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Saturday 12 January 2013

Press Release on the occasion of National Youth Day

Press Release on the occasion of National Youth Day

Press Release

Odisha Govt should soon formulate a Youth Policy, ensure safety of
girls, demands JVM

Bhubaneswar, January 12, 2013

Odisha government should soon formulate a Youth policy for the
development of the youth to meet the challenges and grab the
opportunities of the globalised economy. The policy should draw a
roadmap for the education, health, sports, employment and livelihood
opportunities for the youth of the state.
On the occasion of National Youth Day today, Devi Prasad Tripathy,
Alka Mohanty, Baibhav Mishra, Sashi Bhusan Pal and Manisha Goutami,
Members, Janata Vikas Manch (JVM) said in a joint statement that even
after 65 years of Independence, Odisha government has not formulated a
Youth Policy for the development of youth in the state. They said that
the globalization has thrown several challenges and opportunities
before the youth of Odisha. “The youth should know how to gear up to
meet those challenges and grab the opportunities at the same time.
Hence, the state government should formulate a comprehensive and
concrete policy for the development of the youth”, they stated.
They said that the development in Odisha has been Bhubaneswar centric
where 100-KM radius to the state capital is being developed. A
majority of engineering, management and professional colleges are
located in the region of the state capital. The students of backward
regions – Western Odisha, Southern Odisha and Tribal region and the
deprived section – SC and ST - are not able to get education in these
colleges as they are not able to afford the high cost of these
colleges. “The government should re-locate these engineering,
management and professional colleges to the backward regions which can
enable the students to take education”, they said.
They said that on the occasion of 150th birthday of Swami Vivekananda
today, we need to fulfill his dreams. He said, ''We want that
Education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased,
the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own

The health is another important area where youth of Odisha should pay
a proper attention. The students should be encouraged to be physically
fit which will help them to work hard. They should be motivated to
participate in the sports activity including hockey, football and
atheletics . The government should provide the sports facilities in
all the districts of Odisha. It will also help them to develop a team
spirit and a positive mind set.
The employment and livelihood opportunity is a major concern for the
youth of the Odisha. The government should ensure that the youth of
Odisha get jobs in the private sector in the state. And, they should
be given vocational training. “The government should encourage youth
to adopt entrepreneurship. And, all the facilities should be provided
to them. The youth of the state should be developed in such a way that
they should be job providers instead of job-seekers like in Gujarat or
Andhra Pradesh”, they said.
With regard to safety for the girls, they said that the state
government should provide an adequate safety for the girls in the
state which is important for their getting education in the schools,
colleges and universities. The incidence of rape in the state is a
major concern. The government should punish all the criminals involved
in the Pipli rape cases, Kandhamal rape cases and all other rape cases
that took place in the last couple of years.
They demanded the government to set up fast track courts for the
speedy trial of rape cases in all the districts. The rape cases should
be settled within 90 days and the guilty should be punished within 120
days in all other cases related to women. “The criminals should be
given death sentence if the girl is killed or becomes handicap for
ever after the rape”, they said.

The government should first formulate and release the Draft Youth
Policy in the pubic domain for the comments and suggestions before the
policy is finalized.

Issued by: Devi Prasad Tripathy, Member, Janata Vikas Manch (JVM).

Date: January 12, 2013
Place: Bhubaneswar

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