Chala Murari General Ban Ne – Born 10-5-1950 Military Hospital

Thisguy seems to have entered NDA by advancing his age and now wants to serve one more eyar by reverting to real age.many people did same thing in those years.I was born in 1952 and faced similar predicament to enter high school course.I waited for one year instea dof forging documents.It was very easy those days.Even schools obliged and janmpatris were forged and local tehsildar offcie was used to get changed date.I know several people who did such things.This fellow gen Singh seems to do same thing.Manage to get inbto army by advancing age and then stick to youger format so he could hang around and rise to Chief rank.I think in inmterest of ethics and morality he should be relieved immediately and all his retirment benefits should be withdrawn. He has cerated a mess by entering two birht dates at various places.His father being qualified army offcier how this could happen when army guys claim they are systematic and logical..Sounds crazy.
Chala Murari General Ban Ne – Born 10-5-1950 Military Hospital

Honorable Members of Parliament,

I remember a foreign secretary during Televised event went against Rajiv Gandhi and he immediately ordered – You are no longer Foreign Secretary ---.

At such critical positions any dissent is fatal but General VK Singh shameIndia, Indian Army every day.

He was born on 10 May 1950, at Khadki Military Hospital, Pune, India, is obviously known to Army Officers for long though our Press is yet to discover this.

I those days NDA exam was conducted twice a year and minimum age limit was 15 years. General admits with doctored date of birth he was 14 years and two months old. He applied for NDA on 29.7.1965 or July1965 batch.

With 10-5-1951 forged dob he became Youngest in Two Batches of NDA of July1965 and January1966 and one youngest in July1966 batch to which he was eligible to apply.

Seniority is determined by Rank in the NDA Final Exam not by age.

Through forgery he Was One of Senior Most of July1965 Batch and all January1966 and July1966 batches numbering some thousands when he was eligible to apply in July1966 batch.

So he was getting promotions ahead of other Three Batches.

But instead of retiring along with July1965 batch he joined as Colonel – he was promoted to Senior Ranks and became Army Chief.

Ravinder Singh
January19, 2012

Corruption of Idiot General VK Singh – Misled by Half Pants – Exclusive

Since VK Singh repeatedly emphasized his DOB is 10.5.1951 in all his service career promotions, annual reports etc. when he was actually born on 10 May 1950, at Khadki Military Hospital, Pune, India only points to CORRUPTION. His father was Army Colonel. His matriculation certificate was FAKE or Doctored or Forgery.

He is morally and mentally Unqualified to be Army Chief. It is also discovered obviously all His Juniors who suffered due to VK Singh obvious forgery didn’t go to Press Media and Courts – this also exposes firstly the incompetence of former CJI and secondly CJI didn’t tell him that actually his juniors ought to go against his promotion and he had breached Army Discipline in approaching them.

He also corrupted ‘Unemployed former Chief Justices of India’ – he indulged in dirty politics by going to press typical of RSS BJP or Half Pants who are obviously supporting him.

‘Born, 10 May 1950, Khadki Military Hospital, Pune, India’

Ø      Had his actual dob been considered as 10 May 1950 he may have retired as Lieutenant colonel or colonel or may be Brigadier who retire at around 52 or 54 years age. Instead he was elevated to top rank. As also reported in Tribune – there was succession battle among generals due to VK Singh due to his manipulations from around his promotion as Colonel around 10 years ago when NDA was in power.

Ø      So actually he was not interested in correcting his dob until he was elevated to highest rank.

Ø      He was inducted in to Army a year before 1971 war fought inBangladesh along with resistance army called Muktibahini and didn’t fight in any battle thereafter. So there can’t be any case of exceptional experience like General Giap of Vietnam.

PTI story has confirmed my take on the story that General VK Singh may not have been eligible for admission to NDA. When he applied for NDA he was 15 years and two months from 10.5.1950 to 29.7.1965. As per the latest NDA notice a candidate eligible to apply for 2012 exam must be born in time 2-01-1994 and 1-7-1996 or 16-18 years of age. It could be 15 years for 1965 exam, definitely not 14 years if we accept his plea to consider 10-05-1951 as his date of birth.

‘However, he has said that in an application dated 29.7.1965 for admission to National Defence Academy (NDA) course he had, as a 14-year school boy, inadvertently filled his date of birth as 10.5.1950.’ PTI

Ø      On 29.7.1965 result of 1965 Matriculation was out for 2-3 months, so he must have left the Birla Pilani School and must have received the matriculation certificate.

Ø      He lied when he said his teacher in school made an error – actually he was shifting his stand on this. He father while enrolling him in Birla PilaniSchool might have given wrong dob.

Ø      I can’t believe UPSC made mistakes several times when as given above could not the difference in age in application and certificate.

Ravinder Singh
January19, 2012

(b) Age Limits, Sex and Marital Status: Only unmarried male candidates born not
earlier than 2nd January, 1994 and not later than 1st July, 1996 are eligible.

Note 2: Candidates should also note that once a Date of Birth has been claimed by them and entered in the records of the Commission for the purpose of admission to an Examination, no change will be allowed subsequently or at any
subsequent examination on any ground whatsoever.

Note 3: The candidates should exercise due care while entering their date of birth in the respective column of the online Application Form for the Examination. If on verification at any subsequent stage any variation is found in their date of birth from the one entered in their Matriculation or equivalent Examination certificate, disciplinary action will be taken against them by the Commission under the Rules.

VK Singh to SC: Army chief has a right to retire with dignity
PTI Jan 18, 2012, 08.

NEW DELHI: An Army chief "has a right to retire with dignity", Gen V K Singh has pleaded before the Supreme Court while accepting the government's right to determine his tenure. Challenging as "illegal and arbitrary" the rejection of his statutory complaint to defence minister A K Antony on December 30 last for accepting May 10, 1951 as his date of birth, Gen Singh has said that this was also violative of his fundamental rights.

Seeking the quashing of this order, the Army chief has pleaded in a 68-page petition that the government be directed to treat May 10, 1951 as his date of birth and "grant all consequential reliefs thereto". Gen Singh's unprecedented action in dragging the government to the apex court followed the ministry's insistence that May 10, 1950 would be treated his official date of birth and that he would consequently retire on May 31 this year.

In his petition, he has stated that he wished to make it "abundantly clear at this stage" that regardless of the result of the petition or the controversy surrounding his age, the government "has the right to determine the tenure of his office of the Chief of the Army Staff".

Gen Singh stated that the government's action and conduct in refusing to accept his contention on his birth date was affecting his image before the general public and the armed forces. It was his right to have a "dignified life", he pleaded in the petition, adding that an army chief has "a right to retire with dignity".

Referring to the ministry's orders of December 30 and earlier rejecting his case, the Army chief has said that these orders have "conveniently ignored" his matriculation certificate, entire service record including entry into service, promotions and annual confidential reports. He has stated that being a highly decorated officer, he had received all his awards, decorations and promotions as per the date of birth being 10.5.1951.

Gen Singh has enclosed voluminous documents and records with the petition in support of his stand that his year of birth was 1951. However, he has said that in an application dated 29.7.1965 for admission to National Defence Academy (NDA) course he had, as a 14-year school boy, inadvertently filled his date of birth as 10.5.1950.