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Monday 5 December 2011

Panetta: It's Israel's fault

In the article below Panettas remarks about Israel becoming more isolated were propelled by his knowing that Obama and his Democratic Socialists of America or Progressives in the Democratic Party orchestrated the over throw of Mubarak in Egypt and Gadaffi in Libya with their Socialist International cohorts in Europe and the Muslim Brotherhood so that they could install Muslim Brotherhood governments in these countries and cause these countries to become even more of a threat to Israel than they were under the leaders they over threw and so that they could use this increased threat to force Israel to capitulate to their demands.  When Panetta stated that Israel would become even more isolated in the future he was revealing that Obama and his Socialist International cohorts in Europe and the Muslim Brotherhood are behind the ongoing over throw of Bashar Assad in Syria, President Saleh in Yemen  and President Abdullah in Jordan and that when these are completed Israel will be threatened even more than they already are. The fact that he stated it in this way also tells us that Obama is behind increasing the threat to Israel on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organizations. Obama, his Socialist International cohorts in Europe and the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to cause Israel to capitulate to their demands with out having to actually go to war with Israel. The Democratic Socialists of America or the Progressives in the Democratic Party have adopted the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and their terrorist activities into their own anti-Christian/Semitic agenda in the USA, Israel and through out the world. The Democratic Socialists of America have become so psychotic about their anti-Christian/Semitic agenda that their policy in the USA is that they accept the bad that comes with adopting the Muslim Brotherhood, which is that once in a while a Muslim terrorist that was incited by the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA or abroad will successfully execute a terrorist act with in the USA and kill American citizens, such as took place when a Muslim terrorist killed 13 and wounded 32 fellow Army soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas and a Muslim terrorist killed one Army recruiter and wounded another at a Military Recruiting Center in Arkansas. The most sickening part of this is that Obama is the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces that he has allowed to be killed in order to adopt the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization into his anti-Christian/Semitic agenda      

Panetta: It's Israel's fault

Israel Today Magazine
Sunday, December 04, 2011 | Ryan Jones

American Defense Secretary Leon Panetta at the weekend suggested that all of Israel's problems in the region can be traced back to its own behavior.

"Just get to the damn [negotiating] table," Panetta told Israel during a briefing at the Brookings Institute. Panetta insisted that Israel needs to be more flexible in order to "reach out and mend fences" with the Arabs, or risk facing even greater isolation.

Panetta's outburst was typical of American foreign policy when it comes to Israel in that it completely ignored the dealings of the past several years.

Panetta failed to recognize that it was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who had been waiting at the negotiating table all along, and publicly urging Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to join him. For the past two years, Abbas has been explicitly refusing to negotiate with Israel until the Jewish state met preconditions that were never part of currently signed peace deals.

Panetta's claim that Israel should make risky political gestures even if the Arabs are not sincere in order to unmask its enemies similarly displayed a very short-term memory.

"If the gestures are rebuked, the world will see those rebukes for what they are, and Israel's moral standing will grow even higher," Panetta said, presumably in all seriousness.

Of course, that is precisely what Israel was told before it uprooted 10,000 Jews from the Gaza Strip, before it handed over the ancient Jewish capital of Hebron and before it signed a peace agreement with terrorist mass-murderer Yasser Arafat. Ongoing anti-Israel terrorism and incitement following all of those gestures failed to win Israel any moral standing in the eyes of the international community.

Continuing the emulation of his predecessors, Panetta finished by warning that Israel would increasingly find itself all alone if it did not heed his advice. "We have seen Israel's isolation from its traditional security partners in the region grow," said Panetta.

It's almost as though each successive American administration does a foreign policy reset, and totally wipes its memory of anything that happened before it was elected. Otherwise, how could Panetta claim with a straight face that Israel has any "traditional" security partners in the region?

Sure, Egypt and Jordan have for years been at peace with Israel, and even cooperated to some small degree in security matters. But neither is a "traditional" security partner. In fact, until just a few decades ago, Egypt was the country that most often went to war against Israel, with Jordan not far behind. While regrettable, a return to that situation would not be something new, and certainly would not be the result of any adjustment in Israel's behavior.

Unfortunately, Panetta's failed attempt at reading the Israeli-Arab situation received far less coverage than it should after being overshadowed by another Obama Administration appointee blaming the Jews for Muslim anti-Semitism.

Speaking at a conference of European Jewish leaders in Brussels on Wednesday, US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman said there should be a distinction between traditional anti-Semitism and Muslim hatred for the Jews, as the latter is the direct (apparently legitimate) result of the ongoing Israeli conflict with the Palestinians.

Gutman was taken to task by several of the speakers who followed him, and many American Jewish leaders called for his removal

Bro. James D Albright

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