Sunday, 20 January 2013

Why India rapes?

Why India rapes?

Sadly, it's for the same reasons that India bribes, honks unnecessarily,
drives drunk and over speeds, why it pushes and pulls and can't form a
line, also why it spits and urinates where it wants and why it insists
on scratching before dishing out food with the same hands.

India rapes because it lets its kids throw tantrums in public
while turning a blind eye, why it looks at foreigners as dollars and
Indians as trouble. It also rapes because it makes fun of the
handicapped, weakness and intelligence.

It rapes for the same reason it cheats people of their money, treats without respect animals, lives and society. The same society that would be the
first to run you out of existence, to ensure that your life is not worth living and that rape means your life is over. The same society in whose fear we dare not fail our exams or grow our hair too long or sing a song or wear revealing clothes or come home too late. It's the same society that can't protect and is the first to
blame the system.

The impotent system made of impotent self serving politicians
and the impotent police and the impotent water & electrical supplier and so on.

If there was no crime, the police wouldn't be able to put their kids in school, the under-paid and under-equipped constable is not going to risk his or her life for you. That is the
reality. To blame comes easy, but who are you blaming? The police that can't fire a bullet
without written consent, the one that can't use handcuffs on criminals,
the one that in most cases carries Gandhi's danda? I don't blame the
police and I don't hail it. It's an impotent symbol just like our ruling party and the non ruling ones. I don't expect
better from either and I won't cry hoarse about it either.

I will however preach respect and practise respect. I will also learn to live for myself, with respect to society. I will also teach myself to be equal.

The Indian woman herself needs to wake up to a new India as
well. She needs to stop cowering to society, to her own family and to
herself. Man and woman can't function without each other. A woman can do anything a man can, it's the man who can't give birth. The Indian woman covers her head and her face, she eats after
her husband eats, she is weaker because she feels that she is. She needs to be shown that its not so. She needs to feel empowered and she needs
to stop feeling like she's lesser.

The Indian man, needs to learn that he isn't in control, that
he is no one to control and that it is not he who is more than a woman.
There isn't a competition between the sexes. When the Indian man lacks
personally he takes out on the woman physically. He takes it out on her for a sense of betterment and ego. For the lack
of respect and self respect. The Indian man rapes for the same reason he has no respect for himself, in the same way he has no respect for his
job or work. If he can't respect his livelihood, how can you expect him to respect anything, let alone a woman.

Preach respect, teach respect, respect your self and the other, man woman or child. Rape is not sex, sex is pleasure and for both; rape is brutality, there is no pleasure in brutalising someone,
anyone. Any man who has ever looked at a woman and said 'cover up' is as pathetic as the man who molests her. What sort of impotent men are we
that we can't protect our women. How unaware do we pretend to be that we can't stand up for her dignity and fight
for her. Are we only looking at a sex object? Are we only looking at
demoralising her and showing her that we men can do what we want but she cannot?

Grow up and fight for her. Stand, raise her and protect her.
Travel a bus and be aware for her. Walk the road at night and keep an
eye out. Open your ears and eyes to trouble for her. Not because she
can't do it for herself but because us men have crushed her faith.

Our sex has let hers down. We have historically raped her mind
into fearing. It's time now to change. To create change. To be the

- Source Unknown