Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lady stands by torment charge - Explains on TV circumstances that led to discrepancies

Lady stands by torment charge
- Explains on TV circumstances that led to discrepancies

Calcutta, Feb. 17: The 37-year-old woman who was allegedly raped at gunpoint inside a moving car in Calcutta on the night of February 5 stuck to her complaint when she spoke to STAR Ananda on Friday evening.
The lady also explained why some discrepancies had cropped up after her first account on Wednesday and during the course of the police investigation.
Why she named Lavi Gidwani, Sharafat Ali and Azhar Ali
“On that night, the person who introduced himself to me (in the nightclub) came to me, smiled and said his name is Rehman Khan, then shook hands and said sorry I am Lavi Gidwani. Azhar Ali, who was standing near him, laughed when he said that. The third boy was Sharafat Ali.
“How can I make up somebody’s name? Somebody introduced himself as Lavi Gidwani, impersonated him probably, but that is not my concern. The police have to find out what is the link here.
“If you are being impersonated, Lavi, I do apologise and you should find out who your true friends are and find out the person who is impersonating you. If not, you need to be punished.
“When everybody saw the state I was in (on February 6), my grandmother asked me if I had had an argument with anybody in recent times. I remembered that argument with Ambar Ali (in January at the call centre run by the complainant’s sister), logged into his Facebook account and all three boys were there.
“The first boy I noticed was Sharafat and it was like… my body became cold. He had been like this in front of my face in the car, in very close proximity. His face I remember clearly. I can help you sketch it.
“When I saw Lavi Gidwani’s picture on Facebook, I thought it was him. Because he resembles him a lot, only the man (at the nightclub) had a French cut (beard). It was also dark (in the nightclub), I was drinking from 9.15pm, so….
“How can the police say that Azhar Ali and Sharafat Ali were not there that night? This I really don’t understand. It is an error of technology. Today I can be here and my mobile can show Park Street… Or I can keep it at home. Anything can happen, anything is possible. That doesn’t mean they have to be right.
“I had never seen them before that night, but I am hundred per cent sure about Azhar Ali and Sharafat Ali.”
Why the name of Faroukh Halim, the former Speaker’s son, was withheld earlier
“Faroukh Halim I respect a lot as a friend, as a philosopher, as a mentor… On that day, when I was thrown out of the car, I gave him a missed call and he called me back… I went to him in a taxi. I ran half the way, got a taxi, I went and picked him up from his place. He was waiting for me outside (his Elliot Road home).
“On his request, I did not take his name in my statement. I don’t want this to ruin his name in any kind of way. I protected him out of respect and gratitude, because over the years he has always been there, whenever I have been in trouble…
“When I asked for a loan, knowing my status, I am a single mother with two grown-up daughters and a sickly mother, he said ‘okay I’ll help you’… and he helped me… Last year, he gave me the money (Rs 1.5 lakh, according to Halim’s statement to the police). I gave it to my sister for the business but it did not work out.
“I went to get back the money from her this January and she gave me a date in February. Once I get it, I’ll return it to Mr Halim.”
On Ambar Ali, the man who had allegedly threatened her in January
“It is true to a certain extent that the money caused a fallout between my sister and me. But brothers, sisters, parents fight, that does not mean they are going to get me raped. I went to talk to my sister at the call centre (in Gariahat) in the beginning of January. I had an argument with her.
“Ambar Ali was working there with her, he stood up and interfered and then we got into an argument. He came to hit me, physically hit me. And I told him you try that and see. He made an open threat that ‘I’ll show you’.
“After that night when I was beaten up and raped, I remembered that Ambar Ali had threatened me and so I logged into his Facebook account. But I am not making any assumptions (about him)….”
Why she produced the jacket with the red stains 12 days later
“Today when I was getting those clothes to take to Lalbazar, I saw that even after being washed, my jacket has some blood stains and dirt marks. I hope that could help…”
Why she mixed up the dates of complaint
“I had earlier said February 8 but I got confused about the day. It was the 9th. I apologise for that. I am stressed out. Nervous. Everything is in jumbles in my mind. And I am trying to make sense of what happened to me… I was raped, beaten, terrorised… I have been getting threat calls from different numbers.”