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Sunday 22 January 2012

RSS General VK Singh Kandhuri Kejriwal – UPSC Application Came First

RSS General VK Singh Kandhuri Kejriwal – UPSC Application Came First

Half Pants always are biggest disgrace to India and top grade scoundrels even in matter related to our Secular Defense Forces. So many BJP Officials are creating Mischief – Jethmalani, Gadkari, plus.

Let me emphasize here that three signatures of Qualified ADULTS on application to UPSC besides juvenile then VK Sinha, UPSC too varied the application at several stages before he was appointed to Indian Army.

  1. First his father also an Army Officer signed the UPSC application was he blind who didn’t read the DOB of his son,
  2. His teacher singed the application,
  3. His school principal signed and stamped it.
  4. Juvenile VK Singh too signed it.

All these and UPSC verifications came ahead of Matriculation.

Can we believe all these people were BLIND?

Half Pants had dirty past of directing Kalam and Army to quickly assemble and explode 5 Nuclear Bomb when they had limited mandate 180 seats in 545 seats in Lok Sabha.

BJP inducted Generals in party – Khanduri now CM of Uttarkand is top scoundrel responsible for Mega Loot in NHAI – Exposed by Satyendra K. Dubey his murder.

Copy of the NHAI built on existing NH 1A exposes the mega loot – too add 21x2 ft to existing 30 ft highway – at huge cost of Rs.56,000 crores real width added was say 12 ft.

Just a glance would confirm MEGA LOOT over and above Subcontracting at half price.

General Sinha as Governor of J&K triggered Communal Rioting on issue of Amarnath Shrine. He actually ordered building of FAKE shivalinga making fool of devotees coming distant areas including foreign countries.

I was shocked to learn BJP fueling the issue.

VK Singh also comes from Kejriwal town.

GOI ought to dismiss him without delay.

Ravinder Singh
January17, 2012

Is General VK Singh a Scoundrel? And BJP Mischief 

This is clear case of Gross Indiscipline by highest ranking Army Officer.

- I rank him as Scoundrel for defaming his juniors likely to replace him by leaking past trivial cases to press.

- I rank him as Scoundrel for his frequent interaction with Indian Press.

- President of India should dismiss him. 

1. We as a nation need a responsible Army Commander who is answerable to Superiors not the one who is rebelling on question of tenure of service.

2. I proceeded to compare his credentials and found all Army Commanders have similar PVSM etc.

Selection Issues

3. When he applied to UPSC for NDA and was finally selected by interview panel – his application was Scrutinized several times, first at the time of application before roll number and test, second at the time of interview and third before Appointment.

4. Before applying to UPSC application was filled and authorized by his father who was also Col in the Indian Army and for date of birth his school attested the application Certifying two things firstly his date of birth and secondly he is appearing for High School exam and he shall be High School pass at the time of Test or Interview and would be Eligible to join Indian Army.

- His application might have been filled by his school teacher but can’t be accepted without father’s authorization.

5. In case we accept year of birth as 1951 (not 1950 as per NDA application) he may not have been eligible for NDA test. He may be 15 years at the time of High School Exam and pass out with 1950 as year of birth but only 14 years when year of birth is 1951 and ineligible to apply for NDA.

- He may have been under age for many courses with 1951 as dob.

Appointment To Indian Army

7. He appointment to Indian Army is governed by Appointment letter.

Change of Date of Birth

8. He should know that process of Change of Name or Date of Birth is through court and he should have done so at younger age.

9. He should as a Responsible Officer ought to have Notified UPSC as soon as possible to around the time he was ‘Appointed.’

BJP Mischief
10. BJP always creates mischief.
-  BJP was also in power for six years and it promoted VK Singh based on 1950 year of birth.

BJP slams govt over Army chief's age controversy
Press Trust of India 05-Jan 2012

New Delhi: The BJP on Thursday slammed the government over the age controversy of Army Chief General VK Singh, saying the matter should not have come into the public domain and the Manmohan Singh dispensation should have dealt with it expeditiously within closed doors.

"This is a case which reflects that government has taken leave of statecraft. An issue involving the army chief should have been sorted out expeditiously and within closed doors," Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley told reporters.

General Singh and the Ministry of Defence have been involved in a tussle for the last several months over the former's date of birth and his retirement. While Singh maintains that his date of birth is May 10, 1951 the government has said it is May 10, 1950 as per its records.

BJP, which had been silent all along on this issue, spoke for the first time today on the matter. "The country cannot allow to have it prolonged and in the public domain. We only wish the government had realised the implication of prolonging the issue," Jaitley said.

The government has indicated that General Singh may have to retire in May this year itself.

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