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Thursday 8 December 2011

Atrocity of Dalit

Summary of happened;

on 20 October 2011 a dead body who belong in rishi (dalits) community has discriminated from cremation ground. On behalf of Bangladesh Dalit Parishad and Parittran we have visited the places and report by fact finding. During our visit, the upper class community also stated that the happened was true. The victims Nittyanondo Das stated that; on 20 october they have gone with dead body of Late. Anondo Das to cremate in cremation ground in respect to Hindu religious. While our all preparation are completed to burning the dead body some Brahminism minded persons shown obstacle by lead of Professor Ashim Vattyacharia, Gour Mollik, Lanka Suri etc. We have requested to Professor Ashim Vattyacharia and his groups for finish but they are shown threatened us and told that, go out from here, we are using this ground and in the cremation ground cobblers are not allowed. Then we have leave that place and burnt the dead body of anondo das from about 5 k.m distance.

To protest the caste based discrimination Bangladesh Dalit Parishad and it's central, district and upazilla committee implementing movement. Many human rights organization expressed solidarity towards dalits people through their participation in different mobilization.

20/10/2011- Human chain at keshobpur by keshobpur upazilla dalit parishad
30/10/2011- Human Chain, Procession at Tala by Tala Upazilla dalit parishad
02/11/2011- Human Chain, mass gathering at Monirampur by Monirampur Human rights defenders.
15/11/2011- Human Chain, Rally, Mass gathering at Chuknagor by Khulna District Dalit Parishad.

Suddenly, we found that a case filed in Dumuria police station against dalits activist mentioned some dalit boys attacked a teacher which is not true at all. Because the victim of phisical assult was honorable speaker in the human chain while that occurrence has been made. Many print newspaper cover the news on human chain at chuknagor bazzar with the presence of Gopal Sarker as speaker. We have still photo, video clipping on that gathering. So, we couldn’t imagine why our peoples assault him. We think it is conspiracy to stop our movement, campaign which is lead by Principle, Teachers of Chcuknagor College and those perpetrators Ashim Vattacheria, Gour Mallik etc.
Case number: 31/374, under section- 143/447/427/323/379/506, Dumuria Thana, Khulna District.

looking forward your response. 
Milan Das
Executive Director


(A Human right and Development Organization for the Dalits by the Dalits.)
Vill: Laksmanpur
P.S.: Tala; District: Satkhira
Cell.: +880 17 13 42 56 10
Office: +880 17 20 58 71 00


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