon of gas to match the mileage increase reciprocal, backed by the Peak Oil" spectacle in an abiotic universe.

The following is another example of the latter, aka "invisibilization, aka "disappearing", aka "cloaking":

Peugeot Citroen unveils new hybrid car that runs on air

Inda TV Auto [ Updated 24 Jan 2013, 15:05:43 ]
Peugeot Citroen unveils new hybrid car that runs on air
New Delhi, Jan 23: French car giant PSA Peugeot Citroen has  said it will put an air- powered vehicle on the road by 2016. Yes you heard it right – a vehicle that runs on air!
If the claims are to be believed then the car is sure to shave off 45 per cent of your fuel bills. While in towns and cities the amount could be as much as 80 per cent less since the car will be running on air for four-fifths of the time.

Here's how it works: the vehicle has a normal internal combustion engine, special hydraulics and an adapted gearbox along with compressed air cylinders that store and release energy. The system enables the car to run on petrol or air, or a mixture of both. 

The company believes the cars by 2020 could be achieving a mileage of 117 miles a gallon. It says while in a city the car will use the air power which gets automatically activated below 43mph and available for '60 to 80 per cent of the time in city driving'.

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