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Friday 27 January 2012

Corrupt Japanese Leaders have Deliberately Prolonged Fukushima Nuclear Tragedy

Corrupt Japanese Leaders have Deliberately
Prolonged Fukushima Nuclear Tragedy
    The Japanese government has estimated that it will cost at least $13 billion to clean up the radioactive contamination caused by the nuclear explosions at the Daiichi power plant in Fukushima. Why was the nuclear meltdown allowed to take place? It seems that the extremely corrupt political leaders and bureaucrats allow the disasters to become many times worse, so that the costs of tackling the disasters increase astronomically, which will allow them to earn massive bribes from the allotment of new contracts worth many billion dollars.
    The massive tsunami triggered by the powerful earthquake of 11 March 2011, which measured 9 on Richter scale, severely damaged the cooling systems of the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. There was an absolute necessity to cool the reactors without much loss of time. The delay in making arrangements to cool the reactors led to the hydrogen explosions and meltdowns of the reactors, which forced mass evacuations of all the people living in a large area around the damaged nuclear plant.
Use of Helicopters in Salvage Operations
    Without losing time, did the Japanese technicians use helicopters for laying cables to supply electricity from an external source to the cooling systems of the nuclear reactors of Daiichi power plant, whose electrical system got disabled due to the tsunami? Alternatively, did Japan use the helicopters to pour water on the nuclear reactors of Fukushima? The nuclear reactors should have been kept cool with the water poured on them by many helicopters from the sky.
    To prevent the heating up and the explosions in the nuclear reactors, water could have been supplied continuously from an external source through hosepipes. Some helicopters could have also been used to connect the hosepipes to the sea for continuously supplying large quantities of water to cool the nuclear reactors. Then in a short period, alternative arrangements could have been made by erecting steel towers near the nuclear reactors for holding the hosepipes, which could have been used for continuously pouring the sea water on the reactors.
    Is the Government of Japan being secretive about the cost of cleanup of the radioactive fallout because the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats want to pocket massive amounts from the estimated cost of $13 billion?
Radioactive Fallout is International Problem
    As in the case of the worst nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, the Fukushima accident is of global dimensions. Besides Japan, China and all other neighboring countries in Asia, higher levels of radiation have been detected in large parts of Canada, United States and Europe. There is heavy radioactive contamination in the waters of the oceans due to the nuclear explosions in Fukushima.
    The radioactive fallout is an international problem, as many other nations, besides Japan, have been affected. The information about the Fukushima nuclear accident cannot be considered as some secret of Japan. All the affected nations have a right to know what Japan has been doing to halt the spread of radioactivity from Fukushima to all the affected countries.
Diluting and Containing Nuclear Fuel Materials
    Everything should have been done in the early stages of the damage caused to the Fukushima nuclear power plant to prevent the meltdown in the nuclear reactors. After preventing the meltdown in the nuclear reactors, various steps could have been taken to contain the radioactivity of the nuclear materials on a permanent basis.
    Did Japan care to hire the top chemical and nuclear scientists of the world who know how to convert the radioactive metallic Uranium and Plutonium into soluble salts through appropriate chemical reactions? Once the Uranium and Plutonium salts are formed, they can be dissolved in large quantities of water. The Uranium and Plutonium salts can then be diluted and dispersed further by mixing their solutions with suitable substances like metallic powders or salts of lead, aluminium, iron, tin, cobalt, nickel, boron, cadmium, sand, etc, or their suitable combinations.
    After diluting and dispersing them in a suitable way, and thus preventing them from becoming critical, the salts of Uranium and Plutonium can be entombed permanently without there being any danger of nuclear explosions.
Nuclear Scientists are Slaves!
    I am sure there are some great chemical and nuclear scientists in the world who can form a team to do such work of converting the radioactive Uranium and Plutonium into their salts, which can be diluted and dispersed in a suitable medium.
    It will be extremely foolish for the Government of Japan to avoid taking the help of scientists of other countries just to safeguard its country's national pride by keeping the failures and inabilities of the Japanese scientists secret. It is also criminal to have the work done secretly at extremely inflated costs just to get kickbacks amounting to many millions of dollars.

    Many of the top Nuclear Scientists are like slaves who cannot speak or write freely about the nuclear explosions caused by the accidents like those at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and now Fukushima. They cannot openly talk about any low-cost remedies for the problems created by nuclear accidents. They can get arrested even by their own governments if they speak and write freely. So the politicians and bureaucrats are able to exploit very easily the Fukushima-type situations to loot the people of their country on a massive scale.
    The Nuclear Scientists are always under security and surveillance, as they can get kidnapped or killed by the enemies of their own country. They might even be offered very big bribes to defect to other countries. 
    The Nuclear Scientists have to keep the information about their work secret like the military personnel. Just like the military secrets, the nuclear secrets are not shared with the scientists of other countries. This secrecy is being used as an excuse to loot the people of many countries on a most massive scale.  
Lootocracy is Everywhere
    The real cost of the cleanup operation in Fukushima probably should not exceed even $1 billion, but the Government of Japan must spend $13 billion or even more. Like the Lootocracy in India, there is Plutocracy in Japan, which is the rule of rich leaders who are extremely corrupt. In the so-called democratic countries, there are many political leaders who are extremely corrupt looters. Such leaders are great hypocrites who are always pretending to be great patriots working for the good of the people.
    Many politicians capitalize on the misery of the people. They magnify the tragedies through negligence and delay in the salvage operations, which increase the misery of the people. The politicians create conditions that can help them in making massive amounts of money while they keep pretending that they are helping the people.
    Directly and indirectly, it is always the people who are forced to pay the heavy prices for the wrong decisions of their corrupt political leaders. The corrupt Japanese leaders have deliberately prolonged the Fukushima nuclear tragedy and caused extreme misery to the people of Japan. The corrupt leaders have increased the sufferings of the victims of Fukushima nuclear explosions to serve their own selfish interests. 
    After any major disaster, the politicians initially behave like stupefied idiots for a short time. Then they come up with elaborate plans of relief and rehabilitation just to make big money out of the misery of the masses. The corrupt politicians know how to shed crocodile tears while they resort to massive looting from the public funds, which are sanctioned by them for relief and rehabilitation.  
    There are corrupt politicians all over the world. If the politicians do not sanction the expenditure of huge amounts from public funds, how can they siphon off massive amounts of money for their own benefit? The political leaders are always in need of massive amounts of money, which they know how to use even for buying the support of other Members of Parliament to remain in power. 
  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.
    Editor & Publisher:     Top Nutritionist    

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