Sir Winston Churchill... His argument against granting India/Pakistan freedom. 

"Power will go to the hands of rascals ,rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low caliber & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues & silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power & India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air & water would be taxed in India." 

[He wrote this 65 years ago] 

We are incredible; we have worked so very hard and ultimately we proved him right..... 

The incredible Indians sure we are!

For 65 years we worked tirelessly to make prophecy come true.

Indian should feel ashamed.Even after 65 years we are dominated by single family and foreign origin persons.There is no democracy.Giving votes is not democracy.
caste ridden Indians are corrupt and compromising in everything.WE appease various races and religious minorities for getting votes so we can remain in power and enjoy sleaze and money.
The major community of Hindus are worse than muslims or Christians.Double faced,corrupt,cowards, appeasing to buy peace,divide and rule and salve of white skins even black skin if she comes from USA.

WE praise songs of Indian shining and great India super power while stealing research articles,copying and doing low order jobs.

Indians refuse to realise this and change.Indian businessmen are tax thieves,corrupt,self seeking and have little respect for consumers and quality standards.

After 67 years there are more castes recognised as backward and there are more observations than less.

More and more babies are caught with rupees in crores.This the fraudulent expert and dishonest capitalist stooge Manmohan and his team calls growth and development.And the foolish Indians call him expert and honest.

Indians leave shores in search of glamour and glitter and green pastures deserting motherland but want VIP recognition in India as if they have obliged the country.Eating away lacs of rupees on their education they leave abroad to make western societies rich by getting exploited and work there as second grade citizens.

Truth is average NRI is unpatriotic and has no interest in investing in India for patriotism.very little NRI money is sent in India.

The whole concept of globalisation is bullshit and slogan engineered by G8 countries and their allies to bleed poor nations for enjoying inflow of capital and enjoying luxury life.The foolish people like our Indian politicians fell for it and continue to be fooled.MM Singh leads this pack.

Corruption is now full time and huge sport in country with even women joining the ranks. There is no check.After Singh came governance and fear of punishment is zero.Loot and loot everywhere is mantra.

So let us decide what punishment Singh and his gang of ministers deserve?

Singh and his government are so shameless and arrogant that thye continue policy of loot and price rise is going on.While they recite GDP rate as only single point program to let capitalists and MNCs loot the country.Are not they traitors?

The naked and open drama they enacted in parlimant for passing Lokpal while having intentions not to pass will put any society to shame.All parties were equally part of this drama as no one wanted Lokpal.Hence all sitting MPs inclduing Sonia must go.
All these old men of 70plus age group must be thrown out.

Indian politics is revolving around keeping fake Gandhi family at centre stage by hook or by crook.same is being followed by others.

India needs revolution.