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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Ambani + Modi KG Scams Alone 10X All Mayawati Scams Page 10
UP under Mayawati has overtaken Gujarat in power availability for same April-October period. UP is surely behind in per capita consumption, is not lagging behind Gujarat but is 7 times availability in Bihar.

Here I am in to serious business. Obviously you don’t talk of Poverty, Hunger, Malnutrition, Scams, Fake Encounters, Murder of brother ministers in Gujarat, Bihar, Karnataka, MP, Chhatisgarh.

Even if we assume all your 100 Scams in UP are 100% correct (Most are Imaginary) – KG D6 & Gujarat State Petroleum Scam alone is 10 times larger than these put together or $500b. Petroleum import bill is around $100b annually as an indicator.

Here I am using the same formula you have applied in case of UP CM.

RIL & GSPC were allotted Offshore blocks by Ram Naik in 1999 and 2001 respectively – RIL claimed in press release it had discovered 40 times more Natural Gas at KG D6 than ONGC – Modi too boasted similarly in 2005 on discovering Deen Dyal Well, ONGC produces more Oil & Gas than RIL & GSPC.

They Connived to first Hoard gas reserves and then to jack up Capitalization by 4 times at least. Delay and failure is $500b loss or 10X all your 100 scams.
RIL had claimed to have discovered 40 times more gas at KG D6 than ONGC and it shall double Natural Gas production, would supply gas for a Century and shall be operational in 30 months from October31, 2002 but commenced production after 77 months from 2002 or 113 months after NEPL-I. Since RIL was allocated KG D6 in 1999 and till October31, 2002 it had developed just Three Wells but your government allocated 25 Blocs to RIL in NEPL I. II and III.

Karnataka in Iron Ore Scam looted 250 million tones of iron ore at Rs,6000 per tone is Rs.150,000 crore scam but if we consider Steel making potential Scam is worth Rs.10,00,000 crores by Kirit Somaya Method by BJP family Members (Sushma Swaraj) and Rs.500,000 crores after deducting for special coal to be imported and investments.

Chhatisgarh has allotted cheaply Mines & Minerals worth over Rs.10,00,000 crores cheaply to private companies.

MP has allotted 3 billion tones of Coal to Anil Ambani alone is Rs.6,00,000 crore scam – since imported coal price shall average $150 per tone - $450b scam.

Important – Comparing UP & Bihar

Performance of a state is determined by its economic performance. UP is twice in population but manifold in production though UP gets just 40% more central funds than Bihar (When UP get Rs.55,000 crores Bihar share is at Rs.40,000 crores).

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