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Monday 23 January 2012

Arundhati Roy says Babasaheb wrong and defends Brahminism

by Excalibur Stevens Biswas

Arundhati Roy, the famous writer the famous comrade , a real life role model of lots of people of youth, but it really shocked the world on 20 th jan 2012 at St.Xavier's college near CST mumbai ,when she mentioned about Dr.Babasaheb's book annhilation of caste. In which Babasaheb told The workers communist nation has to face two enemies one is capitalism and another one is Brahminism. And on this comment she quoted these words and told "i should not be misunderstood by saying that Brahminism as enemy". You say a lot about freedom patriotism capitalism but India you say Brahminism is not an enemy then its clear you are in whose side.She supports Maoism and says lots of things about communism then she must know who killed the communist Movement in India Brahminism, They are the leaders and she must know what happened to Babasaheb too when he got elected for constitutional assembly election and mainly from these districts Faridpur,Khulna,Jashar and Barishal and what now the brahminical empored India corporation gave these districts to Bangladesh to make sure he never get elected again. The communist trade unions in India why they failed because they were leaded by Brahminical ideological people The labours didn't went with the ideology of Communism the ideology to protest capitalism but instead they were misleaded and they protested for the luxury of employees no where in communist it's been said that to welcome capitalism and protest for luxury of labours.And Arundhuti supports these communist leaders.the Maoisism is same the brahmins are the leaders misleading the people klling tribals and giving their lands to tribals. And when you say Babasaheb wrong that means you say that bahujan exploited class people are wrong and you say to much about people and you one statement shows that how fake she is and how blindly she supports it. The bahujans made her their role model but after this statement its clear that she is not worthy to be followed as a role model.

Audio recorded by Excalibur Stevens Biswas


  1. mr biswas she said ' is huld not be misunderstood by saying "brahmins as enemies" and not brahminism.
    btw i also attendedn the above meeting.
    s seshan

  2. mr adityan ,you are wrong .dr.ambedkar said not against brahmins but brahmanism .but arundahati being a brahmin against ambedkar. even pope can become a socialist but brahmin never become marxist.people like arundhati act as marxist tospoil marxism with high conspiracy.