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Tuesday 22 January 2013

The Obama Spectacle: Nobody Likes a Liar

The Obama Spectacle: Nobody Likes a Liar
By Global Research
Global Research, January 21, 2013
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The fanfare around Obama’s second-term inauguration as US president is being splashed across television screens with pomp, pageantry and the illusion of hope and change. The reality behind his leadership, however, is much more chilling, and the hypocrisy is ill-disguised. As Tony Cartalucci writes:

“It is safe to say that America has not mended its ways and only traveled further down the dark path Martin Luther King Jr. warned us of back in 1967. The man “leading” us, or at least the front-man for the corporate-financier interests that drive America’s destiny, may honor King with carefully contrived words and well orchestrated public stunts, but in deeds and actions Obama and the corporate-financier elite that hold his leash, defame and dishonor King in every way imaginable.”
(Tony Cartalucci, “Barack Obama versus Martin Luther King Jr.“, Global Research, January 21, 2013)

So who is really the man being so shamelessly celebrated across media networks today? Who is the person once again elected to lead the world’s most powerful nation — or at least the most well-armed — into the future?

Put aside the media circus and take a moment to truly, critically reflect on Obama’s accomplishments during his first term as president.  Remember Libya? Remember the financial meltdown? Remember the drones killing civilians indiscriminately worldwide? If you need a reminder, Global Research has everything documented. It’s quite the roster of achievement. And it’s far from over.

“In these crucial times government and corporate-produced disinformation are more prevalent than ever. Global Research remains a genuinely alternative outlet of political news and informational analysis unbeholden to the censorial regime of media conglomeration and large scale philanthropic funding. This is why the site can directly address the most important events and issues of the day.”
-James F. Tracy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Media Studies, Florida Atlantic University (Click for list of articles by Prof. James F. Tracy)

Between the actual truth and what we are told to believe exist a multitude of seemingly irreconcilable differences — at least if one focuses on mainstream, corporate-controlled media. But there is an alternative; Global Research is there to mitigate the disinformation onslaught by employing facts, research and real analysis to cut through the lies. It’s no small task, but it’s a necessary one. Please support us in these endeavours.

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