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Sunday 22 January 2012

Patient's Right Charter-A key demand to Campaign 'Health Rights for All'

Maharashtra Govt. must endorse Patient’s Right charter which is key and foremost for Health Right Campaign. It not only empowers but also gives easy access to needy, poor and all those who deserve health care facilities in all Govt ,Trust and private Hospitals.

Patients have following rights:-
1) Right to Emergency Medical Care
2) Right to information
3) Right to informed consent
4) Right to confidentiality
5) Right to second opinion
6) Right to respect human dignity and privacy of the patient
7) Non-discrimination on the basis of HIV status
8) Right to choose alternative treatment if options are available
9) Right to make suggestions/complaints and to seek redressal
10) Compliance with ICMR guidelines for clinical trials on patients
11) As per the Mumbai High Court directive, Trust Hospitals registered under Bombay Public Trust Act should reserve 10% beds for free treatment to poor patients and another 10% beds for economically weaker sections at concessional rates

We urge all our concern citizenry groups,individuals, supporters,well-wisher and media person to support and make aware the same.
With warm regards
Soheb Lokhandwala

  Jan 21, 2012    .
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has mooted a legislation promoting rights of patients with regard to treatment, access to records about illness, and right to reject treatment.
Besides, if passed, it will also ensure that no hospital can deny treatment to patients citing lack of beds or space.
The proposed Right of Patients Bill is being formulated by the NHRC in consultation with various NGOs. The aim is to allow access to certain standards of medical treatment, put in place certain safeguards and set up a strong information sharing system. Once it is ready, the proposed legislation will be sent to the health ministry for consideration.
Right of Patients is common in many countries. In India too lobbying has begun seeking rights of patients through legislation.
“The patients have a right to know about their illness, probable diagnosis and treatment planned. But this does not happen always. Many times doctors simply give them medicines. But the proposed law will ensure that patients are told about their illness in detail, and they can demand transfer to other alternatives for treatment if not satisfied,” said PC Sharma, member NHRC.
Meanwhile, the NHRC has started reviewing health infrastructure under the central and state governments following complaints of poor standards of treatment. The Commission is also focusing on quality of medicines supplied to patients and whether the deprived and marginalised are getting healthcare. It is also monitoring the mental hospitals and their conditions.

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