Sunday, 15 January 2012

BSP asks EC to Withdraw illegal Order

BSP asks EC to Withdraw illegal Order
    The BSP has told the Election Commission to withdraw its illegal order, due to which covers were put on the statues of UP Chief Minister Mayawati and the party's symbol of the elephant in all public places. Due to the EC's "unjustified and one-sided" decisions, the BSP has questioned the EC's ability to hold free and fair assembly polls in UP, as its order had demoralized the BSP by making the Dalits and the backward classes feel "cheated". 
    According to BSP's general secretary Satish Chandra Mishra, if the EC had any objection on "our elephant," then it should also have objections on Samajwadi Party's symbol cycle, BJP's lotus and RLD's hand-pump." It seems that the BSP wants the Election Commission to cover up all the symbols like the cycle, lotus, hand-pump, etc.
    What should be done about some other symbols like the car, bus, railway engine, telephone, TV, etc, that are chosen by some candidates? Can they also be covered up and kept aside in garages, sheds and homes on the orders of the Election Commission?
    If all the TVs are covered up and kept aside, we shall definitely be spared from hearing the boring news and boring speeches of all the boring leaders and boring bureaucratic officers of India, including the Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi himself.
Will the Sun be Covered Up?
    The DMK's election symbol is the Sun, which is the most important and most powerful object in our Solar System. The symbol of the Sun gives an unfair advantage to the DMK in the elections. During any future elections in Tamilnadu, will CEC Quraishi call God to his office and order him to cover up the Sun? The trembling God will definitely listen to the stern orders of Quraishi to cover up the Sun for about 30 days till the elections get over.
    It will be better to have no elections rather than rigged elections. Damn it! Without getting the rays of the Sun, when God covers it up, we are going to freeze to death, and there will then be no need to have any elections in India. There will not be any candidates, nobody to conduct any elections and no voters to cast any votes. 
    Let us wait till the time of the next Lok Sabha elections to find out whether CEC Quraishi will summon God and order him to cover up the Sun.