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Saturday 12 January 2013


 India Against Corruption {primary list}
Arvind Kejriwal is a novice.His electoral ambitions will be thrown out by the prevailing money,muscle  and caste power in our electoral system.Almost all of his candidates  will lose their deposits.He will be doing the maximum damage to honest candidates put out by the OTHER parties by acting as a spoiler.
The weakest point in our electoral system is the Election Commission who in most cases could act only as A scare crow.They have not enough personnel or strength.with the present strength and powers,they are not able to root out  the malaise in our electoral system;the part played by money,muscle, caste and religion.Unless this is corrected goons,thugs and criminals will find their way to Parliament and Assemblies as our law makers.All corruptions start from here.If we have to correct trhe path ,the following has to be done;
  1. Strength and powers of the election commission to be increased, so also the quality and procedure of selection of of election commissioners.We know how Navin Chawla,a dynasty retainer was appointed.Recently one gentleman who in his 3 ½ years as DGCA made the institution one of the most corrupt(Licenceless pilots,flying clubs without aircrafts) was made an EC after his retirement as Aviation Secretary..He will become CEC in two years time.He ensured the abrupt removal of his honest and efficient successor who tried to stream line the org. and dared to take on Mallya.
  2. ECs should be given powers to punish erring electoral officers.
  3. Control on election spending to be enhanced.Using public address system through vehicles should be banned;so also vulgar advertisements through press and channels.Public meetings to be limited. While allowing house to house canvassing. Candidates should not be allowed to hire vehicles to bring in voters.
  4. Whether they are from minorities or not, outright communal parties should be banned.One example is the Indian Union Muslim League which is a descendent of the hated pre-partition Muslim League.This outright communal party is encouraged by Congress and is a part of UPA at centre and state. They are busy now spreading their communal tentacles all over the nation pleading the cases for incarcerated terrorists and Bengladeshis.Similiarly parties canvassing in the name of castes also should be banned.
  5. Any one who has an criminal FIR on him or court case pending against him should not be allowed to stand for election.
  6. All candidates should be asked to produce their yearwise IT returns for the past 15 years.The increase in assets of themselves and their family members should be published and reactions invited from the public.This should be examined by a board constituted by the CEC.
  7. Any party using illegal immigrants as vote banks should be banned.
  8. Naming of public properties on political figures should be banned.
These are some of the suggestions.


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