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Inventing India - Second Factory of the World (C)

Inventing India - Second Factory of the World (C)
Ravinder Singh*, May01, 2012
When I visited USA in 1986 – India’s first $Billionaire Dr. Sirjang Lal Tandon’s Tandon Corporaton Inc was undergoing Crisis when IBM stopped buying Floppy Drives from his company and Japanese Companies replaced Tandon Corporation Inc. Founded in 1975 like Microsoft but its rise was very steep, in 1982 was supplying hardware to Computer Manufacturers World Wide and later in 1987 developed ‘Hard Drive’ also in spite of troubles. This is decades before Infosys or Satyam and other Software Companies were founded. Similarly Sabir Bhatia pioneered ‘Free e.Mail Services - Hotmail’ that alone are worth $Trillions. But India didn’t support them.
Most Shocking: - India doesn’t have a ‘Hard Drive Unit’ even today and over 95% of computer hardware is imported when India potentially had the Resources and Opportunities to be world leaders in $Multi Trillion ICT industries and other sectors also. Tandon Corporations Floppy Drive technical specifications are in above pdf.
India Could Have Been Factory of The World Ahead of China??
1. India threw out IBM and Coca Cola in 1977-78 adopted anti US Policies.
2. India promoted ‘Under Wear Technologies’ – This is the term I coined as a rejoinder to Arun Shourie at IITD where he termed IITians as ‘Second Grade’ and told him in 6 yrs NDA government provided $150b subsidies for ‘Under Wear Technologies’ to mean Outdated & Bogus technologies like Urine Cola and didn’t protect Inventions of Indian Engineers. Last year India spent $100b on Under Wear Technologies – practically nothing to Indian Inventors.
3. India didn’t protect Inventions of Indians and slowed down ‘Patent Office’ during NDA that patents were granted in 10 years. An inventor Mr. Mann regularly complained at FICCI that his invention was granted patent after 10 years and just signing of Letter of Patent took a year.
4. But most important lesson in above is that a Mechanical Engineer was leading the World in ICT sector in Computer Hardware 1980 without GOI support that wastes over $100b on Under Wear Technologies every year.
Ø      India need to promote few thousand INVENTORS WITH GLOBAL VISION to lead the world – there are Millions Qualified to support them.
5. Both Bill Gates and SL Tandon started from a garage only difference was Bill Gates had IPR protected – Tandon not – IMPORTANCE OF IPR.
6.  Promotion of TRADERS to run our Industries had let us down everywhere, every time they expand they IMPORT new technology, Hardware & machines and have very low VALUE ADDITIONS – in spite of spending $10b - many time over, yet in 12 years RIL couldn’t efficiently develop Oil & Gas discoveries (made by foreign operators) delays and bad operation cost India $500b production loss and $2T Well Failure respectively. EVERY INDIAN COMPANY MUST HAVE R&D CAPABILITY.
Inventing India Can Be Second (Clean) Factory of the World
No country shall catch up with China in Manufacturing now – India can give it competition with US, EU and Japan collaboration and investments. India has rapidly growing large market matching China in numbers and larger young work force. India shall be much more CLEAN with High-Tech manufacture, Software and Global Services, Nuclear, Hydro and Renewable Energy, Green Buildings Overtaking Fossil Fuel burning Power generation.
World is looking at India to Open Up and create ‘Manufacturing Friendly’ industrial environment and Indians are investing madly in ‘Graduating Close to A Million Engineers to International Syllabus a year ready to serve Global Market’. But India is rated among worst ‘Investor Friendly Destination.’
Worst India has not improved its ‘Patent Office’ to protect all Inventions of Tens of Millions of Indian Engineers, Scientists and SMEs. Indian Inventors need ‘Utility Model Patent Urgently’ because Indians have to ‘Learn the Patenting Process’ – even Sam Pitroda files Bogus Patents – filed 2346 Claims but retained only 24 to get US Patent (20070198432).
Some dubious and bogus inventors had trivialized ‘Inventing as Jugad’ not appreciating all ‘Minor Ideas are FOUNDATION of All Great Inventions.’ Floppy Drive progressed to Blue Ray to Micro Storage Devices and Terabit Drives, small processor in a calculator to powerful desktops, from inefficient Carbon Filament Lamps to LED Lights and from Radio Phones to 4G Mobiles and from small Rockets in world war to Giant Rockets for Exploration of the Universe. 
A CSIR official close to ‘Brahamchari’ told me on IPR Day ‘We can also say your inventions are BOGUS’ – my immediate response was – 1. CSIR in 60 years had not created a single globally recognized invention in spite of $1billion annual budget and $Billions worth equipments and facilities. 2. CSIR filed bogus Patents because World Wide ‘Products Are Patented’ but CSIR filed process patents that are useless 3. It didn’t let Indian Scientists and Engineers use ‘CSIR Public Facilities.’ 4. CSIR and Sam Pitroda don’t know how to file ‘Patents’ and 5. I represented India at Expo’85 WIPO Exhibition – CSIR didn’t.
Let me also clarify right from my first invention – I used to ‘Carryout Extensive Study’ of all the relevant knowledge in books borrowed from British Council Library/US Library, tracked Patent Gazette regularly. When I was not satisfied with the drafting of patents I complained this to ‘Additional Controller of Patents and asked him to recommend best Patent Attorney’ and Switched to the best even though my expenses were up 200%. I never wanted ‘Weak and Useless Patents’ like CSIR or Sam Pitroda.
Way back in 1975-78 I spent 50% of Inventing Time on ‘Maximizing Patent Protection and Concealing Commercial Secrets.’
It is also important that when I visited USA with $400 Allowance to explore the market – I found I was directly ‘Competing with GE, Sears, Westinghouse, Black&Decker, Panasonic, Bosch, Siemens, Maytag, Whirlpool and now LG, Samsung etc. who all held PATENTS for their Inventions.’
Innovative Projects – Most Exclusive
‘Innovative Projects’ is my most exclusive SERVICE – since I deeply understand technologies – I also understand how to Effectively and Productively Deploy Them in Projects – Extending ‘Inventing Skills Thousand Fold.’ I even offer Technologies to Bill Gates.
1990 at a CIBC meet at Taj Hotel, New Delhi I observed as WIPO Awarded Inventor that –
India should target serving 98% global market outside India
Today due to negative politics we are back to 1990 level of 2% of World GDP with the latest TOI report that India is out of $T Market Cap club today – China has maintained its growth trajectory. China monthly exports averaging $170b last six months points to over $2T exports level 2011 mainly manufactured goods. China would exceed $400T to $500T Cumulative Industrial Production from 2010 to 2050. India’s loss could be at least $200trillion.
1.  Introduce Fast Utility Model Patents and fast grant of regular patents, stop pre-grant objections by NGOs.
2.  At Least of 50% Tax Concessions or $50b to ‘Inventing & R&D Based Companies.’ No Tax Concession for companies spending less than 10% on Salary and Allowances. 
3.  RBI controlled banks to Introduce ‘Special Branches With Engineers as Managers for Funding Tech and R&D Based Companies.’ -
4.  Fast Track ‘FDI’ in all Manufacturing Units including Retail Sector that has high Exports Sourced from India.
5.  All government projects should invite bids for ‘Technically Most Sound & Economical Projects’ than companies bid for Quantities and Items. For example – Companies are to bid for constructing Lame Duck dams, Companies to bid for ‘Best Dam Projects at The Site Instead.’
6.  Companies to have ‘Sector Wise Associations to Promote Innovations, Implement Global Quality Standards and develop Global Outlook.’
*Ravinder Singh
Inventor & Consultant
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