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Friday 25 January 2013

Love, Sex & Justice J.S. Verma in Between, Indians Not Rapist

Love, Sex & Justice
J.S. Verma in Between, Indians Not Rapist

Surely Justice JS Verma
Committee Report shall be read worldwide and cause further loss to India Pride
and Honor – India already have millions of NGOs and this shall cause confusion
every where. Even hard core Women NGOs would not have demanded ‘complete sexual
autonomy including with respect to her relationships’ for women. I don’t think Indian Women are as
yet ready for Sexual Freedom – in many countries women are not even allowed to
abort their dead fetus.

I am particularly disturbed
by the fact that Laws for Protecting Women
like Dowry Act are SEVERELY ABUSED and Justice JS Verma Committee
Recommendations shall be abused further – I know Fake Dowry Cases are
registered Implicating Family and Relations of Groom and also that Genuine
cases are not registered.’ There are much fewer rape incidences – just 25 per
million populations – one of the lowest in the world. Indians are not rapists.

In 95% of Dowry Cases even
Parents of Women don’t want their daughter back. We have seen in Scandinavia how
a parent beating Child or a parent not keeping their infant child in other room
or bed are separated from parents are punished with fine and jail term. Why can’t parents of women take
responsibility of their daughters not treated well by their son in laws and
divorce made easier and freed from decades of Court Procedures – Law made for
this? Girls are forced to live with Unkind Husbands. This is particularly
Unacceptable in present times as most Women are Well Educated and can find jobs.

‘Tragedy is that even Justice JS Verma, now 70 has
been not been able to describe Nirbhay Case Properly – Main IPC Crimes were five
1) Kidnapping with
Conspiracy,  2) Robbery, 3) Gang Rape, 4)
Murder and 5.) Destruction of Evidence in Rape & Murder’ – When
such five crimes are committed in a Criminal Conspiracy – Death Penalty is
Warranted. How shall we expect Inspectors with poor training to file perfect
FIR and Investigation Report?

We don’t expect former Chief
Justice of India and working or advising numerous NGOs shall be so IGNORANT
that ‘Justice J.S. Verma Committee
prescribes just 7 years jail term for Trafficking of Women which generally
means - Luring
Poor Teenage Girls With Promise of Jobs in Cities, Drugging, Rape & Gang Rape
and then Sell Them to Brothels and Subjected to Gang Rapes Everyday, Keep them
in Dark Confined Space.’ But a Date Rape or Date Rape that turns in to Gang
Rape is to get 20 years jail term or Life Term.

Justice JS Verma Committee began
by quoting Gandhi that Men and Women are equal ---, but Gandhi also admitted in
his Autobiography that when his father died and his dead body was in adjutant
room going through last rites he had intercourse with his teenage wife and he could
not wait for the last rites of his father to be over. God has created us to
reproduce only – we have gone beyond the design of our creator. Around the time
Gandhi was born population of India
was 30 million that is now over 1500m for pre-partition geography of India. 

He also didn’t tell us in
Gandhi era around the time he was born for 90% there was no Technology, No
Irrigation, and everything was purchased – even water and salt but only thing
that was Free was Love and Freedom to Reproduce. Khajuraho temples are in his
home state that also boasts of Highest Incidence of Rape cases. Justice JS Verma Committee recommendations would
send Any Khajuraho Visitor to jail for seven years
for Voyeurism.
India may have to dismantle most of our Ancient Temples.


In UK recording of Video attracts Nine Months Jail
Term, Voyeurism in USA
is not a crime in all but nine states just result in name of the accused
recorded in to Sex Offender’s list.

‘In the English case of R
v Turner (2006), the manager of a sports centre filmed four women taking
showers. There was no indication that the footage had been shown to anyone else
or distributed in any way. The defendant pleaded guilty. The Court of Appeal confirmed a sentence of nine months'
imprisonment to reflect the seriousness of the abuse of trust and the traumatic
effect on the victims. …. US - video voyeurism is an offense in nine states and
may require the convicted person to register as a sex offender’ – No Jail Term.

Justice JS Verma has prescribed SEVEN
years sentence for Voyeurism – at par with Trafficking of Women.

Instead of recommending ‘Self Protection of Girls and Women’ –
Justice JS Verma recommendations went beyond even Matrimonial Relationship ‘complete sexual
autonomy including with respect to her relationships.’

Self Protection for Girls and Women could
be admission in to schools for girls within 1-2 kilometers of their homes, for girls
admissions to colleges in nearest town, women like teachers, nurses, Call
Center Employees and doctors in service etc to be posted in nearest Schools and
Colleges to their homes or posting of their Fathers or Husbands.

Women in relationship should disclose it
to their Parents and Family by law – also inform them whenever going out for date, not informing
parents or guardians should also be made offence with fine of Rs.500 to
Rs.25,000. Married Women going out with strangers should also attract penalty
for Illicit Relations, Jail Term of Seven Years and Quick Divorce.
These should also be tried in Special Fast Courts.

Illicit Relations

There are 100 times More Murders due to ‘Illicit Relationship’
than Rape-Murder – Justice JS Verma Committee had ignored this. These too are
Sexual Offences of similar kind.

Rape itself needs defining – 1.
Marital Rape, 2. Rape by friends or
relation, 3. Date Rape, Date Gang
Rape, 4. Rape of Women, Teenagers
and Girls by strangers, 5.
Kidnapping and Rape, Gang Rape, 6.
Kidnapping, Rape, Gang Rape, and Murder.

Calibrated Jail Terms could be – 1.
Warning, 2. Up to five years, 3. Five, Seven Years and Life Term, 5. 10 Years and 14 Years, 6. Life Term and Death Penalty. 7. Rape by HIV or such communicable
disease shall also invite death penalty.

There should be Full Life Term for
Murders due to Illicit Relations.

Jail Reform for Rape Convicts

All Rape
Convicts should be sent to Jails at least 1000 kilometers away from the home of
victim so that rapists are not able to meet his family and friends on at times
daily basis. This will reduce SUFFERINGS of Rape Victims, erase bad memories.

Police Reform

All Rape,
Kidnapping, Terrorism, Murder, Fraud of Rs.1 crore Plus etc should be ‘National
Crimes (Federal Crimes) and FBI like Expert Police Organization to Investigate
Such Matters.’

Instead of 100
there should be say 1001 number for such complaints. 

Justice JS Verma
Committee ought to have Simple, Well Defined Just and Fair recommendations.

Judicial Reforms

Fast Track
Courts For Crimes against Women should also extend to Dowry and Divorce Cases.

Ravinder Singh

Jauary24, 2013

Justice Verma committee recommendations at a glance

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