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Friday 9 December 2011

Sixth conference to maintain the rights of the Palestinian calls for a Global March towards Jerusalem!

Sixth conference to maintain the rights of the Palestinian calls for a Global March towards Jerusalem!
The Sixth conference to maintain the rights of the Palestinians was ended today, Tuesday afternoon under the title “Labaika ya Quds We answer the call Jerusalem” with a set of recommendations in support of the people of occupied Jerusalem in their steadfastness to the Zionist practices that aim to evacuate Jerusalem of it’s people (the Palestinians), and the Global March that will set off from around the world on March 30th 2012 towards Jerusalem and Masjid Al-Aqsa.

Speakers at the conference which was held for the sixth time in Rashad Shawa Cultural Center in Gaza required from the Arab and Islamic Nations the need to support the people of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque, morally, and materially to strengthen their steadfastness, and expose the Zionist practices through the media to the entire world. 

As Vice President of the Conference and a member of the Political Bureau of the Islami Jihad, Dr. Mohammad Al-Hindi indicated “that the issue of Jerusalem is a consensus among “Israelis” as their alleged Capital.  That’s what their leaders say, and what more than one official has announced recently.  And the most recent is Netanyahu’s announcement that Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital of “Israel”.
Dr. Al-Hindi added:  “The real “Israeli” danger threatens the Arab nations, because of the frenzied attack by “Israel” against Islamic holy places and historical sites in occupied Jerusalem, explaining that the words of condemnation are worthless.

About the Zionist policies towards the Holy Land, Dr. Al-Hindi emphasized, that the policy of “Israel” to the Holy Land has not changed over the past 40 years, warning of the “Israeli” ongoing plan of Judaization of the sacred city, the building of tens of thousands of housing units, and the building of colonies in the occupied Arab land, while issuing migration warrants to the residents of Jerusalem; Pointing that those schemes are carefully studied.
He said:  “Everyone knows that the city of Jerusalem is under attack to change its features, and the main goal for this attack is to impose the city of “Orshalim” in its final form.”  Adding, that it is unacceptable that Jerusalem will be part of any negotiations. 

On his part, President of the Conference and a member of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Mahmoud Zahhar, noted that the departure of “Israel” from Palestine will be humiliating and shameful; saying: “Just as we liberated the heroic prisoners from the prisons of the occupation holding the Nation’s heads high, we will liberate Palestine.

Dr. Zahhar called the west to study the effect of the new Islamic world, and determining its position on Palestine, whether it’s to build and support, or going forward with the Demolition policy of “Israel”, saying “Despite the fact that we are in the time of purity, yet, some Arabs and Palestinians are ready to sell Palestine.”  Calling on the Free of the world to maintain the rights of Palestinians and protect Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem.  “With all the “Israeli” practices and plans to Judaize Jerusalem, Jerusalem will remain in our hearts, and we will be its defenders”.

Zahhar stressed that “Hamas will continue its program of resistance, all forms of resistance, and anyone who wants to know what those forms of resistance we tell them that we will not take down our weapons until the liberation of Palestine.”

The Maqdisian (Resident of Jerusalem) Freed from “Israeli” prisons, Fouad Alrazim said:  “We came to you from behind prison bar, close in spite of being deported from Jerusalem by the Zionist occupation.  The occupation that is trying to vacate Jerusalem from its residents, withdraw their identity and demolish their homes.  We came to say that Jerusalem is calling on the Nation to protect it and help it triumph over its invaders.
He added, “As Freed Prisoners, entered the Zionist prisons and spent our youth behind bars for the sake of Jerusalem; we’re still fighting for Jerusalem, and we will keep on marching on the same track for Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is in our eyes and minds protecting it where ever we go”.  Calling on the Arab and Islamic nation to save Al-Aqsa from the Zionist practices and plans to demolish it, and to delete the Arabic and Islamic landmarks.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Palestinian churches, Anton Shuhaiber insisted on the need of Islamic Unity to justice, so they can free the Holy Aqsa, and to stop the occupation from touching and destroying it.
He stressed the need to mobilize against the power exercised by the vicious attack on the Holy city, calling on all Muslims to preserve the unity, and to keep Islam a victorious fair belief stemming from the heart, not from the throats.

Recommendations expressed from the conference:
1.   We demand to list the Jerusalem and Palestinian issue in the programs of the revolting Arab Governments.
2.  We call on the Arab and Islamic media in the world to expose the practices of the Zionists in occupied Palestine.
3.  We call on the Arab and Islamic nation to support the residents of Jerusalem and its institutions and their associations to achieve the stability and steadfastness of its people.
4.   We ask all men of religion, literatures, intellectuals, to spread the knowledge of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa and the practices of the Zionist enemy.
5.  We call on the preachers of the Nation in Mecca and Jerusalem and Mosques all over to pray for Jerusalem and its people.
6.  A call to activate social networks to serve, introduce, and define Jerusalem and plots around it.
7.   We ask the Islamic and Christian Institutions and Organizations to confirm to the people the unity of Palestine and not to give up any parts of it.
8.  We call on the Secretariat of the Conference of maintaining the rights of Palestinians to hold similar conferences in the Arab and Islamic world.
9.  Call on the sons of Palestine at home and abroad, and the Arab and Islamic nation to participate in the Global March to Jerusalem, which will be launched from Islamic-Christians cities all over the world on the 30th of March 2012.

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