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Saturday 12 January 2013



Though some of you may feel bad at this time on my view. But try to understand it is a very simply understandable that all this cry is not for the girl raped in Delhi. But the place, circumstance and time are much matter. because it is very similar situation in which most of the woman of civil society, middle & elite class girls & women including most comfortable section of the society are living in Delhi. Any form of atrocity on women or girl in this situation is become direct threat the this particular section of the society. People are protesting just because of this particular section of society which is very much comfortable in the system. Otherwise lot more rapes and atrocities taking place from last fifteen days and nobody has even noticed it.

During last fifteen days
A Dalit pregnant women have been gang raped in Bhopal.
A Dalit rape victim had been killed by the rapist in the day light in Kanpur.
A Dalit girl committed suicide in Punjab.

These are just example but rapes and atrocities on rampage during this period too.

Who noticed ?

Just in the month of October around 19 Dalit women has been raped in Haryana. but the country was sleeping. If society and system will ensure freedom and dignity of the most vulnerable women in the society than each and every women of the DELHI will be automatic safe and secure.

The back ground of the Dalhi gang rape victim dose not matter at this time but the circumstances and situation has created a panic in the particular section of the society which has led discrimination among the victims.It is unfortunate that society is very selective.


Warm Regards !

In Solidarity !

Arun Khote

On Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 1:39 PM, NACDOR <> wrote:

Mr. Prashant Anand expressed the following views  through facebook on the incident of the 23 year old girl  and the protest incidents that followed:Thanks Prashant --Every body Must go through his facebook wall. Mr. Prashant  use to work with NACDOR
"जब आतंकी खोपड़ी पर चढ़कर बम फोड़ते हैं तब दिल्‍ली पुलिस की बहादुरी जाने कहां चली जाती है। जब बलात्‍कारी दिल्‍ली की सड़कों पर बलात्‍कार करते हैं, तब इनका बस नहीं चलता। निहत्‍थी आम जनता पर, औरतों-लड़कियों पर ये बहादुर लोग लाठी भांज रहे हैं।"

Dear Prashant We agree with you.                                                       

Would like to express some more views                                                   
 (1) The police is there to keep the public safe or to  keep them  away from using their right to take up democratic processes,or is the Police  there to erode the bad or to erode the positive initiatives of the people to assert for their safety and protection. How they can hit? People who protest are emotionally charged. They have to be dealt with patience because they are not protesting to do mess but to fight the mess.                                 
( 2) Similar protests should happen where ever such incidents happen whether the victim is Dalit or non-Dalit, with same intensity              
 (3) the service providers of our country must be trained and oriented and sensitized before they are given jobs or take up their jobs to how to handle the consumers, clients, customers, to treat the people who depend on them for their services in a dignified, respectful,courteous, helpful,transparent way ,must follow the objective way, when they perform their duties. As they are not paid to serve their personal interest or the interest of the people who have vested  interest or their personal grudges, biases, unjustified affinity,prejudices,ego,insecurities,fears,incomplete information, subjectivity,jealousies, revenge, anger, guilt,embarrassments,hiding anything that may stop from taking an objective thought and action. The same behavior is expected from the employers towards their employees and who seek their services.                                                    

 (4) Perform  duties to serve the people only because that is what they are paid for and  not to run somebody else's show           
(5) No incident is straightforward. even if it straightforward it gets complicated. Incidents are enacted also,they get complicated and and are never solved. Serious Incidents  happen  are diffused or even hijacked and used by the vested interest                                                                                  

(6) The worst that happens is when the people who don't deserve are harmed whether they may be the victims and another layer of victims who protest for these first layer of incidents and victims                                                           

 (7) The bad can be eroded and horrifying incidents can be solved, if the actual people who deserve punishments are taken to task, the laws taking care of the wrong, if at all they are fulfilling  their purpose. Laws have to be applied in the right way, to help the those who don't deserve the punishment..We are not sure if the people that are actually bad and are responsible for the wrong ever caught,                                                             

 (8) the twisted,framed ,unsupported and emotionally estranged are used and caught and face the trials and are put behind the bars.instead of given chance to get reformed  till they get prone to do wrong and can be used by others to do the wrong.                                                                                           

 (9)No doubt there are ill-feelings due to many reasons, many times they are justified also, could also be not justified. The democratic processes help in removing the ill-feelings. But the democratic processes are diffused, not only by the irresponsible and insensitive  governance but also overtaken by the messing that misleads the people even if they don't believe or understand the issue fully, people may not know all the complicated angles of the incidents.. Messing as a result of the misleading the people, creating hooligans who are used to mislead to fuel the created unjustified affinities for religion caste, class,gender,political parties, nationalities,color, race, Dalit, non-Dalit, family ties,lineage,business,rural,urban,  any basis that can lead to group ism and confrontation and make people take sides                                                              

(10) When people take sides to carry on a healthy debate to lead to solution it is  surely fine and

(11) When people take sides to mislead, just to make a talk, confuse the serious issue to ensure they get away from actual issues that demands serious attention and far from being totally objective is meanness . such a person in any capacity  is not doing justice to their job and role.                                                                                           

 (12) What process is adopted to catch the real culprit and crack the bad is most important edifice to make our country free from fear and injustice ? Instead of every time shifting to misleading issues and diffusing the actual issues?                                                                                    

 We attribute these opinions to our parents and other seniors also. This is what their experience of past life of many decades also says. We need to find the root causes, which requires the understanding of the complex past which has lead to today. Why situations go haywire even in a city like Delhi, having maximum educated people, Universities, schools,Parliament, Police next door,all national level offices, state of art technology,head quarters of all political parties,all kinds of sensitization workshops, Media,NGOs,,information exposure and many more services.  There is really something wrong and fishy !  There are many things that we need to see which we don't see and need to be found out.  There are people in our country who are not pro -India.                                            

Ashok Bharti
National Confederation of Dalit Organisations (NACDOR)
M-3/22, Model Town-III, Delhi 110009 INDIA
Telephone: +91-11-27419002 Fax: +91-11-27442744

National Confederation of Dalit Organisations (NACDOR)
M-3/22, Model Town-III, Delhi 110009 INDIA
Telephone: +91-11-27419002 Fax: +91-11-27442744

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