Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Documentary covers the creeping Fascism hitting the United states of America

Fascism is hitting America more quickly then ever before, with more border patrol checkpoints being set up on American highways internally, with TSA patdowns and searches becoming more aggressive  and even molesting little kids, with police beating people up more and arresting people for filming the police while murderers and rapists get less years in prison then somebody filming the police, SACWIS  being used by CPS to persecute police activists, and much moire forms of tyranny are hitting America right now at this very moment.

This documentary is free and anybody can share it, even download and reupload on their YouTunbe channel is encouraged. We expose how tyranny is hitting America and the history of what has lead up to this moment.

So here is is:  

Share this with all your friends, family, and other political activists. Time is running out with passage of the NDAA!!! Time to learn the truth and use the truth to your advantage to help win in the Information war against the Government propaganda and corruption!!!