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Thursday 10 January 2013


If we open a news paper or search internet or open news channels we will see only one news violence by naxals. But if we seeks few icons like Arundhati Roy Anuradha Gandhi and many more who supported Naxals and gave a concern about them. Naxals are said to cadre based on Communism so now lets see how far they follow communism. In comunism there are two classes
1)The Proletariat (working class) ... work to survive.
2)The Borgeousie (capitalist) ... controls the means of production and works to make profit.

Now if they are followers of communism and they respect Marx they should've gone after Capitalists. Have they gone after them no, because you'll not see a single attack by Naxals or Maoists on capitalists.
What is capitalism?

Capitalism is a virus which is based on four pillars 1) WAR 2)Class 3)Exploitation 4) Alienation

1) War :- A conflict to capture terretory to mine natural resources and making money from them. Are naxals or Maoists doing anything to stop invasion of capitalists on tribal areas. No but they have so called declared a war against people by creating a terror among the rich mineral areas with the Indian Government Corporation. And they are leting the capitalists to invade these areas mine the minerals and make money.
2)Class :- whenever a capitalists invade a nation theire are two divison one the working class who are working endlessly top survive and the Capitalist who make money from their labour. In communism a movement is succesful only when a working leader takes leadership , and this has happened in past lenin,stalin mao who all brought revolution were from working class.In India there are two classes Ruler class (brahmin) and Exploited class(shudra and ati shudra). And teh leadership of Naxal and comunist movement were with ruler class and still are exapmle budhadeb bhattacharya, kishenji, panda all brahmins and not a single exploited class has emerged as a leader.And a ruler class will never allow an exploited class to take over them.
3)Exploitation :- the examples of exploitation are poverty,discrimination . People are getting exploited by the name of religion. the exploited class are still deprived of their rights. Now Are naxals doing anything against Exploitation. No because they themselves are exploiting people , how? When a terror is created in the naxal afefcted area with the help of giovernment force and naxal force , the victims are the locals who lose their house their property and have no evidence to prove that that is their property. which results in poverty in that area.
4)Alienation :- Alienation means colonization of foreign entities in a nation. In naxal affected areas tits been alienated by the foreign corporate bodies who kicked the tribals out of their land with the help of naxal and government forces and captured their ground and cultivating money from there. And again it was done with the Help of Naxals.

AS from the above its been proven that the main enemy iof a communist nation is Capitalism but Naxal are acting like capitalism and wearing a mask of Communism . because they have all the qualities that a capitalist needs. Naxal they are themselves the enemy of communism.
Then why people are joining naxals because there is no one to help them the organization which say they work against exploitation, the ambedkarite organizations they are not helping them. Why they will help because they all are fascists and capitalists they only go to the places where they can get donation and these people can't provide them the a single penny of donation to them so they are no use to them . And these victims they are jobless ,fighting for life and food so they just fall into the trap of naxals and blindfolded withe hope that with fighting with them they 'll achieve liberation and their land.
How to stop naxal?
We need to help the victims first, we have to stand with them , we have to tell the world whats really going with them we have to fight with them cor their rights and lands then they will leave naxal and will get a life with dignity and honour and also we have to makeout a leader from them because A LEADER COMES OUT FROM A VICTIM BECAUSE HE HAS SEEN THE PROBLEMS WHICH HIS PEOPLE WILL FIGHT FOR.

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