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Saturday 26 January 2013

Why are we not celebrating the Republic day in the official way ?

Why are we not celebrating the Republic day in the official way ?

After the failure of the Third Round Table Conference, the British government gave the Joint Select Committee the task of formulating the new Act for India.
They created and enforced it as the Government of India Act, 1935, in July 1935.
This act was rejected by the then Congress Party  consisting of Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Bose among other visionaries.  (

Finally, after the freedom of India, this same act, rejected by the then Congress Party was incorporated into the new Constitution of India.

Why was this done ?

Our question is : Why was the Constitution of India based on a barbarian act that was rejected by the Indian fighting for freedom of the country from slavery of the British ?
What have we done to come out of such a set of laws during the last 60+ years ?
What have we done to create new laws matching the changing scenario ?
For example Internet is governed by laws of 19th century, when the world did not have a clue to Internet.
The whole of Cr.PC of India is same that was created by the British (except for a few amendments). Why ? What have our law makers been doing ?

Why is it that we still do not have the Government responsible for providing Education, Jobs, Shelter, Food for a dignified life to all, as its constitutional commitment ? Why are these tasks under a provision that does not bind the government to fulfill these responsibilities ?

Like this, we have many questions and due to that, we are boycotting the celebrations of show today.
  • We love our country;
  • We love our people;
  • We love our world;
  • We wish to develop ourselves into a peaceful society that does not discriminate anyone whosoever; a society that considers each one as a human being first and a human being last;
  • We treat human being as the highest value in life, instead of money, religion, race, language, gender or anything else;

For us the show on Rajpath has lost meaning, because :
  • every 31 minutes a farmer commits suicide in the country ;
  • every 30 minutes there is a rape in the country;
  • every night millions of children and elders have to sleep on roads/footpaths without shelter, without food, without dignity;
  • people still carry human-waste on their heads;
  • poverty still exists and is considered normal;
  • education is not available to all without conditions, but has become a business to make huge profits for a few rich people;
  • health facilities are not available as a right;
  • while governments advertises many schemes, people are dying for lack of basic needs of life;
we remember why Gandhi ji had shaved his head and kept it like that with a vow till India changes;

we remember it all and we are determined to change;

  • We will change our thought-process, our feelings and our action and we will change our Politics, Our vitiated culture-social life style and everything that causes violence and discrimination in our country.
  • We will regain the moral power of India to be the guide for the whole world, leading it to the new levels of Consciousness, towards a Universal Human Nation.
  • We are powered by our passion to achieve this and not by the power of chair or of ego.
  • We are humble people, supported by the billion hearts and this strength will see us through the bad times, towards the victory over negative actions, through non-violent valid actions.
--  Peace in the heart, light in the understanding... With an affectionate Hug,  Sudhir Gandotra "Working for a Violence-free World" Phone : +91-93124-65666 E-mail:  Join me at : Visit my blog :  Change your Life - Change the World - Be a ChangeMaker   - for "Out-of-gutter Politics" - Voice of the 99% - express yourself   - Connect to all Humanist organizations  - Silo's works   -  Silo's Videos "You go deep into yourself,  I go deep into myself and there we meet."

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