Ugliest Delhi Metro In The World vs Mumbai Locals and Airlines
I traveled extensively in London Underground to study its design in 1986 and didn’t like the way firstly money is being wasted on Over-design and Bad Radial Routes along and over existing Main Highway Arteries of Delhi. It is mainly suitable for Long distance users. It misses most Colleges, Hospitals, Malls, Major Population Centers, Tourist Destinations.

1. Most of the track is ‘Overhead’ occupying two lanes of existing Main Roads.

2. Delhi Metro is Ugliest because most Urban population go to schools offices and for shopping within 1-8 kilometers – for this in 95% of cases Delhi Metro service is neither available nor convenient nor economical. For example I have not seen School children in ‘School Uniform’ traveling in Delhi Metro. For this range Delhi Metro fare is Rs.15 or average of around Rs.3 per kilometer hence two wheelers, cars serve this distance.  

3. I have been petitioning to GOI for over 30 years to utilize existing Ring Railway and other radial routes to operate EMU services that could have been achieved at negligible cost even today.

4. Stations of Delhi Metro are so badly located - Pragati Maidan station is actually outside Pragati Maidan, Similarly for most other places, like Old Delhi and New Delhi Stations, Green Park, Qutab Minar, Hauz Khas, Saket, Karol Bagh etc. 

Delhi Metro vs Airlines – Up to Twice Per Kilometer Air Fare

5. Firstly Delhi Metro is 4X costlier than Mumbai Locals – in fact at Rs.1.5 per kilometer is Costlier than economy class Air Travel. (Mumbai Central to Dadar fare is Rs.4 for 9Km but for similar 8Km distance Straight Line Delhi Metro fare is Rs.15. But for Green Park to Nehru Place6km the fare is Rs.19, Janak Puri 11km fare is Rs.22.)

8Km Fare: Rs.15 Route:- AIIMS --RAJIV CHOWK (Junction)
6Km Fare: Rs.19 Route:- AIIMS -- NEHRU PLACE.
11Km Fare: Rs. 22 Route:-AIIMS - JANAK PURI WEST

Concession to Long Distance Travel

8Km Fare: Rs.15 Route:- AIIMS --RAJIV CHOWK (Junction)
Fare: Rs. 21 Route:-AIIMS – KAUSHAMBI

Fare: Rs.16 Route:-AIIMS -- KASHMERE GATE

Delhi London fare is Rs.20,000 for 15,000 kilometers or less than Delhi Metro fare. This is lowest fare though but includes Food, Security Checks, On Board Entertainment and average 30-50 kg luggage and hand bags etc.

6. It is not fair to charge property tax from people who are already paying Air Fare for Badly Located and least convenient Delhi Metro.

7.  Delhi Metro didn’t provide Feeder Bus Services essential to benefit commuters.

8.  Ugliest though are Car Parking at almost all Delhi Metro Stations as if it meant for Car Users??? Why can’t Delhi Metro provide Cycle Stands instead and Rent a Bike Scheme?

9. Delhi ought to promote Public Transport – High Capacity, Low Capacity buses, Electric Trams, Autos, Taxis. Ring Railways and Radial Trunk Routes for EMU service.  

Ravinder Singh
February13, 2012

Metro zones face extra property tax
Mahendra Kumar Singh TNN 

New Delhi: In a move that may further raise property prices along Metro corridors, the Centre has asked the Delhi government to impose a dedicated tax or levies on real estate transactions in those areas. The levy may also be imposed on additional floor area ratio. 

    The urban development ministry, which is footing 50% of the bill for Metro’s expansion in the Capital, has decided that 75% of the money raised through these levies will go to the Centre’s dedicated urban transport fund. 

    The Centre has left it to the Delhi government to fix the rate of taxation.

Property sale on Metro routes may be taxed
Mahendra Kumar Singh TNN 

New Delhi:Buying and renting property along Metro corridors could soon become costlier with the Centre asking the Delhi government to impose a dedicated tax or levies on such transactions. This has been proposed in the light of market value of such property skyrocketing on the back of Metro connectivity. 

    The levy may also be imposed on additional floor area ratio (FAR) permitted by city authorities along the Metro stretches. It was also decided that Delhi government will set up a dedicated transport fund at the state level in consultation with the Union urban development ministry. 

    The direction came as part of the sanction order for the 103.05-km Phase 3 of Delhi Metro that will cost Rs 32,242 crore. But the order did not talk about the rate of taxation on sale/purchase of property and it was left to the city government. 

    The urban development ministry, which is footing half the bill for Metro’s expansion in the capital, decided that 75% of the money raised through these measures would go to the Centre’s dedicated urban transport fund. The ministry has reiterated its stand in its January 20 letter to all chief secretaries, suggesting measures for innovative financing of Metro rail projects. 

    Finding it difficult to meet the financial requirement of the sector, the ministry has been urging state and city authorities to set up dedicated transport funds to be financed by imposing taxes and levies but they have been reluctant to do so.