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Saturday 10 December 2011

Rajasthan politicians-Shame on Indian society

Bhanwari Devi episode is still unresolved.It is now almost certain that she might have been killed to silence her permanently as she was allegedly blackmailing politicians for exploiting her emotionally and sexually for a long period.Not one but many politicians and babus.Another politician from same community was also forced to resign as minister following mysterious death of the woman in his house.

All this clearly brings out the immoral and decayed Indian society whereas Hindus and so called elite brag about great Hindu culture and Indian culture.Culture my foot. Hindus are more hypocrites,double faced and corrupt and compromising people than of any other religion including Islam. At least in Islam The prophet was honest enough to admit polygamous nature of men and allowed upto 4 wives looking at continuing war in tribes of that time and surplus women.But women sure are treated second rate and sex objects by every race and community in world and Hindus should stop bragging.

1. Bhanwari was a simple and ambitious woman from a relatively backward community from village background.This starry eyed woman was exploited to the hilt by corrupt scoundrels acting as politicians and babus and parading themselves as custodians of society and governance.

2.The ambitious nurse never knew about dirty character of urban elite and politicians involved in luxury,sleaze and loot of public assets.
When she was disturbed by border are postings she approached powerful politicians for help and was slowly sucked into being a call girl.
Instead of helping the woman she was pampered and exploited sexually by so many people of so called elite ruling class racketeers.

3.This speaks of bad condition of women in the so called emerging power India.India is not emerging power but emerging beggars with rotten mind and character.These scoundrels don't become politicians and leaders just like that.The third rate citizens divided in castes with narrow mentality and willing to compromise for personal gains bring them.The villagers are not fools ,like we tend to believe.They are over clever.

4.Rajasthan is infested with male chauvinism and storing caste-ism.It is matter of shames that jat community instead of expelling Maderna and Ram lal from community are holding demostration in favor of these rapist crooks.What this guy Maderna is? He is simply enjoying super luxury,sleaze,palatial public bungalows and cars and servants just because he is from jat community. has this guy done anything for society,development and welfare? Is he having any mission>?No.Same applies to this another Jat leader ram la.
It would have been a great examples if jats instead of insulting their own womenfolk and women in general caught hold of these rascals and beat them up thoroughly and kicked them out from their public bungalows.

5.CBI should act tough and flog these crooks involved till they spill the beans and tell what they did with Bhanwari and where her body was disposed.

6.It is time to stop pampering babus and politicians and start attacking their ill gotten wealth and annexe it to state treasury or simply destroy it.

7.What shocked us most is maderna's daughter and wife coming out and supporting this sexual adventurer enjoying public perks free.Adultary,outraging modesty of woman, rape,kidnap and murder are multiple crimes done by this guy.

Both Maderna and Ram lal should be dismissed from congress party so they loose MLA status .They should be sent in custody for lifetime as they are public leaqders.Higher the person more severe penalty.This should be law.If a judge is founf taking bribe or doing favor he should be stripped and hangged publicly.India badly needs sharia type laws now.

India should also get rid of fake gandhi family dynasty as this single goal is killing democracy and spoiling morality in politics.Every boen should boycot congress till thyey do this.

Ashok Gehlot should act strong and decisively.It is golden opportunity to revive falling image of corrupt congress party and restore faith of people in those whom they elect as custodians.

Maderna and Ram lal should be thrown out from public bungalows and all their public assets should be recalled.Anti corruption teams should be formed to discover their dirty wealth and same be put in state treasury

It is time we act tough and make crimes and corruption very costly for any person in country.Stop pampering people for vote banks.Just let them go to hell and give votes t0o any one they like.Do they have much choice?

Ethics and rule of law should dictate working of political parties and not chasing seats of [power.

India badly needs elevation of status of women.

Man Mohan and Mukehrjee should stop this fradu of GDP rate slogan and get down to various issues of goverbnnbace or get the hell out.these medicore old men have taken coutnry for granted.

Prof R K Gupta

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