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Saturday 10 December 2011

38 Bogus Patents of Dr. SK Brahamchari, Director General CSIR & Secretary DSIR

38 Bogus Patents of Dr. SK Brahamchari, Director General CSIR & Secretary DSIR

It is most important for people of India, particularly young Scientists and Engineers to know that Dr. SK Brahamchari, Director General CSIR & Secretary DSIR since November2007 with annual budget of Rs.5,000 crores or $1b and PPP value of $5b for both institutions had filed 38 bogus patents as inventor for CSIR in last ten years of his service carrier retiring end Dec.2011 but he doesn’t want to protect their Inventions.

Out of 38 patents, 28 are high cost foreign patents but only 5 had been granted in over ten years – two in USA, one each in Europe, Russia and Hungary – he didn’t get a single patent in India and all are for Methods not products that have great commercial value and all are not of particular significance as per search reports.

He filed 38 bogus Patents 28 in foreign countries but as key member of National Innovation Council has been most stupidly advocating Open Innovation policy which effectively means three things for all Indian Scientists Engineers, Industry, Inventors – 1. India is not interested in protecting their Intellectual Property, 2. not interested in serving 98% of World Market for Innovative Products outside India 3. and not interested in ‘Improving the functioning of Indian Patent Office.’

Dr. SK Brahamchari and CSIR and DSIR filed useless and bogus patents wasting public money reflecting very poorly on the R&D capability of CSIR and DSIR. CSIR and DSIR in 60 years are yet to learn filing of useful and effective patents.

Search of Patents applied for or secured listed on CSIR websites are mostly Methods & Processes that have very little commercial significance and most damaging for India is CSIR and DSIR had not developed a significant global product in 60 years. Even Mechanical & Electrical categories are dominated by Chemical processes and methods and CSIR DSIR are dominated by Chemical & Biotech staff when India didn’t allow Product Patents until 2005 – this in itself points to BOGUS Research at CSIR DSIR.

Even worse Drawings & Description of CSIR patents is not provided along with abstract of patents – and google doesn’t connect with Indian Patent Office thus access of CSIR patents is denied to public and industry when the objective of CSIR, DSIR is to allow free and easy access to public and industry to Scientific & Technical Knowledge contained in the patents not to conceal them. No direct access to Dr. SK Brahamchari patents is available – this professional inventor could access his two US Patents out of 38.

It may be acceptable important public institutions are virtually dead but it is least acceptable to India that Dr. SK Brahamchari along with failed and corrupt CSIR and DSIR are in charge of promoting & funding of private research also and decide on how to cripple Indian Patent Office for every Indian and foreign inventor.

It may be alright for CSIR & DSIR not performing their intended task of developing Products and Technologies for India and the world but it is least acceptable to India facilities lying unused or least used at these public institutions for 60 years are not freely accessible to Indian Scientists, Engineers & Students.

Dr. SK Brahamchari didn’t get any Indian Patent in lifetime retiring end December2011 – even inventions of rodent bate stations or mousetrap filed by CSIR took over 6 years. Patent No. 240099 was filed on March16, 2004 and was granted on April30, 2010.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant Dec10, 2011
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