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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Another fiddle in the continuity of torture by BSF & subsequent IMPUNITY

Particulars of the victim:- Ms. Rupjan Bewa, wife of late Samsuddin Seikh, aged about-60 years, by faith-Muslim, residing at village-Charparashpur Sushil Colony, Police Station-Jalangi, District-Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.

Particulars of the perpetrators: - (1) Two on-duty (on 21.2.2012 at about 5.30 pm) BSF jawans of BSF Out-Post no.2 under Farajipara BSF BOP Camp, Battalion-91, BSF, Charbhadra BSF company Head quarter, under Police Station-Jalangi, District-Murshidabad; (2) The on-duty police officer (on 22.2.2012 at about 10 am) of Jalangi Police Station who recorded the GDE no. 1316 in the matter of the victim.

Date & time of incident: - On 21.2.2012 at about 5.30 pm and subsequent thereafter. 

Place of incident: - Inside the premises of BSF Out-Post no.2 under Farajipara BSF BOP, Police Station-Jalangi, District-Murshidabad

Fact Finding Details:-

It is revealed during our fact finding that on 21.2.2012 the victim was suffering from fever and cold. On that day at about 4.30 pm she deposited her voter identity card at BSF Out-Post no.2 under Farajipara BSF BOP and went to Raipara Market to visit a doctor for her treatment. In the said market she was visited by one quack medical practitioner namely Mr. Piklu Mondal who gave some medicines to the victim. After visiting said medical practitioner she started to return home and on the way she came to BSF Out-Post no.2 under Farajipara BSF BOP at 5.30 pm to collect her voter identity card. But the two BSF jawans present in the said BSF Out-Post instead of returning her voter identity card started to search her body by hitting her continuously by an iron rod on all-over her body in a most humiliating manner. The victim protested against cruel and degrading acts of the perpetrator BSF jawans. But the said BSF jawans did not pay any heed and they started pushing and touching her body thereby molesting her and abusing her in filthy languages and even thrashed her on the ground forcibly. During the incident the perpetrator BSF jawans even allegedly ripped her clothes. She was injured due to the assault and molestation and the medicines she was carrying were ransacked and broken by the perpetrator BSF jawans. The victim lost one gold ear-ring and Rs.3900/- while she was being tortured under custody of the BSF jawans during the incident.  

On the next day (22.2.2012) at about 10 am the victim went to Jalangi Police Station with a written complaint against the perpetrator BSF personnel. As the victim is illiterate, the complaint was written by one of her neighbourers according to her statement. The police officer on-duty at Jalangi Police Station took the complaint in his hand. He red the complaint and kept it beside him. Then he asked to the victim to bring a fresh complaint and told her that one man namely Mr. Ichahaq Mondal (one tout) sitting near the police station will write down the complaint. Then she met with the said Mr. Ichahaq Mondal and disclosed before him the whole incident.  Mr. Ichahaq Mondal took Rs.10/- from the victim and wrote a complaint. Then the victim submitted the said complaint before the police officer on-duty and she requested the said police officer on-duty to return the previous complaint. But the police officer did not return the previous complaint and he only gave her one GDE entry slip bearing one GDE no. 1316 dated 22.2.2012. The said police officer on-duty even did not read over and explained to her the contents of the GDE recorded.  Later the victim came to know that the said Mr. Ichahaq Mondal did not write the complaint according to her statement. He (Mr. Ichahaq Mondal0) actually wrote the complaint therein omitting the incidents of assaults, molestation, and mischief upon the victim committed by the perpetrator BSF jawans on the day of the incident. Therefore the acceptance of the second complaint by the police officer on-duty at Jalangi clearly indicates that the said police officer had no intention to bring proper charges against the perpetrator BSF jawans otherwise he would have acted on the first complaint submitted by the victim.    

On 23.2.2012 the victim again filed one written complaint before the Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad disclosing in the complaint the whole incident and the malpractices done by the police of Jalangi Police Station. The victim in her complaint demanded proper action against the erring police officers of Jalngi Police Station and also against the perpetrator BSF jawans, but till date there is no action. On 23.2.2012 the victim got medical treatment from the Primary Health Centre, Parshpur Char Colony and the attending doctor recorded the injuries sustained by the victim particularly on chest, back etc. and she was referred to Sadhikhan’s Dearh Rural Hospital for further treatment. The victim attended the said hospital and got treatment

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Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
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