Sunday, 15 January 2012

Judges/Supreme Court shouldn't use Islam for Politics.

Judges/Supreme Court shouldn't use Islam for Politics.

Posted by: "Aamir Mughal"

Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:44 am (PST)

Let me avail the opportunity to be indulged in Contempt CJ is Hasan Bin
Sabbah, Judges are Hasheeshain, SC is amut fort, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa
is Takfeeri Maulana Sufi Muhammad in Supreme Court, Asif Khosa should also
decide about the piety and sagacity of Lawyers who accept hefty fees
"revoke the licence", CJ particularly that nincompoop Khosa should ban
woman (lawyers) entry without veil in SC if he talks of Islam, Judges are
more than welcome to the wonderful world of Religion, are there any Shia or
Barelvi judges? Many of the sitting Judges are followers of Sufism which is
itself a Bida'at of worst kind and in some cases reaches to Kufr, If the
Judiciary start using Religion against Politicians to strengthen their
Alleged Decisions then be ready to be judged,There isn't any Suo Moto
against Mass Level Grave Worshiping in Pakistan which is against Sunnah,
Either Hasba Bill was Islamic or CJ was heathen who gave decision against
Hasba Bill, The Alleged CJ who also think that he is Pious & Sagacious
keeps a Rosary Bead [no proof from Sunnah to keep a Rosary] Do you notice
that those Judges who talk of Quran & Sunnah lack Sunnah means prescribed
Beard. Pious & Sagacious Lawyers dancing on Indian Song, CJ and Justice
Khosa are sleeping Dances in Lahore Bar Asso *Judge
not lest ye be Judged - Code of Judicial Ethics.