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Friday 9 December 2011

NYPD Puts Local Banks on Alert After Parcel Bomb Found in Germany

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07 Dec 2011
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Deutsche Bank Mail Bomb Triggers Alert in N.Y. --NYPD advised Shield, a security program for private firms in New York, to be "extra careful" of similar suspicious packages received by mail 07 Dec 2011 New York police increased patrols at Deutsche Bank AG locations in the city and alerted an umbrella group for financial institutions and companies after the bank received an explosive device at its offices in Germany. The package was detected by X-ray technology inside the bank’s mailroom and didn't detonate, police said. "The FBI's Joint Terrorist Task Force is working with German authorities to assess the incident in Frankfurt and any potential threat to facilities or people here," said James Margolin, a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York.
NYPD Puts Local Banks on Alert After Parcel Bomb Found in Germany 07 Dec 2011 The New York Police Department warned local banks to bolster mailroom security Wednesday after a package bomb was intercepted in Frankfurt, Germany, sent to the CEO of Deutsche Bank with the return address of the European Central Bank's headquarters located blocks away. Paul J. Browne, the NYPD's deputy commissioner of public information, told that additional police officers were deployed to Deutsche Bank locations throughout the city to exercise "an abundance of caution," after the device, which was made of explosives and shrapnel, was found in the mailroom of Deutsche Bank's headquarters in Germany.
Deutsche Bank chief executive Josef Ackermann alleged target of parcel bomb 07 Dec 2011 A suspected parcel bomb addressed to Deutsche Bank chief executive Josef Ackermann was intercepted at a Deutsche office in Frankfurt on Wednesday, a senior U.S. law enforcement official said. The package was discovered around 1 p.m. Frankfurt time (7 a.m. EST/1200 GMT) in a mailroom, the official said. Initial analyses by investigators confirmed that it contained explosives and extra shrapnel, he told Reuters. The official said the suspected bomb carried a return address from the European Central Bank, which is also headquartered in Frankfurt.
Heads up! USociopaths are preparing their next false flag to provide cover for another go-round of bankster bailouts and wars for oil: Terror threat from biological weapons growing, warns Hillary Clinton 07 Dec 2011 The United States called on Wednesday for closer international cooperation to prevent terrorist groups from developing or using biological weapons, a threat it said was growing. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said countries must strengthen their ability to detect and respond to suspicious outbreaks of infectious disease that could be caused by pathogens falling into the wrong hands... She said Al Qaeda [al-CIAduh] in the Arabian Peninsula had urged "brothers with degrees in microbiology or chemistry... to develop a weapon of mass destruction."
Military a Growing Terrorist Target, Lawmakers Warn 06 Dec 2011 There is growing evidence that homegrown terrorists see military personnel and bases as legitimate, high-value targets, lawmakers said ahead of a joint session of the House and Senate Homeland Security Committees on Wednesday. "People in uniform are symbols of the United States. They're symbols of America power, symbols of America might," Rep. Peter King of New York, the Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told Fox News. King said there is also evidence that extremists have joined the services.
Montcalm County gets homeland security snow cone machine 03 Dec 2011 The United States is fighting terrorism - one snow cone at a time. Montcalm County recently received a $900 Arctic Blast Sno-Cone machine. The West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission (WMSRDC) is a federal- and state-designated agency responsible for managing and administrating the homeland security program in Montcalm County and 12 other counties. The WMSRDC recently purchased and transferred homeland security equipment to these counties - including 13 snow cone machines at a total cost of $11,700.
Cesium in Baby Milk Powder Shows Nuclear Risk for Japan Food 06 Dec 2011 Radioactive cesium was found in milk powder in Japan made by a Meiji Holdings Co. unit, raising concern that nuclear radiation is contaminating baby food. Meiji the past week found traces of cesium-137 and cesium- 134 in batches of "Meiji Step" made in March, the Tokyo-based company said yesterday. The probe was triggered by a customer complaint last month. The finding highlights the radiation threat to food in Japan nine months after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster.
Japanese baby milk formula recalled over radiation fears --Contamination believed connected to nuclear crisis at Fukushima power plant 07 Dec 2011 Traces of radioactive substances have been found in baby milk formula on sale in supermarkets in Japan. More than 400,000 cans of Meiji Step formula are currently being recalled from supermarkets shelves across the country following the discovery. Radiation levels discovered in the baby milk ranged from 22 to 31 becquerels per kilogram.
Fukushima's highly radioactive leak into Pacific 07 Dec 2011 Highly radioactive waste water from a crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has leaked to the Pacific, its operator has said, promising to prevent similar incidents. Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said it believes 150 litres of waste water including highly harmful strontium, linked with bone cancers, has spread to the open ocean. The announcement came a day after TEPCO said it found 45 tonnes of waste water pooled around the leaky water-treatment system at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
New radioactive leak at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant --About 300 litres (79 US gallons) was estimated to have escaped and run into a nearby gutter that leads to the ocean: TEPCO 05 Dec 2011 A fresh leak of radioactive water into the open ocean has been discovered at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear complex, its operator said on Monday as cleanup efforts continued. Crews were dispatched to find the cause of the run-off, which was discovered on Sunday near a system used to treat contaminated water, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO). The plant operator said it was using sand bags to prevent further leakage after 45 tonnes of water were found pooled around the water-treatment system's condensation unit.
Fukushima pets to be rescued from no-go zone 06 Dec 2011 Abandoned pets running wild around the 12-mile exclusion zone surrounding Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant may soon be rescued. The government has granted permission to animal welfare groups enabling them to enter the no-go zone in order to rescue abandoned cats, dogs and other pets who are still alive. Countless residents were forced to leave pets behind as they fled their homes during emergency evacuations following the nuclear crisis triggered by the events of March 11.
BP says Halliburton 'intentionally destroyed evidence' after Gulf oil spill [Yeah, it's like the serial killer blaming the mass murderer.] 05 Dec 2011 BP is accusing Halliburton of having "intentionally destroyed evidence" related to the explosion aboard an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that led to the worst oil spill in U.S. history. The accusation comes in court papers filed by BP Monday in federal court in New Orleans as part of a lawsuit aimed at having sanctions imposed on Halliburton Energy Services Inc., which was a contractor for BP on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig... BP alleges in its filing that Halliburton destroyed evidence on cement testing and violated court orders by not bringing forth "inexplicably missing" computer modeling results.
CIA drone 'part of fleet spying on Iran' 08 Dec 2011 United States officials say a drone that crashed inside Iran over the weekend was one of a fleet of stealth aircraft that have spied on Iran for years from a United States air base in Afghanistan. They say the CIA stealth-version of the RQ-170 unmanned craft was also used to survey 'Osama bin Laden's' compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, before the raid in May. According to these officials, the US has built up the air base in Shindand, Afghanistan, with an eye to keeping a long-term presence there to launch surveillance missions and even special operations missions into Iran if deemed necessary [to steal Iran's oil].
US confirms downed drone spied on Iran 06 Dec 2011 US officials have confirmed that the reconnaissance drone which was downed by Iran's Army in the eastern part of the country was on a CIA recon mission. On Sunday, December 4, the Iranian Army's electronic warfare unit downed a RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft after it crossed into Iran's airspace over the border with neighboring Afghanistan. Two US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the drone has been part of a CIA reconnaissance mission, involving the US intelligence community stationed in Afghanistan, CNN reported on Tuesday.
US Drone on CIA Mission Before Crashing Into Iran: Officials 06 Dec 2011 The American stealth drone that fell into the hands of the Iranian military late last week was on a mission for the CIA when it went down, U.S. officials told ABC News today. The officials said it was unclear what mission the RQ-170 Sentinel unarmed aircraft was performing when it went down and where exactly it was flying. U.S. military officials contradicted Iranian officials who also reportedly claimed the drone had been "shot down" and that the Iranian military's electronic warfare unit had helped bring the RQ-170 down with little damage.
Israel stole uranium from U.S., report will show 05 Dec 2011 A U.S.-based research institute will soon publish what it says is "indisputable" evidence that Israel stole weapons-grade uranium for its still-undeclared atomic weapons program from a nuclear reprocessing plant in western Pennsylvania. The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) will release this month a 300-page report detailing the initial findings of a multi-year research project investigating the disappearance of highly enriched uranium from the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (Numec) in Apollo, Pennsylvania in the 1950s and 1960s.
'US, terrorists meet in Afghanistan' [Yeah, but no one could tell the difference.] 07 Dec 2011 The head of the Iran Majlis (parliament) Human Rights Sub-Committee says there are documents to prove that American authorities have official meetings with terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Referring to the explosions targeting Afghan Muslims on Ashura, Zohreh Elahian said that the Western occupiers are responsible for terrorist attacks in the country. "Majlis Human Rights Sub-Committee condemns such inhuman measures and urges the international community not to remain silent in the face of such incidents," Fars News Agency quoted her as saying on Wednesday.
Bomb blast kills 19 in Afghanistan 07 Dec 2011 A roadside bomb has exploded in southern Afghanistan, leaving at least 19 people including women and children dead, Afghan officials say. The incident occurred on Wednesday when a roadside bomb hit a mini-van carrying Afghan civilians, leaving at least 19 people, including 7 women and 5 children, dead, AFP reported. According to officials, the vehicle was travelling from provincial capital Lashkar Gah to Sangin district in Helmand province.
Afghanistan blast kills five civilians 06 Dec 2011 A minibus packed with Afghan civilians goes over a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan, killing at least four children and one woman. The incident happened in the Choray district of southern Uruzgan Province, 370 kilometers south of the Afghan capital Kabul, on Monday, said Farid Ayal, provincial police spokesman, dpa reported. "Four children and a woman were killed and six more people including two children, a woman and three men were wounded in the explosion," he added.
54 Afghans killed in Ashura bomb blasts 06 Dec 2011 At least 54 Afghans have lost their lives in two separate explosions in Afghanistan's Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif as Shia Muslims were commemorating the martyrdom of the third Shia Imam, Imam Hussein (PBUH), Press TV reports. On Tuesday, a bomb went off in the centre of Kabul, where Shias had gathered to commemorate the day of Ashura and the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, AFP reported. At least 48 people, including children, were killed and more than 150 others wounded in the bloody attack.
Pakistan president's 'chest pain' sparks rumors 07 Dec 2011 Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari was undergoing what his office said on Wednesday were routine medical tests in a Dubai hospital, but which fuelled rumors of his possible resignation. Zardari's office said a news web report, which kicked off much of the speculation, was untrue. "President Asif Ali Zardari is in a Dubai hospital for medical tests and checkup as planned," presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar told Reuters.
Julian Assange wins right to pursue extradition fight 05 Dec 2011 Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has won the right to petition the UK Supreme Court in his fight against extradition to Sweden. He lost a High Court battle last month to be extradited over alleged sex offences, which he denies. Judges refused Mr Assange permission to appeal directly to the Supreme Court - but said his case raised "a question of general public importance". He can now directly ask the Supreme Court to look at his case.
NAACP warns black and Hispanic Americans could lose right to vote --Civil rights group petitions UN over 'massive voter suppression' after apparent effort to disenfranchise black and Hispanic people 05 Dec 2011 The largest civil rights group in America, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), is petitioning the UN over what it sees as a concerted effort to disenfranchise black and Latino voters ahead of next year's presidential election. The organisation will this week present evidence to the UN high commissioner on human rights of what it contends is a conscious attempt to "block the vote" on the part of [GOP-run] state legislatures across the US.
Moore: 'Wall Street Has Their Man And His Name Is Barack Obama' 07 Dec 2011 MICHAEL MOORE, ON CNN: Well, "The Washington post" three weeks ago had this investigation and they said that President Obama has now raised more money from Wall Street and the banks for this election cycle than all -- than all eight Republicans combined. I don't want to say that, because if that's the truth, that Wall Street already has their man and his name is Barack Obama, then we've got a much bigger problem. But I think President Obama, if he were here in the room, the question I would ask him is why are they your number one contributors? Why are you taking this money?
Health Secretary blocks easier access to morning-after pill 07 Dec 2011 The health secretary overruled government scientists and refused to bring the controversial morning-after pill from behind the pharmacy counter and onto drugstore shelves. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Wednesday used her power to trump the Food and Drug Administration's plan to do away with the age limit on who can buy Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd's Plan B One-Step pill without a prescription. Sebelius's move drew shocks and puzzlement from women's health advocates who say it goes against President Barack Obama's [phony] pledge to reassert the power of science in his administration's decisions.
Rod Blagojevich, former Illinois governor, sentenced to 14 years on corruption charges 07 Dec 2011 Rod Blagojevich, the former Illinois governor found guilty of trying to trade President Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat for campaign cash or personal favors, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. U.S. District Judge James B. Zagel in Chicago today imposed the punishment on the twice-elected Democrat, concluding a two- day hearing and capping a case that began three years ago and featured two separate trials. Blagojevich was ordered to report to prison Feb. 16.
Execution Case Dropped Against Abu-Jamal 08 Dec 2011 Prosecutors in Philadelphia announced Wednesday that they had dropped their attempts to execute Mumia Abu-Jamal, the death row inmate convicted of killing a police officer 30 years ago and whose subsequent legal case based on claims of innocence had received international attention. Mr. Abu-Jamal will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole, said Seth Williams, the district attorney for Philadelphia. In April, a federal appeals court ordered a new sentencing hearing for Mr. Abu-Jamal because instructions given to jurors during his 1982 trial had been potentially misleading.

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