Divided we fall-Internet community pl UNITE

India is now having estimated 4 crore Internet users including students ,executives,housewives and businessmen and professional.I leave out government babus who are a formidable force too having a size of almost 2 crores.But majority of them are corrupt and opportunists,thanks to weak laws, courts and corrupt politicians pampering them. Those who are honest and patriotic cant do much due to sarkari disciplinary rule as they cant speak out against government.But if they show guts they can change the system.In fact a good part5 of babudom needs support from outside so they can curb corruption and unionism in various departments.Army is no exception.

WE have see attempts by puppet Mobile Mobile Singh (MM Singh) and his associates trying to bring blindly US glitter and reckless consumerism and pro rich laws in country including FDI in retail.

This person has proven to a fraudulent expert and complete flop.The current UPA(read congress) is most corrupt government in last 100 years anywhere in world full of opportunists,letters and traitors and criminals.

There are several thousands forums and parties doing their bit to fight the decay but divided and blowing their own trumpet and it is good bait for political sharks and corrupt babus.

Government aping blindly USA tries to curb Internet freedom.But their masters in USA white-house ate humble pie with large public protest.Manmohan is so deeply corrupt and pro rich that he silently tried to destroy RTI power and has prepared a draft bill that will send tenants out on roads.Already there is loot and exploitation in Mumbai and other metros where tenants are asked to get out after every 11 months and raise rents by 20-30%.

In fact there is open loot and crimes going on since MM Singh took over as head of mafia.

IT is time all educated citizens specially those using internet and running various NGOs come together and form a 

Indians badly needs to drop distorted and malicious capitalism and loot model and restore controlled growth, low price economy and welfare state concept as originally envisaged by constitution writers.

The fraudulent globalisation and reforms slogans to loot the country must stop.MM singh and his team have to go and land in jail.

In fact Anna hazare team and ramdev are deflected from actual path>Lokpal alone cant do much.While Strong and independent lokpal is needed to nab all senior class one and political posts, we have to simply amend civil services rules and police ACT to make babies and policemen accountable.
There are already rules in these services to punish the employees and to discharge them.But no senior officer does that.
A few additions to clauses and making action on public complaints mandatory, and making PCA harsh, babies will be flat on floor.They are emboldened because there is no action by department and our corruption laws are weak and courts are snail paced.

Let it be clear to all that it is politicians and some big property tycoons who have deliberately raised property rates by 10 times since Singh has come as PM.It is a conspiracy to loot public money in lacs of crores each year.Deliberately bids are m,ade on some properties to boost prices by two times suddenly.All government development agencies have been asked to go slow and auction land at arbitrary high prices.

India is under sieze by western mafia and traitors working in country on their directives.There is no economics in it.How foolish this coutnry is being run.While rupee is depreciating at rate of 30% per year, it was appreciating against dollar.IN fact the worth of Indian rupee is not more than rs 70 to a dollar.BY foolish policies the corrupt mafia is keeping it high versus dollar as their foul deeds and reckless imports in name of GDP growth rate would be exposed.In fact India is being draiend of its wealth directly and indirectly by takign dirty money abroad.Even the crude prices have been raised by G8 in connivance with corrupt bribe taking leaders of third rate counrties including India to finance deficit of USA and meet war expenses.

India is no where.Not a single socio economic metrics now match with any good coutnry after Singh came.labor rates were deliberately hiked to create market for MNC loot.India is not labor competitive,It ha sno R&D.It has no technology.It has no brands.It has no natural resources.But still India is shinign and India is super power wheer even zips are imported.

MM singh and his associates are interested in only two things FDI and selling nuclear plants in India ,a 2 lac crore immediate market.Estimated Rs 10 lac crores are being loted evry eyar by nexus of MNCs,politicians, babus and big traders.Half of it is going abroad.Indian stock markets are rigged regularly and dirty money is braught back here to make more money.People can decide what punishment Sonia Singh and Mukherjee must get.If I reme er corectly it was MUkherjee wife who made huge declarations in VDS scheme of amnesty launched in 1985.Very few people responded.

I give example of how anti corruption movement is side tracked.Anna and Ramdev failed to rake up issue in Ram Lila Ground to implement supreme court directive already existing for making police commission and CBI autonomous.The corrupt NDA and now UPA are sitting on this directives of highest court as no one wants to do this.Lokpal is just one action.Election reforms are required like qualifications of politicians, maximum two terms in public office and no candidate provision in ballot paper. NO one charged with heinous crimes and against whom trial has started in IPC should be allowed to stand in elections.The cases of candidates should be heard on day to day basis in courts.

This can only be done by strong public mass movement.

Hence we call all Groups on various portals like Yahoo,Google and others and all NGOs and Voluntary service organisations to join hands and form a national federation.

Let us do the beginning.UNited we can save counnry.Divided we fall.

Response of group leaders is solicited.

Prof R K Gupta